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List of members (29 routers over 27 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
EU AS1304 SFINX Route Servers 2001:7f8:4e:2::100 1000 mbps
EU AS1304 SFINX Route Servers 2001:7f8:4e:2::101 1000 mbps
FR AS2200 Renater 2001:7f8:4e:2::102 10 gbps
FR AS2200 Renater 2001:7f8:4e:2::103 10 gbps
FR AS48920 Association TOILE-LIBRE 100 mbps
FR AS42456 Phibee Telecom SAS 2001:7f8:4e:2::110 100 mbps
FR AS8487 Phibee Telecom SAS 1000 mbps
FR AS34019 Hivane Association 2001:7f8:4e:2::123 1000 mbps
FR AS31555 Zayo Infrastructure France SA 100 mbps
FR AS30781 Free Pro SAS 2001:7f8:4e:2::128 10 gbps
FR AS25286 CANALWEB SAS 2001:7f8:4e:2::129 1000 mbps
JP AS7500 WIDE Project - M-root 2001:7f8:4e:2::148 1000 mbps
FR AS44583 AMPLEMENT SAS 2001:7f8:4e:2::161 100 mbps
FR AS8565 Linkt SAS 100 mbps
SE AS8674 Netnod AB 2001:7f8:4e:2::169 10 gbps
BE AS6774 BICS (Belgacom) 10 gbps
FR AS50620 Blue Networks Technologies SARL 2001:7f8:4e:2::175 100 mbps
FR AS15557 SFR SA 2001:7f8:4e:2::178 20 gbps
FR AS20766 Association "Gitoyen" 2001:7f8:4e:2::186 100 mbps
FR AS31576 Association GIXE 100 mbps
FR AS25593 Accenture SAS 2001:7f8:4e:2::189 1000 mbps
FR AS2484 AFNIC (Association Francaise pour le N... 2001:7f8:4e:2::193 1000 mbps
FR AS42929 Artefact SARL 2001:7f8:4e:2::195 100 mbps
FR AS8784 Odigo SASU 2001:7f8:4e:2::196 1000 mbps
DE AS42366 TerraTransit AG 1000 mbps
FR AS199660 LTI NETWORKS SASU 2001:7f8:4e:2::200 1000 mbps
US AS702 Verizon Business 1000 mbps
FR AS2486 AFNIC (Association Francaise pour le N... 2001:7f8:4e:2::238 1000 mbps