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  Vendor %
Cisco Systems, Inc Cisco Systems, Inc 23%
Juniper Networks Juniper Networks 21%
Arista Networks Arista Networks 14%
Routerboard.com Routerboard.com 8%
Other Other 14%
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List of members (122 routers over 109 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
US AS8075 Microsoft Corporation 2001:7fa:11:1:0:2f2c:0:2 30 gbps
AU AS55555 Delion Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:d903:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS38195 Superloop 2001:7fa:11:1:0:9533:0:1 100 gbps
AU AS138165 Strategic Integrated Solutions P/L 2001:7fa:11:1:2:1bb5:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS38880 Micron21 Datacentre Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:97e0:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS38714 E-Vision Internet, 2001:7fa:11:1:0:973a:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS24395 SkyMesh Pty Ltd 10 gbps
AU AS9749 GPK Group 2001:7fa:11:1:0:2615:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS4826 Vocus Connect International Backbone 2001:7fa:11:1:0:12da:0:1 100 gbps
US AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc. 2001:7fa:11:1:0:3417:0:1 20 gbps
US AS15133 Edgio (EdgeCast) 2001:7fa:11:1:0:3b1d:0:1 40 gbps
US AS30081 CacheNetworks, Inc. 2001:7fa:11:1:0:7581:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS45577 Intervolve Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:b209:0:1 n/a
AU AS38883 FireNet Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:97e3:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS132476 Compass Education Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:2:5c7:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS55581 BINARY NETWORKS PTY LTD 2001:7fa:11:1:0:d91d:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS4764 Aussie Broadband 2001:7fa:11:1:0:129c:0:1 100 gbps
AU AS135513 Spirit Telecom (Australia) Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:2:1159:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS45763 Fuzenet Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:b2c3:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS10105 OMNIconnect Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:2779:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS38583 Andrew Sjoquist Enterprises Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:96b7:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS7604 Zettagrid Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:1db4:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS45638 SYNERGY WHOLESALE PTY LTD 2001:7fa:11:1:0:b246:0:1 10 gbps
FR AS35280 F5 Networks SARL 2001:7fa:11:1:0:89d0:0:1 100 gbps
IL AS13150 CATO NETWORKS LTD 2001:7fa:11:1:0:335e:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS136972 Gigafy 2001:7fa:11:1:2:170c:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS55707 Simtronic 2001:7fa:11:1:0:1d42:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS7575 Australian Academic and Research Netwo... 2001:7fa:11:1:0:1d97:0:1 20 gbps
AU AS132448 SolutionOne Pty Ltd 10 gbps
AU AS58511 Swoop (Anycast Global Backbone) 2001:7fa:11:1:0:e48f:0:1 100 gbps
NL AS20940 Akamai International B.V. 2001:7fa:11:1:0:51cc:0:2 100 gbps
US AS6447 University of Oregon Route Views Proje... 2001:7fa:11:1:0:192f:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS63850 QRHUB PTY LTD T/A Entrust ICT 2001:7fa:11:1:0:f96a:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS58530 PingCo Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:e4a2:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS58940 Dedicated Servers Australia 2001:7fa:11:1:0:e63c:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS45780 Broadband Solutions Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:b2d2:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS23943 Hyperspike Pty Ltd, 2001:7fa:11:1:0:5d87:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS38790 Spirit Telecom (Australia) Pty Ltd 10 gbps
LU AS199524 Gcore S.A. 2001:7fa:11:1:3:b64:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS140627 OneQode 2001:7fa:11:1:2:2553:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS134067 Uniti Wireless Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:2:bb3:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS45763 Fuzenet Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:2:bb3:0:2 100 gbps
AU AS132405 Summit Internet (Australia) 2001:7fa:11:1:2:535:0:1 10 gbps
US AS16509 Amazon.com, Inc. 2001:7fa:11:1:0:407d:0:1 100 gbps
US AS8075 Microsoft Corporation 2001:7fa:11:1:0:2f2c:0:1 30 gbps
AU AS45437 Real World - The Core 2001:7fa:11:1:0:b17d:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS58507 Wireline 2001:7fa:11:1:0:e48b:0:1 40 gbps
AU AS7594 On Q 2001:7fa:11:1:0:1daa:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS133863 PROBAX PTY LTD 10 gbps
US AS36351 SoftLayer Technologies Inc. 2001:7fa:11:1:0:8dff:0:1 20 gbps
AU AS45269 Internet Service Provider 2001:7fa:11:1:0:b0d5:0:2 10 gbps
AU AS7477 SkyMesh Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:1d35:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS134143 Professional Data Kinetics Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:2:bff:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS17473 emPOWER Data Services 2001:7fa:11:1:0:4441:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS56294 VMvault Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:db96:0:2 10 gbps
AU AS133930 Tesserent Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:2:b2a:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS17559 Spectrums Core Network 2001:7fa:11:1:0:4497:0:1 10 gbps
NZ AS45177 Devoli 2001:7fa:11:1:0:b079:0:1 10 gbps
US AS20473 The Constant Company, LLC 2001:7fa:11:1:0:4ff9:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS132533 Vibe Group Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:2:5b5:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS131316 Slnet Hosting 2001:7fa:11:1:2:f4:0:2 10 gbps
AU AS134090 Leaptel 2001:7fa:11:1:2:bca:0:1 100 gbps
AU AS134555 Encoo Pty Ltd 10 gbps
AU AS63956 5G NETWORK OPERATIONS PTY LTD 2001:7fa:11:1:0:f9d4:0:1 10 gbps
US AS54113 Fastly, Inc. 2001:7fa:11:1:0:d361:0:1 10 gbps
US AS54113 Fastly, Inc. 2001:7fa:11:1:0:d361:0:2 10 gbps
AU AS64098 Field Solutions Group Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:fa62:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS7600 EscapeNet Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:1db0:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS9723 iseek Communications Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:25fb:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS9648 Australia On-Line Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:25b0:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS4857 TVP Operations Company 2001:7fa:11:1:0:12f9:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS136784 Valve Networks Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:2:1650:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS132847 Network Solutions Group Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:2:6ef:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS135406 BCD NETWORKS PTY LTD 2001:7fa:11:1:2:10ee:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS136001 Christie Spaces 2001:7fa:11:1:2:1341:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS136557 Host Universal Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:156d:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS137841 SENSIA SERVICES PTY LTD 2001:7fa:11:1:2:1a71:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS133159 Mammoth Media Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:2:827:0:1 10 gbps
US AS12041 Afilias, Inc. 2001:7fa:11:1:0:2f09:0:1 10 gbps
US AS6939 Hurricane Electric LLC 2001:7fa:11:1:0:1b1b:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS38858 Somerville 2001:7fa:11:1:0:97ca:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS136994 Southern Phone Company Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:2:1722:0:1 100 gbps
US AS33438 StackPath, LLC. 2001:7fa:11:1:0:829e:0:1 20 gbps
US AS33438 StackPath, LLC. 2001:7fa:11:1:0:829e:0:2 20 gbps
AU AS58713 11/13 Corporate Drive 2001:7fa:11:1:0:e559:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS133120 Hosted Network Pty. Ltd. 2001:7fa:11:1:2:800:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS137409 GSL Networks Pty LTD 2001:7fa:11:1:0:18c1:0:1 100 gbps
US AS32787 Akamai (Prolexic) 2001:7fa:11:1:0:8013:0:1 20 gbps
AU AS134980 Interphone Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:f44:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS133189 SENTRIAN PTY LTD 2001:7fa:11:1:0:2084:0:1 10 gbps
US AS55256 Netskope Inc 2001:7fa:11:1:0:8758:0:1 10 gbps
US AS62955 eBay, Inc 2001:7fa:11:1:0:f5eb:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS56038 RackCorp 2001:7fa:11:1:0:dae6:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS139049 GIGACOMM PTY LTD 2001:7fa:11:1:0:1cdc:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS45594 1 Park Ave 2001:7fa:11:1:0:b21a:0:1 10 gbps
US AS63293 Meta (CDN Network) 2001:7fa:11:1:0:f73d:0:1 100 gbps
AU AS38611 Bendigo Community Telco 2001:7fa:11:1:0:96d3:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS135895 Centorrino Technologies Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:2:12d7:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS132533 Vibe Group Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:2:5b5:0:2 10 gbps
CA AS55195 CIRA Canadian Internet Registration Au... 2001:7fa:11:1:0:d79b:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS9280 Servers Australia Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:2440:0:1 40 gbps
AU AS132245 Data Express Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:2:495:0:2 10 gbps
AU AS55803 Hostopia Australia Web Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:d9fb:0:1 10 gbps
US AS16509 Amazon.com, Inc. 2001:7fa:11:1:0:407d:0:2 100 gbps
AU AS45763 Fuzenet Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:b2c3:0:2 10 gbps
AU AS58907 Acquire BPO Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:e61b:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS134697 Launtel 2001:7fa:11:1:2:e29:0:1 20 gbps
US AS21859 Zenlayer Inc 2001:7fa:11:1:0:5563:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS55752 Cloud Plus Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:d9c8:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS55366 BUPA Australia Health Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:d846:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS38220 IPNG 2001:7fa:11:1:0:954c:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS131316 Slnet Hosting 2001:7fa:11:1:2:f4:0:1 10 gbps
US AS55256 Netskope Inc 2001:7fa:11:1:0:d7d8:0:1 100 gbps
US AS15169 Google LLC 2001:7fa:11:1:0:3b41:0:1 10 gbps
US AS15169 Google LLC 2001:7fa:11:1:0:3b41:0:2 10 gbps
US AS55256 Netskope Inc 2001:7fa:11:1:0:8758:0:2 10 gbps
AU AS146994 Raines Internet Solutions 2001:7fa:11:1:2:3e32:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS135126 Occom Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:2:fd6:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS7600 EscapeNet Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:1db0:0:2 10 gbps
AU AS17766 Nexon Asia Pacific Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:1:0:4566:0:1 10 gbps
US AS32787 Akamai (Prolexic) 2001:7fa:11:1:0:8013:0:2 100 gbps
AU AS10084 Western Australian Internet Associatio... 2001:7fa:11:1:0:2764:0:1 200 gbps