bgp.tools January 2023 Changelog

Happy new years to bgp.tools users and customers!

From now on, we aim to publish a monthly changelog (at the start of each month) that will go over all of the changes the site has had.

We have a large release of new features to start so let’s get on with it.

Paying users get a looking glass that can time travel!

Ever had an outage and wondered “I wish I knew what my router did during that time”. Well, ask no more! bgp.tools now records historical BGP session data for paying customers. If you go to your BGP Sessions page and click on the private looking glass (the LG link) you have a new “Time Travel” tab.

After you select a time, a loading bar will show you the backend’s progress of reassembling your BGP session state at that exact time. No need to deal with data dumps on the hour. We display data down to the minute!

Looking glass dropdowns now show the IP family of the session

If you are using the public BGP looking glass feature, you might be pleased to know that now the IP address family is displayed next to the session name, that way if you have two sessions that are named the same for IPv4 and IPv6. You can easily figure out what one is the one you are looking for! Or stay with the “All Sessions” option, that works too :)

RIR Account ownership is shown where applicable

Ever wondered what RIR account something lives in? Maybe what else that account has? Ask no more! Prefixes now show who the addresses are “Owned” by. And also links to a new page that lists all of the account owner objects, and announcements that match those objects!

Zombie sessions

Bgp.tools is currently experiencing a small capacity crunch. While we are expecting more hardware to arrive soon™ to prevent the site from becoming unstable we have introduced the concept of “zombie sessions”.

Zombie sessions are BGP sessions that are fully configured and established, but the bgp.tools side stores no state about them. This is done to save RAM/CPU and is a temporary measure to be used while more hardware is on the way.

Some existing sessions may be converted into zombie sessions. However, paying accounts will not have their sessions converted into zombie sessions.

Small fixes/changes

  1. The IXP Page can now be scrolled
  2. Various typo fixes on the site copy
  3. BGP Sessions that flap too much will be auto suspended for 4 hours to “cool down”
  4. dn42.tools is reached end of life
  5. Launched https://is2000slash12announcedagain.com/
  6. Fixed rare bug where a BGP session could be corrupted by editing it
  7. Old RIPE-* and !old search has been removed due to the resources to service it