ZXIX Hangzhou (Y)

List of members:

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
CN AS140961 ZX Internet Exchange 2406:840:1f:1::1 1000 mbps
HK AS38136 Akari Networks 2406:840:1f:1:0:3:8136:1 1000 mbps
CN AS38173 Qinlong Networks 2406:840:1f:1:0:3:8173:1 1000 mbps
GB AS41255 Alanyhq Networks Limited 2406:840:1f:1:0:4:1255:1 250 mbps
HK AS57330 Shark Network Limited 2406:840:1f:1:0:5:7330:1 1000 mbps
CN AS134993 iLemonrain Network 2406:840:1f:1:0:13:4993:1 100 mbps
CN AS139317 Ningbo Dahuamao Information Technology Co Ltd 2406:840:1f:1:0:13:9317:2 10 gbps
CN AS139317 Ningbo Dahuamao Information Technology Co Ltd 2406:840:1f:1:0:13:9317:3 10 gbps
HK AS139833 Evsio0n Network Inc. 2406:840:1f:1:0:13:9833:1 10 gbps
HK AS140938 mnihyc Network Global 2406:840:1f:1:0:14:938:1 100 mbps
CN AS141011 HUIZE-NET 2406:840:1f:1:0:14:1011:1 1000 mbps
CN AS141776 Baoshuo Network 2406:840:1f:1:0:14:1776:1 100 mbps
CN AS142280 NaiveTomcat Education and Research Experimental Netwo... 2406:840:1f:1:0:14:2280:1 100 mbps
CN AS142553 Airs Project Private Network Main 2406:840:1f:1:0:14:2553:1 1000 mbps
GB AS207268 STRATEGIC EXPLORATIONS LTD 2406:840:1f:1:0:20:7268:1 100 mbps
NL AS208266 Hanqi Yang 2406:840:1f:1:0:20:8266:1 10 gbps
DE AS208884 Wenpeng Lu 2406:840:1f:1:0:20:8884:1 100 mbps
DE AS209294 Fan Zhang 2406:840:1f:1:0:20:9294:1 100 mbps
FR AS209306 Soha Jin 2406:840:1f:1:0:20:9306:1 100 mbps
CN AS210426 Liang Zhu 2406:840:1f:1:0:21:426:1 100 mbps
GB AS211876 fixmix Technologies 2406:840:1f:1:0:21:1876:1 100 mbps
CN AS212237 Changgong Zhang 2406:840:1f:1:0:21:2237:1 100 mbps
JP AS213069 PANYUAN HUANG 2406:840:1f:1:0:21:3069:1 200 mbps