bgp.tools May 2024 Changelog

Here are some of the improvements that have been done to bgp.tools between April and May 2024!

Route Servers on propagation graphs, and more

A number of useful improvements have been made to propagation graphs, Three new options have been added for users looking for extra information:

First, you can now temporarily disable the inclusion of your own sessions on the graph, this is useful for when you are trying to send a screenshot to somebody but don’t want to go back into the settings for just one screenshot.

Secondly, you can now opt into having internet exchange route servers be displayed on the propagation graph as well, This is helpful because internet exchange route servers sometimes have more sway in routing decisions than some T1s do. this also helps look at cases of route leaks much easier ( bgp.tools already views paths towards route servers as upstreaming relationships )

Thirdly, you can now switch between having straight lines in the graph and “bendy” lines, this is useful as some graphs are much easier to read with bendy Lines, The default option will continue to be straight lines as they are often easier to understand with less complicated graphs.

The settings are persisted ( apart from the temporary disablement of inclusion of your own sessions ) into browser local storage.

Automatic Hijack Detection List generation

A common request among customers was to have the “prefix list for hijack detection” periodically rebuilt upon request; this is useful for networks who are continuing to onboard or acquire more IP space, and want to continue to have their IP space monitored for hijacks and IRR object creation.

Small fixes/changes

  1. Improvements to JPNIC whois parsing
  2. Duplicate records in RDNS and FDNS are now removed
  3. Fix issue where sometimes new ASNs would not show up correctly for the first 96 hours of their existence
  4. Historical FDNS now has “more…” URLs
  5. IP addresses with ports in them can now be searched on the site
  6. Login sessions now auto expire in 60 days without activity, up from 14 days
  7. Telegram groups can now be added as contact methods
  8. DNS, PIM , RoMON, DEC-NET are now detected on IXPs
  9. The IP address ranges for a IX is now displayed on the page
  10. More RDNS and FDNS results are shown to logged in users
  11. Network policies with no visible prefixes are no longer displayed