bgp.tools June 2023 Changelog

Happy June from bgp.tools

A lot of my time has been spent at events (and post events email logistics) at ITNOG7 and RIPE86.

At RIPE86 I gave a update on bgp.tools’s real time collector effort:

In the meantime, please enjoy this changes that have happened since the last changelog:

ASN Website improvements

Previously the screenshots on ASNs had a number of issues. Mostly around the Akamai/Cloudflare/Etc block screens and that “cookie banners” would often obscure the actual page.

This has mostly been fixed! Thanks to efforts from eraters bgp.tools now uses a new screenshotting system that not only uses firefox, but also loads a cookie banner blocker and AdBlock for more cleaner screenshots.

The difference has been fantastic!

Route Server routes are now visible

On exchanges that bgp.tools is getting Route Server feeds from (or is directly on with AS212232) you can now investigate what a peer is sending to a route server directly by cliking on the green RS icon next to peers.

Low visibility prefixes now have icons on them

One issue with viewing large ASNs and using the “Show Low Visibility” mode, was that it was not obvious what prefixes were low visibility.

The site shows this (mildly unsettling) grey eye next to low visibility prefixes to fix that.

AS-SETs now visible on the Whois tab on ASNs

Last month we added the ability to view AS-SETs on the site, now you can see what AS-SETs an ASN is a member of by looking at the bottom of the whois tab on their ASN page.

Small stuff

  1. IXPs with -’s in them are now a lot easier to search for
  2. MAC addresses that are known to bgp.tools, but not to the IEEE OUI database are now shown as a dice icon
  3. Added a Super Looking Glass shortcut to the top of prefix pages
  4. Added a NLNOG Ring shortcut to the Super Looking Glass results page

Note on recent outages

This month has had a couple of outages for bgp.tools. To save writing a full RFO here will be a quick summary of the root causes of the outages

[23rd May] 30 mins outage

A failed disk swap on the machine that runs the website for bgp.tools caused systemd to go into emergency mode, shutting down all of the processes that ran the website. Recovery time was not helped due to it happening during the RIPE86 meeting.

[30th May] 4 hour outage

While deploying the new website screenshot generator, a process leak caused memory exhaustion on the machine that runs the website part of bgp.tools. It started early in the morning meaning it was not caught until much later.