About supporters images on bgp.tools

To support the running costs and upkeep of bgp.tools, we offer logo placement in the looking glass for companies who pay on a “Large” plan or higher (Similar to the PeeringDB model).

The chance of a logo being displayed is weighted against the plan a company is on. Those who are interested in higher plans may contact admin@bgp.tools for more information.

You can request changes to your logo at any time using the button in the Organisation Settings menu.

Having your logo displayed is entirely optional.

Logo guidance

We recommend a transparent image (PNG) to be uploaded, 2:1 aspect ratio, and no bigger than 800x400.

Your logo will be automatically resized to fit on the necessary spaces on the website. In addition, as your logo will also be displayed on the SSH server and on terminal clients that do not support image rendering a very low resolution version of the logo may be displayed.

Last updated: 21st March 2023