bgp.tools August 2023 Changelog

Happy summer, Here are all of the changes that has happened in the last month on bgp.tools!

Paid user sessions can now search for past routing table changes

You can now search through your sessions for all updates for a prefix in a time window!

This helps you easily pinpoint when a prefix fell out of a table, or when you maybe picked up a hijack, or incident review!

You can self-serve create route collection sessions with bgp.tools over IXPs!

Using the growing network of bgp.tools collectors on IXPs, you can now setup sessions to feed bgp.tools via these collectors on the website it self! The drop down is offered to users with ASNs in their account with IXP overlap with the bgp.tools collectors!

New tools for AS downstream analysis

Need to see who is behind a ASN? What about the downstreams of their downstreams? Ask no more. All users can now export out a full list of a networks “cone” (All of their downstreams, even the multi level deep ones).

In addition, paying users get access to quick tools that can tell you what networks are partially dependent on a network, and what networks are totally dependent on a network.

This is useful for peering cost/benefit analysis, sales vetting, or investigating behaviour of downstreams

Small fixes/changes

  1. BGP Community listings now include prefix examples that match
  2. You can now dynamically sort most tables on the site, including Peers and IXP tables.
  3. IXP Collectors on LU-CIX and SOX are online
  4. Prevent the prefix->IP “hunting” function from getting distracted from low visibility more specifics
  5. Wording on the edit pages has been improved
  6. Reliability improvements designed to ease for a upcoming migration
  7. The “SZ” ISO code is now known as Eswatini
  8. Agents now pre-test connectivity before attempting to setup bonded connections using bad methods
  9. Celestica now has a vendor icon
  10. Reword the Forward DNS extra links from “more…” to “total…”
  11. IXP IPv6 addresses are now sanitised to ensure consistency