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  Vendor %
Juniper Networks Juniper Networks 29%
Cisco Systems, Inc Cisco Systems, Inc 11%
Private Private 8%
Routerboard.com Routerboard.com 7%
Other Other 23%
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List of members (299 routers over 285 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
PL AS56662 Marcin Gondek 2001:7f8:b7::a55:6662:1 1000 mbps
NL AS8455 atom86 BV 2001:7f8:b7::a500:8455:1 10 gbps
NL AS51430 AltusHost B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:1430:1 100 gbps
US AS6939 Hurricane Electric LLC 2001:7f8:b7::a500:6939:1 200 gbps
NL AS203815 Robert Gerrit Johannes Verspuij tradin... 2001:7f8:b7::a520:3815:1 10 gbps
NL AS52000 MIRhosting B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:2000:1 100 gbps
NL AS25459 Eurofiber Cloud Infra B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a502:5459:1 10 gbps
SC AS206264 Amarutu Technology Ltd 2001:7f8:b7::a520:6264:1 100 gbps
NL AS34612 Matrix Groep B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a503:4612:1 100 gbps
NL AS205668 Green Mini host BV 2001:7f8:b7::a520:5668:1 10 gbps
NL AS202120 Expereo International BV 2001:7f8:b7::a520:2120:1 10 gbps
US AS6461 Zayo Bandwidth 2001:7f8:b7::a500:6461:1 10 gbps
NL AS20847 Previder B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a502:847:1 10 gbps
NL AS8283 Netwerkvereniging Coloclue 2001:7f8:b7::a500:8283:1 10 gbps
DE AS49697 Joey Julian Koenig trading as PathConn... 2001:7f8:b7::a504:9697:1 10 gbps
NL AS42755 DataFiber Group B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:2755:1 10 gbps
DE AS24961 WIIT AG (fka. myLoc Managed IT AG) 2001:7f8:b7::a502:4961:1 10 gbps
DE AS206313 Freifunk Nordwest e.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:6313:1 1000 mbps
NL AS41960 Nextpertise B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:1960:1 10 gbps
DE AS48646 Stefan Dunkel 2001:7f8:b7::a520:5591:1 1000 mbps
FR AS200358 DENV-R SAS 2001:7f8:b7::a520:358:1 10 gbps
PL AS206499 M&M NETWORKS 2001:7f8:b7::a520:6499:1 1000 mbps
NL AS205755 SDNBUCKS BV 2001:7f8:b7::a520:5755:1 10 gbps
DE AS44066 firstcolo GmbH 2001:7f8:b7::a504:4066:1 10 gbps
NL AS29028 DirectVPS B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a502:9028:1 10 gbps
NL AS200023 Qonnected B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:23:1 10 gbps
NL AS24875 NovoServe B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a502:4875:1 100 gbps
NL AS49981 WorldStream B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:9981:1 200 gbps
NL AS61349 MaxiTEL Telecom B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a506:1349:1 10 gbps
NL AS42812 Internet B.V 10 gbps
NL AS39637 ADES BV 2001:7f8:b7::a503:9637:1 10 gbps
NL AS20559 Fundaments B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a502:559:1 10 gbps
NL AS202796 JSR IT B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:2796:1 10 gbps
NL AS51942 EK-Media B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:1942:1 10 gbps
NL AS50655 ITS HOSTED 2001:7f8:b7::a505:655:1 10 gbps
NL AS201401 NewVM B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:1401:1 10 gbps
NL AS202932 Quanza B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:2932:1 10 gbps
NL AS39587 Aeacus B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a503:9587:1 10 gbps
GB AS200052 Feral.io Ltd 2001:7f8:b7::a520:52:1 10 gbps
NL AS43414 H2B Assets B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:3414:1 10 gbps
NL AS60404 The Infrastructure Group B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a506:404:1 20 gbps
NL AS57112 F2X Operator B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:7112:1 10 gbps
NL AS209754 VitrumNet BV 2001:7f8:b7::a520:9754:1 10 gbps
GB AS200639 Cross Computing Services Limited 2001:7f8:b7::a513:7474:1 10 gbps
PL AS205036 Krzysztof Krych trading as Nakigoto 2001:7f8:b7::a520:5036:1 1000 mbps
GB AS44794 PEERIX LTD 2001:7f8:b7::a506:2406:1 10 gbps
US AS53334 Total Uptime Technologies, LLC 2001:7f8:b7::a505:3334:1 10 gbps
CH AS201882 Marco Sandro Naef 2001:7f8:b7::a520:1882:1 1000 mbps
NL AS41887 Prolocation B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:1887:1 10 gbps
PL AS48981 Pawel Zamaro trading as Netadmin Suppo... 2001:7f8:b7::a520:4893:1 1000 mbps
NL AS204526 Rick Bakker trading as Bakker IT 2001:7f8:b7::a520:4526:1 1000 mbps
NL AS25595 Slashme BV 2001:7f8:b7::a502:5595:1 10 gbps
BE AS34872 Servperso Systems 2001:7f8:b7::a520:5523:1 10 gbps
GB AS49134 10VPN Research Network LTD 2001:7f8:b7::a539:6503:1 1000 mbps
GB AS212483 LEVEL EIGHTY-SIX COMMUNICATIONS LTD 2001:7f8:b7::a521:2483:1 10 gbps
LT AS198651 HOSTLINE, UAB 2001:7f8:b7::a519:8651:1 10 gbps
NL AS212477 RoyaleHosting B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a521:2477:1 20 gbps
NL AS12414 Solcon Internetdiensten B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a501:2414:1 10 gbps
TR AS202365 Chronos 2001:7f8:b7::a520:2365:1 10 gbps
GB AS39192 John Hadrill 2001:7f8:b7::a503:9192:1 1000 mbps
NL AS38230 Navice Consulting 2001:7f8:b7::a513:7490:1 1000 mbps
GB AS200299 BaseServ Limited 2001:7f8:b7::a520:299:1 1000 mbps
GB AS200365 Possibly Lizards Limited 2001:7f8:b7::a520:365:1 1000 mbps
DE AS24940 Hetzner Online GmbH 2001:7f8:b7::a502:4940:1 100 gbps
LT AS28917 Fiord Networks, UAB 2001:7f8:b7::a502:8917:1 20 gbps
MD AS25455 Guardfox SRL 2001:7f8:b7::a502:5455:1 10 gbps
US AS203729 June Slater 2001:7f8:b7::a520:3729:1 1000 mbps
NL AS197731 The Internet Engineering Group B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a519:7731:1 10 gbps
SE AS57782 Cynthia Maja Revstrom 2001:7f8:b7::a505:7782:1 1000 mbps
NL AS200408 WideM 1000 mbps
UA AS21100 ITL LLC 10 gbps
BE AS210890 Kristiaan De Rocker 2001:7f8:b7::a521:890:1 10 gbps
US AS15169 Google LLC 2001:7f8:b7::a501:5169:1 20 gbps
AS56510 AS56510 2001:7f8:b7::a505:6510:1 10 gbps
US AS6233 xTom 2001:7f8:b7::a500:6233:1 1000 mbps
NL AS50522 POCOS B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:522:1 10 gbps
NL AS64404 Stichting EventInfra 2001:7f8:b7::a506:4404:1 10 gbps
NL AS202418 Hendrik George Koren 2001:7f8:b7::a520:2418:1 1000 mbps
GB AS207080 Jack Fillan 2001:7f8:b7::a520:7080:1 1000 mbps
NL AS49033 Critical Core BV 2001:7f8:b7::a504:9033:1 10 gbps
NL AS5390 Euronet Communications B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a500:5390:1 20 gbps
PT AS44222 Nuno Felgueiras 2001:7f8:b7::a504:4222:1 10 gbps
NL AS57043 HOSTKEY B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:7043:1 10 gbps
NL AS213052 Bram Wittendorp 2001:7f8:b7::a521:3052:1 10 gbps
LV AS58061 Scalaxy B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:8061:1 40 gbps
NL AS50554 TWS Technologies B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:554:1 10 gbps
NL AS58291 ColoCenter b.v. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:8291:1 10 gbps
NL AS48635 CLDIN B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:8635:1 10 gbps
NL AS60022 Sona Business B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a506:22:1 10 gbps
VG AS56647 Fusion Media Limited 2001:7f8:b7::a505:6647:1 10 gbps
SG AS24482 SG.GS 2001:7f8:b7::a502:4482:1 10 gbps
NL AS39022 Deep Media / V.A.J. Bruijnes (sole pro... 2001:7f8:b7::a503:9022:1 10 gbps
PA AS209854 Cyberzone S.A. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:9854:1 10 gbps
NL AS39022 Deep Media / V.A.J. Bruijnes (sole pro... 2001:7f8:b7::a503:9022:2 10 gbps
CZ AS201811 Austole s.r.o. 2001:7f8:b7::a513:4263:1 10 gbps
NL AS41529 MediaServe International B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:1529:1 10 gbps
SC AS207616 Altrosky Technology Ltd. 2001:7f8:b7::a521:283:1 10 gbps
NL AS198089 IP Visie Networking B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a519:8089:1 10 gbps
IT AS34971 CDLAN SpA 2001:7f8:b7::a503:4971:1 10 gbps
NL AS51198 Servada B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:8364:1 10 gbps
NL AS57866 Fusix Networks B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:7866:1 10 gbps
AS138211 AS138211 2001:7f8:b7::a513:8211:1 1000 mbps
NL AS38965 Rick van der Sterren trading as HostIn... 2001:7f8:b7::a503:8965:1 10 gbps
IT AS56911 Warian S.R.L. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:6911:1 10 gbps
GB AS210025 ALICE CAT RESEARCH LTD 2001:7f8:b7::a521:25:1 1000 mbps
MD AS25455 Guardfox SRL 2001:7f8:b7::a502:5455:2 10 gbps
NL AS207176 OPENFIBER B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:7176:1 10 gbps
CA AS20119 Arrow Group Inc. 2001:7f8:b7::a502:119:1 10 gbps
NL AS209754 VitrumNet BV 2001:7f8:b7::a520:9754:2 10 gbps
NL AS61044 ExtraIP B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a506:1044:1 10 gbps
GB AS209181 Zenex 5ive Limited 2001:7f8:b7::a520:9181:1 100 gbps
US AS209622 uPress Inc 10 gbps
NL AS35709 Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie 2001:7f8:b7::a503:5709:1 10 gbps
NL AS25596 Cambrium B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a502:5596:1 10 gbps
LU AS199524 Gcore S.A. 2001:7f8:b7::a519:9524:1 100 gbps
NL AS51050 H4Hosting BV 2001:7f8:b7::a505:1050:1 10 gbps
NL AS211041 Rens van Aarden trading as Swooth 2001:7f8:b7::a521:1041:1 10 gbps
RU AS43727 JSC KVANT-TELEKOM 2001:7f8:b7::a504:3727:1 10 gbps
US AS62296 Vital Network Group, LLC 2001:7f8:b7::a506:2296:1 100 gbps
IN AS9558 PrimeCrown Technologies Private Limite... 2001:7f8:b7::a500:9558:1 10 gbps
NL AS49453 Global Layer B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:9453:1 100 gbps
NL AS49127 Asimo Networks B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:9127:1 10 gbps
NL AS207942 GBL ICT B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:7942:1 10 gbps
NL AS207176 OPENFIBER B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:7176:2 10 gbps
IT AS6762 Telecom Italia Sparkle (Seabone) 2001:7f8:b7::a500:6762:1 100 gbps
SC AS213373 IP Connect Inc 2001:7f8:b7::a521:3373:2 100 gbps
NL AS207866 InCompanyMedia B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:7866:1 10 gbps
NL AS49627 Speakup B.V 2001:7f8:b7::a504:9627:1 1000 mbps
IT AS41327 Fiber Telecom S.p.A. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:1327:1 10 gbps
NL AS206389 Menno van Krimpen trading as Libernet 10 gbps
NL AS207551 Wijnand Schouten 2001:7f8:b7::a520:7551:1 40 gbps
US AS209622 uPress Inc 10 gbps
US AS32934 Facebook, Inc. 2001:7f8:b7::a503:2934:1 100 gbps
US AS32934 Facebook, Inc. 2001:7f8:b7::a503:2934:2 100 gbps
NL AS204805 Voiped Wholesale BV 2001:7f8:b7::a520:4805:1 10 gbps
NL AS35224 PLINQ BV 10 gbps
NL AS16265 LeaseWeb Network B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a501:6265:1 100 gbps
NL AS5524 Signet B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a500:5524:1 10 gbps
NL AS42156 GNX B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:2156:1 10 gbps
NL AS207489 RDK IT Solutions B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:7489:1 10 gbps
NL AS41047 Bart Vrancken trading as MLaB 2001:7f8:b7::a504:1047:1 10 gbps
FR AS16276 OVH SAS 2001:7f8:b7::a501:6276:1 100 gbps
NL AS58075 X2com BV 2001:7f8:b7::a505:8075:1 10 gbps
NL AS44103 The Mastermind Holding B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:4103:1 10 gbps
NL AS209288 Services2xs b.v. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:9288:1 10 gbps
CN AS209650 Wu Zhiyuan 2001:7f8:b7::a520:9650:1 1000 mbps
NL AS50601 Crossivity bv 2001:7f8:b7::a505:601:2 10 gbps
NL AS60874 Marcel van Dorp trading as Labworx 2001:7f8:b7::a506:874:1 10 gbps
BG AS57463 NetIX Communications JSC 2001:7f8:b7::a505:7463:1 200 gbps
NL AS1103 SURF B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a500:1103:1 10 gbps
DE AS212895 Johannes Ernst 2001:7f8:b7::a521:2895:1 10 gbps
NL AS62167 Tismi BV 2001:7f8:b7::a506:2167:1 1000 mbps
NL AS34612 Matrix Groep B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a503:4612:2 100 gbps
US AS968 Packetframe 2001:7f8:b7::a503:4553:1 1000 mbps
NL AS20495 We Dare B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a502:495:1 10 gbps
NL AS8315 Accenture B. V. 2001:7f8:b7::a500:8315:1 10 gbps
DE AS215550 Athorio GmbH 2001:7f8:b7::a521:5550:1 10 gbps
BE AS6774 BICS (Belgacom) 2001:7f8:b7::a500:6774:1 100 gbps
NL AS197156 Petit Telecom B.V. 10 gbps
GB AS13285 TalkTalk Communications Limited 2001:7f8:b7::a501:3285:1 100 gbps
CH AS3303 Swisscom (Schweiz) AG 2001:7f8:b7::a500:3303:1 100 gbps
IS AS207295 ThorIX Route Servers 2001:7f8:b7::a520:7295:1 10 gbps
CA AS53356 Free Range Cloud Hosting Inc. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:3356:1 10 gbps
CZ AS204543 Filip Hruska 2001:7f8:b7::a520:4543:1 1000 mbps
NL AS51088 A2B IP B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:1088:1 100 gbps
CH AS34927 iFog GmbH 2001:7f8:b7::a503:4927:1 10 gbps
CH AS58299 Openfactory GmbH 2001:7f8:b7::a505:8299:1 10 gbps
CH AS57118 CommunityRack.org Verein 2001:7f8:b7::a505:7118:1 10 gbps
DE AS24940 Hetzner Online GmbH 2001:7f8:b7::a502:4940:2 100 gbps
DE AS50629 LWLcom GmbH 2001:7f8:b7::a505:629:1 10 gbps
SE AS39351 31173 Services AB 2001:7f8:b7::a503:9351:1 10 gbps
LV AS212911 SIA Network Operations Center 1000 mbps
DE AS9136 WOBCOM GmbH 2001:7f8:b7::a500:9136:1 10 gbps
NL AS15435 DELTA Fiber Nederland B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a501:5435:1 100 gbps
GB AS44684 Mythic Beasts Ltd 2001:7f8:b7::a504:4684:1 10 gbps
NL AS211786 KaasHosting B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a521:1786:1 10 gbps
NL AS211623 NAML B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a521:1623:1 10 gbps
US AS1820 WNET TELECOM USA Corp. 2001:7f8:b7::a500:1820:1 20 gbps
US AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc. 2001:7f8:b7::a501:3335:1 100 gbps
NL AS45040 ExtraIP B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:5040:1 10 gbps
BG AS57344 Telehouse EAD 2001:7f8:b7::a505:7344:2 10 gbps
NL AS39114 1KEY BV 10 gbps
NL AS24586 Intermax Group B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a502:4586:1 10 gbps
NL AS41887 Prolocation B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:1887:2 10 gbps
NL AS212635 Jurrian van Iersel 2001:7f8:b7::a521:2635:1 10 gbps
DE AS21263 TeleData GmbH 2001:7f8:b7::a502:1263:1 10 gbps
ES AS199904 OLIVENET DATA CENTERS SPAIN S.L. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:1746:1 10 gbps
CH AS8298 IPng Networks GmbH 2001:7f8:b7::a500:8298:1 10 gbps
NL AS60557 Krik van der Vinne trading as Alpine N... 2001:7f8:b7::a506:557:1 10 gbps
NL AS45009 Rogier Krieger 2001:7f8:b7::a504:5009:1 10 gbps
CH AS25091 IP-Max SA 2001:7f8:b7::a502:5091:1 10 gbps
BE AS50309 Arcadiz Telecom NV 2001:7f8:b7::a505:309:1 10 gbps
RO AS6204 INTERKVM HOST SRL 2001:7f8:b7::a502:5198:1 100 gbps
CH AS58057 Securebit AG 2001:7f8:b7::a505:8057:1 10 gbps
BG AS59900 Balkan Internet Exchange Ltd 2001:7f8:b7::a505:9900:1 10 gbps
NL AS42093 InterRacks B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:2093:1 10 gbps
NL AS8587 Infracom Holding B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a500:8587:1 10 gbps
DE AS205165 Christian Dresel 2001:7f8:b7::a520:5165:1 1000 mbps
DE AS208059 Hermann Lienstromberg 2001:7f8:b7::a520:8059:1 10 gbps
NL AS50673 Serverius Holding B.V. 100 gbps
NL AS34343 Eweka Internet Services B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a503:4343:1 100 gbps
NL AS57758 Cloudbear B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:7758:1 10 gbps
NL AS198468 Gijsbertus Henricus van Gemert trading... 2001:7f8:b7::a019:8468:1 10 gbps
NL AS21221 Infopact Netwerkdiensten B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a502:1221:1 10 gbps
ID AS151544 PDWNet 10 gbps
NL AS41441 Serverius Holding B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:673:253 1000 mbps
MY AS132376 BasketAsia, Sdn. Bhd. 2001:7f8:b7::a513:2376:1 1000 mbps
GB AS200639 Cross Computing Services Limited 10 gbps
GB AS200950 Lyratris Limited 2001:7f8:b7::a520:950:1 10 gbps
RU AS201119 Icewood LLC 2001:7f8:b7::a520:1119:1 10 gbps
NL AS41441 Serverius Holding B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:1441:2 1000 mbps
NL AS201723 R. van der Meijden 2001:7f8:b7::a520:1723:1 10 gbps
NL AS62068 SpectraIP B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a506:2068:1 10 gbps
CH AS9044 BSE Software GmbH 2001:7f8:b7::a500:9044:1 10 gbps
IL AS61102 Interhost Communication Solutions Ltd.... 2001:7f8:b7::a506:1102:1 10 gbps
BE AS61099 Open Coconut SRL 2001:7f8:b7::a506:1099:1 10 gbps
NL AS61029 DODW Holding B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a506:1029:1 10 gbps
NL AS202585 Nick Bouwhuis 2001:7f8:b7::a520:2585:1 10 gbps
IT AS41720 REVOLUTION PROVIDER SRL 2001:7f8:b7::a504:1720:1 1000 mbps
US AS8038 6connect, Inc. 2001:7f8:b7::a500:8038:1 10 gbps
GB AS60326 MrSheepNET LTD 2001:7f8:b7::a506:326:1 10 gbps
GB AS60068 Datacamp Limited (CDN77 / DataPacket) 2001:7f8:b7::a506:68:2 100 gbps
NL AS203993 S.J.M. Steffann 2001:7f8:b7::a520:3993:1 1000 mbps
UA AS35297 Dataline LLC 2001:7f8:b7::a503:5297:1 10 gbps
NL AS59985 SAM Office B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:9985:1 10 gbps
NL AS204729 Servervy B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:4729:1 10 gbps
DE AS58329 servinga GmbH 2001:7f8:b7::a505:8329:1 10 gbps
RO AS35277 LLHOST INC. SRL 2001:7f8:b7::a503:5277:1 10 gbps
TR AS57935 Nrp Teknoloji Limited Sirketi 2001:7f8:b7::a005:7935:1 10 gbps
TW AS205329 Kai-Jung Chen 2001:7f8:b7::a520:5329:1 10 gbps
NL AS200232 T. van den Heuvel Holding B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:232:1 10 gbps
NL AS39563 CTA Systems B.V. 10 gbps
DE AS206075 Maximilian Jacobsen 2001:7f8:b7::a520:6075:1 10 gbps
EE AS3920 ESTOXY OU 2001:7f8:b7::a506:1254:1 100 gbps
HK AS56971 CGI GLOBAL LIMITED 2001:7f8:b7::a005:6971:1 10 gbps
GB AS52025 ParadoxNetworks Limited 10 gbps
IL AS206446 CLOUD LEASE Ltd 2001:7f8:b7::a520:6446:1 20 gbps
US AS2635 Automattic, Inc 10 gbps
HU AS39533 Asympto Networks Kft. 2001:7f8:b7::a503:9533:1 10 gbps
NL AS207117 ICU Solutions B.V. 10 gbps
US AS26073 Cofractal, Inc. 2001:7f8:b7::a502:6073:1 10 gbps
NL AS30925 DELTA Fiber Nederland B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a503:925:1 10 gbps
GB AS51601 IPTP LTD 2001:7f8:b7::a504:1095:1 100 gbps
IE AS31122 Digiweb ltd 2001:7f8:b7::a503:1122:1 10 gbps
NL AS50917 Diederik Focko de Zee 2001:7f8:b7::a521:397:1 10 gbps
NL AS207551 Wijnand Schouten 2001:7f8:b7::a520:7551:2 10 gbps
AT AS39409 Sebastian-Wilhelm Graf 2001:7f8:b7::a503:9409:1 10 gbps
IL AS199393 MAKEAPP CLOUD Ltd 2001:7f8:b7::a519:9393:1 1000 mbps
NL AS50673 Serverius Holding B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a505:673:251 200 gbps
BE AS207994 Blockchain Creek B.V. 10 gbps
NL AS31383 Computel Standby BV 2001:7f8:b7::a503:1383:1 10 gbps
IT AS208328 Luigi Labate 2001:7f8:b7::a520:8328:1 1000 mbps
NL AS208501 Tim Schoondergang trading as TIMMIT.NL... 2001:7f8:b7::a520:8501:1 10 gbps
CH AS208608 Haemoglobin 2001:7f8:b7::a520:8608:1 10 gbps
NL AS208864 Weserve B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a520:8864:1 10 gbps
RU AS50509 Transroute.Net 2001:7f8:b7::a505:509:1 10 gbps
NO AS50272 AVUR AS 2001:7f8:b7::a505:272:1 10 gbps
BE AS50083 Hermes Telecom BVBA 2001:7f8:b7::a505:83:1 10 gbps
NL AS31383 Computel Standby BV 2001:7f8:b7::a503:1383:2 10 gbps
NL AS49870 Alsycon B.V. 10 gbps
AG AS31500 Global Network Management Inc 2001:7f8:b7::a503:1500:1 10 gbps
ES AS49600 NEAR IP, S.L. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:9600:1 10 gbps
BE AS209768 white2net Srl 2001:7f8:b7::a520:9768:1 10 gbps
DE AS49581 Ferdinand Zink trading as Tube-Hosting... 2001:7f8:b7::a504:9581:1 10 gbps
NL AS200149 Erwin Alexander Ising 2001:7f8:b7::a020:149:1 10 gbps
DE AS210035 Stiftung Mathias-Spital Rheine 2001:7f8:b7::a521:35:1 1000 mbps
BE AS210103 Cedric Dasnois 2001:7f8:b7::a521:103:1 1000 mbps
DE AS210570 Athorio GmbH 2001:7f8:b7::a521:570:1 10 gbps
PL AS210645 DOMINIK DOBROWOLSKI 2001:7f8:b7::a521:645:1 10 gbps
NL AS44592 SkyLink Data Center BV 2001:7f8:b7::a504:4592:1 100 gbps
SM AS48345 Abavia S.r.l. 2001:7f8:b7::a504:8345:1 100 gbps
NL AS211043 Dedifix BV 2001:7f8:b7::a021:1043:2 200 gbps
LV AS211381 Podaon SIA 2001:7f8:b7::a521:1381:1 10 gbps
NL AS211588 Yvan Watchman trading as Xyphen IT 2001:7f8:b7::a21:1588:1 10 gbps
TR AS48011 Turunc Smart Bilgisayar Teknoloji Ve D... 2001:7f8:b7::a504:8011:1 10 gbps
NL AS211713 Connectium B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a521:1713:1 10 gbps
RO AS47836 SC Web Software Development SRL 2001:7f8:b7::a504:7836:1 10 gbps
NL AS1101 SURF B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a500:1101:1 10 gbps
US AS1031 Peer 1 Internet Service LLC 2001:7f8:b7::a000:1031:1 100 gbps
PT AS47787 EDGOO NETWORKS UNIPESSOAL LDA 2001:7f8:b7::a504:7787:1 10 gbps
AT AS212828 Tom Hatzer trading as twopeaks digital... 2001:7f8:b7::a521:2828:1 10 gbps
NL AS212855 Jelle Luteijn 2001:7f8:b7::a521:2855:1 10 gbps
GB AS47272 HYEHOST LTD 10 gbps
ID AS45701 PT Internet Madju Abad Milenindo 2001:7f8:b7::a504:5701:1 10 gbps
IE AS212925 Miguel Landaeta 2001:7f8:b7::a521:2925:1 1000 mbps
NL AS213028 DD webhosting B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a521:3028:1 10 gbps
NL AS213035 Serverion 2001:7f8:b7::a521:3035:2 20 gbps
NL AS200132 Peter-Paul Maria Kurstjens 2001:7f8:b7::a020:123:1 10 gbps
NL AS44854 Arend Brouwer 2001:7f8:b7::a504:4854:1 10 gbps
NL AS215512 Eliveld ICT B.V. 2001:7f8:b7::a521:5512:1 10 gbps
GB AS34465 NCRYPTD NET LTD 2001:7f8:b7::a503:4465:2 10 gbps
DE AS215649 Noel David Georg trading as SN-TUX 2001:7f8:b7::a521:5649:1 10 gbps
NL AS215680 Luc Haaijer trading as Ferox Hosting 2001:7f8:b7::a521:5680:1 10 gbps
AE AS216071 SERVERS TECH FZCO 2001:7f8:b7::a520:7651:1 40 gbps
DE AS216333 NetDev UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) 2001:7f8:b7::a521:6333:1 10 gbps
ZA AS328112 Linux Based Systems Design SA (Pty) Lt... 2001:7f8:b7::a532:8112:1 10 gbps
US AS399668 e-planning 2001:7f8:b7::a539:9668:1 10 gbps