bgp.tools May 2023 Changelog

Happy May 2023! As usual here is the changelog for the last month of bgp.tools:

Historical Graphs are now available

Wondering how much something you did changed how bgp.tools sees your upstreams? Look no more! If you have monitoring on your ASN then you now also have graphs of your networks Upstream, Downstream and Prefix visibility!

This should be helpful when you are doing post-mortem incident analysis or if you are trying to gauge impact of a change to external facing configuration!

Super Looking Glass

You can now lookup all “public” BGP feeds that bgp.tools has in real time! You can operate it like similar to how you would use a normal looking glass, but this one has 100’s of data feeds you can use!

As well as a looking glass on the website, a SSH server also now exists that you can use (ssh lg@bgp.tools). Providing a CLI interface to bgp.tools.

We are also offering logo placement on this feature for networks who are on a large plan (or equivalent)

AS-SETs are now viewable on the site

You can now explore AS-SETs on the website as well. Simply search for your AS-SET (For example, AS-BENJOJO) and the site provides a fast summary of the AS-SET members and the AS-SETs that include it.

Small Stuff:

  1. Switched over to the newer RIPE Atlas API, Should be more stable
  2. Fixed memory leak inside the (beta) client agent
  3. Fixed some places offering invalid email addresses for onboarding
  4. Prefix propagation graphs now only live update if the tab/page has focus
  5. Email addresses in contact methods are now viewable on the website.
  6. The Gopher server added in April 2022 has been removed due to close to 0 users.

See you next month!

Last updated: 10th May 2023