bgp.tools July 2023 Changelog

Happy July from bgp.tools.

This month has been quiet, I (Ben) spoke at NOG.FI in Tampere Finland but other than that I’ve mostly doing smaller tech debt reductions to allow bgp.tools to stay afloat under its increasing complexity.

In the meantime, please enjoy this changes that have happened since the last changelog:

Tag for RPKI Validation

Using data from RIPE Atlas, bgp.tools now gives a tag to ASNs that have RIPE Atlas probes, and that using those RIPE Atlas probes are unable to access both the Cloudflare testing invalid RPKI prefix and the RIPE NCC testing invalid RPKI prefix.

There are currently around 800 ASNs that have this tag! We hope to see this increase in the near future!

Raw prefix IRR data is now viewable

You can now optionally expand to see the “raw” route/route6 when looking at a prefix.

This is useful if you want to see if the entry is new/old or one of those “registered by proxy” entries, or who made them (as a large deal of “invalid” route/route6 entries are registered by proxy and never cleaned up)

Home page latency test

You can now see your latency to bgp.tools, this is split up into the end to end (websocket) latency, and the TCP stack latency. You can also see TCP retransmits this way!

The split between End To End latency and TCP Stack latency is useful in gathering if your connection has been re-terminated/proxied. For example when I use LTE (as seen in the image) you can see the End to End latency is a lot higher than the TCP latency, that’s because the carrier is re-terminating it. Likely for better buffering performance within the mobile core.

In addition to this, the site will display when it has to do TCP retransmits to you as a user. Allowing you to at a glance see if there is packet loss on your connection (to bgp.tools and other possible destinations)

Small Stuff

  1. Fixed bug that prevented JPNIC ASNs from signing up
  2. Code credits are now automatically generated
  3. The Alexa top 10k domain tag has been replaced with the Tranco list
  4. IXP Relays (AS212232) now also upload MAC address and Ping data
  5. Large, mostly non visible code cleanups to fix some internal tech debt