bgp.tools March 2024 Changelog

Happy March! Here are some of the changes to bgp.tools that happened in February

New IPv4 interactive map

There’s a brand new map! If you click on an IPv4 prefix ping image you can now get an interactive map of the entire IPv4 internet!

On top of that I have compiled older data dumps of the IPv4 scan data so you can see how stuff has changed over time.

Hardware move

bgp.tools also moved to racks this month, this expansion will allow the site to continue scaling to meet the current route collector and storage load!

Small fixes/changes

  1. Fixed detected DNS servers sometimes appearing twice on the homepage
  2. ASN ISO Country codes are now exported on the ASN Name export
  3. Rocket Chat is now supported as a notification endpoint (via the slack option)
  4. ASNs who originate lots of prefixes now use a cached prefix list rather than showing incomplete lists
  5. Fixed some ASNs with lowercase letters not getting a sensible automatic name
  6. Fixed EuroIX URLs being invalid after their URL schema changed
  7. Fixed issues with JPNIC ASN’s due to JPNIC whois server changes