bgp.tools February 2023 Changelog

Welcome back to the 2nd monthly changelog for the site! Not a huge amount has happened this month as I’ve been juggling a few different things outside of bgp.tools. But here are the notable changes that you may find useful:

AS-SET Monitoring for Paid users

If you are a network with downstreams, you likely give your upstreams and/or peers a IRR AS-SET to build filters from. AS-SETs can include other AS-SETs, this handy feature has some downsides in that one of your downstreams AS-SETs can accidentally include far too much.

bgp.tools now offers monitoring for AS-SETs, Telling you when they are too large. Since large AS-SETs may be refused to be built by some peers/upstreams. Causing serious problems to your connectivity.

Keep an eye on this space for more AS-SET/IRR features soon!

Prefix “404” Pages improvements

Before now, if you had tried to search for a prefix that was not in the global routing table, you would have been presented with a generic 404 page. Now using RouteViews you can now get historical data on when the prefix was last seen, all the way back to 2001!

Anchor Links for Peers/Upstreams/Downstreams

Sometimes the Connectivity tab is huge, To save you all the scrolling, you can now click the “Peers”/“Upstreams”/“Downstreams” links and the page will jump to that section for you.

DNS Resolver ECS now shown on front page

The front page shows 3 different bits of information about how you are connecting to bgp.tools, First is the IP you are connecting from, then the other address family (IPv4 vs IPv6) and then finally what DNS resolvers you seem to be using.

This works by trying to encourage your DNS resolver you are using to send as many different queries as possible to bgp.tools without failing the request.

As an additional feature, if the DNS resolver you are using sends RFC7871 EDNS0 ECS data, then the resolver will show up with a “[ECS]” tag that you can hover over to see what the subnet was sent.

This can be very useful when sanity checking the behaviour of a client’s DNS resolver, or if you are looking to check if ECS is being sent for privacy reasons.

A note on Zombie sessions

There are still capacity problems with enabling some new feeding sessions. Hardware has however been ordered and should be installed sometime during February. After that sessions will be slowly de-zombied.

Small fixes/changes

  1. Many of the older ASNs register dates are now more accurate
  2. Fixed some of the HTML titles being flat out wrong
  3. Fixed bug where Peerlock alerts were not selectable on a notification endpoint basis
  4. Fixed doubled up search bars in some places
  5. Users paying by invoice are now much better handled by everything
  6. Users with a AS Cone larger than 500 are now considered Large customers in billing terms
  7. Fix rankings for a ASN sometimes being calculated against the wrong country (Mostly EU vs everything Else)
  8. Old RIPE/APNIC whois data is more more actively purged
  9. Many more pages are usable on Mobile/Tiny screens, most notably the IXP Members page!
  10. Fixed the OpenSearch XML file