BGP Monitoring. Fast and Simple

bgp.tools provides BGP monitoring as a service. Using the powerful data that backs the real time pages of bgp.tools.

You could be alerted about issues to your networks before you hear about them from your customers, and with more information about the issue than a customer ticket can provide.

Monitoring, Take it how you want it

We offer two ways of using bgp.tools for monitoring. If you just want to “set it up and leave” you can simply configure what you want to be alerted for, press save, and you are set up to receive alerts!

However we also support exporting information into prometheus metrics that you can scrape, and use to integrate into your own alerting rules or pipelines.

Getting to you faster than email

Email is not always the best way to reach people, that’s why bgp.tools supports out of the box different ways to receive alerts. You can be alerted using Slack, Webhook, Discord, Telegram, and Signal. Oh, and you can still use email if you really want to!

Easy Pricing

Networks grow, but the budget doesn't always grow with it. Thankfully bgp.tools does not bill per-prefix.

Accounts are billed a single flat fee that is based on the largest ASN in your account. Meaning if you have 3 small AS's in your account, you are billed £25 only. If you have 3 small and 1 large then you are billed £200 only

There are 3 types of billing options


£0 / mo

  • Your AS is tagged under a Personal ASN
  • Your AS is non-commercial


£25 / mo

  • Default account size
  • Originates less than a /15 of IPv4
  • Originates less than a /27 of IPv6


£200 / mo

  • Originates more than a /15 of IPv4
  • Originates more than a /27 of IPv6
  • Is tagged as a CDN or DDoS Mitigation provider
  • Sits in the top 200 eyeball networks as observed by bgp.tools

Check your pricing

You can check your pricing here. You can enter in ASNs that would appear in your account, and below will show the pricing to run monitoring on such an account.

ASN Pricing Calculator

Enter in the ASN you want to see pricing for:

£--- / mo