Setup BGP Sessions for Route Collection

By setting up a BGP session with bgp.tools’es route collector you can improve the sites accuracy, and your own peering metrics on the site.
To do this, you will need:

  • A public ASN
  • A BGP4 speaker with 32bit ASN support (16 bit ASN only sessions are not supported)
  • A PeeringDB account that is linked to the ASN you plan to peer from

To conserve RAM and reduce duplicate paths on our end, some sessions will be put into “peering only”, meaning that routes that involve a tier 1 carrier will be dropped.

Also note that by signing in, bgp.tools will retain your email address from PeeringDB, and ask you for additional ways to contact you.
In addition HTTP Cookies will be used to preserve sign in information.

This information can be deleted at any time (along with your sessions) by emailing admin@bgp.tools.

Contact information and PeeringDB info obtained by bgp.tools will not distributed to anyone outside of bgp.tools, and is encrypted inside the database.

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