bgp.tools February 2024 Changelog

The change log is back! After spending a lot of December doing small infrastructure changes rather than any user-facing changes.

Now collecting on IX.BR SP

You can now appear with the bgp tools route collector directly on one of the biggest (by membership) internet exchanges in the world: IX.br São Paulo!

With this brings extended data for that exchange, including route server status, better MAC address vendor detection, and ping availability!

Route Servers can be directly queried on the IX pages

Instead of having to hunt down routes on the super looking glass you can now directly query ixp’s route servers from the IX listing page! This should help save time and pain in filtering for them!

More data in the IX tab for ASNs

You can now see some of the critical parameters when needing to peer with a network on the IX tab itself, parameters like the prefix limits suggested by each address family and the as-set to be used. Both pieces of data currently come from PeeringDB

Small stuff

  1. Slack push notifications now have “interactive” buttons for alerts
  2. RPKI Valid -> Invalid alerts now have better context on the alert page
  3. On traceroutes, if a hop is a known internet exchange address, the ASN will read IXP rather than AS???
  4. Various fixes to the IRR synchronizers for RADB/BELL and more
  5. Looking Glass BGP sessions now show local_pref if exported to the collector
  6. Looking Glass BGP session names are now alphabetically sorted
  7. Fixed some sponsor logos not fitting inside a standard 80 column SSH terminal
  8. Improved explanation messages for when BGP sessions cannot be created
  9. Fixed various issues with bgp.tools not detecting all available email address for RIPE ASNs when onboarding
  10. Fixed IP TTLs not being tracked for most IPv6 BGP sessions
  11. AMPR Space now uses the grid locator for country flags, rather than the call sign