bgp.tools March 2023 Changelog

Happy March!

A lot of February was spent on behind the scenes infrastructure changes. So while there is not much to report here, I can report that bgp.tools should now be ready to offer more features soon!

BGP Community tags are auto-resolved

One of the annoyances with looking up routes on looking glasses is that you often cannot find what BGP communities mean. This is a shame since they often contain vital or at the very least useful clues about a route.

To help with this, bgp.tools now automatically resolves known BGP community strings for you on the looking glass!

The initial import for this data came from the fine folks over at NLNOG RING, but future edits should be done inside bgp.tools by logging in, and going to your settings, and using the “Edit AS BGP Communities” button:

Editing your communities will also put them on display as a tab on your ASN page, making discovery a lot easier for people!

ARIN Data is now much less stale

One of the recurring issues with bgp.tools has been ARIN whois refreshing. I’m glad to now report that bgp.tools is ingesting an ARIN dump every 3 days. This should mean that ARIN whois is only stale by 3 days! While it’s not near real time in the same way that RIPE updates are, The ARIN whois backlog at the time of implementation was over 180 days, so 3 days is a massive improvement!

Small fixes/changes

  1. Zombie sessions are no longer! After new hardware has been deployed
  2. The BGP time machine now has better ability to resolve AS names
  3. More tweaks to mobile layouts, mostly around the IXP pages
  4. The whois server now support CIDR lookups, but warns about it
  5. Improvements to how whois names are resolved in tricky situations
  6. AS-SET alerting is more resilient to flapping
  7. On some IXPs we now testing out showing peers that have a high IXP fabric ping

Last updated: 3rd March 2023