bgp.tools October 2023 Changelog

Last month has been spent on quality of life, and IXP Expansion! The 3 major changes are:

IXP Overlap button

For users who are logged in, you can now check this box on the IXP tab of a network to filter out IXPs that you are not on.

In addition, when that box is checked all of the overlapping (and physically nearby) facilities are displayed as well, making planning PNI’s a lot easier!

MAC Address Lookups

We now support searching for MAC address (and IPv6 link locals that include MAC addresses) and unlike other websites we update our MAC OUI database daily!

As a bonus feature if the MAC address being searched is known to be used by a router on a internet exchange, bgp.tools will provide the IXP information as well!

IXP Route Collection expansion

bgp.tools has been busy expanding to lots of different internet exchanges! You can now peer with the bgp.tools route collector on the following exchanges:

  • DE-CIX Barcelona
  • DE-CIX Dallas
  • DE-CIX Dusseldorf
  • DE-CIX Frankfurt
  • DE-CIX Hamburg
  • DE-CIX Istanbul
  • DE-CIX Leipzig
  • DE-CIX Lisbon
  • DE-CIX Madrid
  • DE-CIX Marseille
  • DE-CIX Munich
  • DE-CIX New York
  • DE-CIX Palermo
  • DE-CIX Richmond
  • MSK-IX Moscow
  • BIX.BG
  • RomandIX

If you are on any of these exchanges, you can now create a bgp session and use the bgp.tools collector on one of those exchanges to feed!

Small fixes/changes

  1. Large checkboxes are no longer broken on Safari Desktop and Mobile
  2. KRNIC whois objects are now handled better
  3. The newest RPKI ASPA spec is now supported, users of the old spec need to upgrade their signed objects!
  4. Better handling on session creation to IXP collectors that are not currently online
  5. Fixed BGP handshake with Cisco NX-OS by sending entire OPEN in a single packet
  6. Fixed bad IX-F and PeeringDB data merging sometimes causing incorrect IXP port speeds to show up.
  7. Your connecting TCP MSS now visible on the home page
  8. Both IPv4 and IPv6 latency (and MSS) are tested now on the home page