List of members:

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
AS397806 AS397806 2001:504:9b::1 10 gbps
US AS397326 South Front Networks 2001:504:9b::3 40 gbps
US AS13807 Great Plains Communications LLC 2001:504:9b::4 10 gbps
US AS32621 Twin City VoIP, Inc. 2001:504:9b::5 10 gbps
US AS55009 Router12 Networks LLC 2001:504:9b::6 10 gbps
US AS10242 US Internet Corp 2001:504:9b::7 10 gbps
US AS30325 South Slope Cooperative Telephone Company 2001:504:9b::8 10 gbps
US AS42 WoodyNet, Inc. 2001:504:9b::9 1000 mbps
US AS3856 Packet Clearing House, Inc. 2001:504:9b::10 1000 mbps
US AS62886 OMNITEL COMMUNICATIONS 2001:504:9b::11 10 gbps
US AS36374 Stellar Association, LLC 2001:504:9b::12 20 gbps
US AS14371 Paul Bunyan Communications 2001:504:9b::13 10 gbps
US AS394330 LTD Broadband LLC 2001:504:9b::14 10 gbps
US AS26156 Verus Corporation 2001:504:9b::15 10 gbps
US AS396388 Woofy 2001:504:9b::16 1000 mbps
US AS11708 City of North Kansas City, MO 2001:504:9b::20 10 gbps
US AS32097 WholeSale Internet, Inc. 2001:504:9b::21 10 gbps
US AS53597 Hoyos Consulting LLC 2001:504:9b::22 10 gbps
US AS26725 Liberty Communications 2001:504:9b::23 10 gbps
US AS22534 CS Technologies 2001:504:9b::24 10 gbps
US AS33734 Muscatine Power and Water 2001:504:9b::25 10 gbps
US AS393775 IP Pathways, LLC 2001:504:9b::26 10 gbps
US AS34553 Nathan Sales 2001:504:9b::27 1000 mbps
US AS30081 CacheNetworks, Inc. 2001:504:9b::28 10 gbps
SE AS8674 Netnod AB 2001:504:9b::29 10 gbps
US AS6939 Hurricane Electric LLC 2001:504:9b::30 100 gbps
US AS46131 TheIPGuys.Net, LLC 10 gbps
US AS46892 Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association 2001:504:9b::32 10 gbps
US AS54821 OMNI-TECH INC 1000 mbps
US AS396264 Night Owl Wireless, LLC 2001:504:9b::35 10 gbps
US AS4150 SupraNet Communications, Inc. 2001:504:9b::36 10 gbps
US AS63293 Facebook, Inc. 2001:504:9b::37 20 gbps
US AS35871 Reynolds Cable, Inc 2001:504:9b::38 10 gbps
US AS399491 Viola Communications Inc 10 gbps
CA AS18451 LES.NET 2001:504:9b::40 10 gbps
US AS15129 Geneseo Telephone Company 2001:504:9b::43 10 gbps
US AS62943 Bluebird Network 2001:504:9b::44 10 gbps
US AS40328 AcenTek 2001:504:9b::45 10 gbps
US AS394414 E2W Solutions LLC 2001:504:9b::46 10 gbps
US AS394728 Miles Cooperative Telephone Association, Inc. 2001:504:9b::47 10 gbps
US AS15164 Unite Private Networks LLC. 2001:504:9b::48 10 gbps
US AS400251 Oneida Telephone Exchange 2001:504:9b::50 10 gbps
US AS13855 The Municipal Communications Utility of the City of C... 2001:504:9b::51 10 gbps
US AS26652 Airstream Communications, LLC 2001:504:9b::52 10 gbps
US AS40350 Key Cooperative 2001:504:9b::53 10 gbps
US AS394911 Comm1 2001:504:9b::54 10 gbps
GB AS50058 August Internet Limited 2001:504:9b::55 10 gbps
US AS14570 Ansible Networks, LLC 2001:504:9b::56 10 gbps
US AS951 ioHarbor 2001:504:9b::57 10 gbps
US AS13767 DataBank Holdings, Ltd. 2001:504:9b::59 10 gbps
GB AS50058 August Internet Limited 2001:504:9b::60 10 gbps