SIX Stavanger

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Peering LAN IP Ranges


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List of members (9 routers over 8 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
NO AS8896 GLOBALCONNECT AS 2001:7f8:12:6::8896 20 gbps
NO AS13243 TIETOEVRY NORWAY AS 2001:7f8:12:6::1:3243 10 gbps
US AS8075 Microsoft Corporation 2001:7f8:12:6::8075 20 gbps
US AS8075 Microsoft Corporation 2001:7f8:12:6:0:1:0:8075 20 gbps
NO AS200781 Tampnet AS 2001:7f8:12:6::20:781 10 gbps
NO AS50304 Blix Solutions AS 2001:7f8:12:6::5:304 10 gbps
NO AS28824 EMP SECURE AS 2001:7f8:12:6::2:8824 10 gbps
NO AS224 Sikt (Uninett) 2001:7f8:12:6::224 10 gbps
NO AS29695 Lyse Tele AS 2001:7f8:12:6::2:9695 10 gbps