bgp.tools April 2024 Changelog

Welcome back to the bgp.tools monthly change log! We have new features! March was quite an active month for bgp.tools, not only could you have met me at Peering Days 2024 or the NETNOD March meeting, but you also have a handful of new features and fixes! Let’s get into them!

Forward DNS History

Not only does bgp.tools let you see what A/AAAA DNS records point to an IP Prefix, but if you are a paid user of bgp.tools you can now go back in time to previous snapshots of the bgp.tools database.

This is helpful if you are looking to see how a IP Prefix grew over time, or when a DNS record was first detected by bgp.tools

RPKI History Search

Off the back of a non bgp.tools aligned blog post there is now a feature to easily search the ROA history of a IP Prefix. Useful to see how an IP prefix may have changed owners or use cases over time, or in the case of the blog post, the timeline of an incident.

Super Looking Glass Improvements

You can now invert the ASN filter on the super looking glass, in addition the site now displays the number of paths that were not shown due to the sessions being flagged as not for public export. Hopefully giving better context on why bgp.tools might think something is the way it is.

Small fixes/changes

  1. Broken RIPE Atlas APIs keys are removed from accounts after more than 5 days of the key not working
  2. Typo fixes
  3. CDP packets are now detected on internet exchanges
  4. Reverse DNS zones that have do not seem to have changed in more than 1 year are now re-scanned regardless
  5. The IXP Alive tick now has hover text telling you when it was last known to be alive
  6. BGP sessions stuck in SYN-RECV TCP state are now alerted for on the manage session page