PITER-IX Tallinn

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Peering LAN IP Ranges

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List of members (83 routers over 79 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
EE AS8728 AS INFONET 10 gbps
EE AS61307 AS STV 20 gbps
RU AS44050 Petersburg Internet Network ltd. 10 gbps
US AS6939 Hurricane Electric LLC 10 gbps
RU AS44068 Petersburg Internet Network ltd. 10 gbps
EE AS61189 Elkdata OU 1000 mbps
RU AS61068 OOO "NECSTEL" 40 gbps
RU AS50254 Sky Engineering LLC 10 gbps
RU AS62423 JSC "ER-Telecom Holding" 20 gbps
LT AS13194 UAB "Bite Lietuva" 30 gbps
RU AS48293 Uniontel Ltd 40 gbps
RU AS50473 Altagen JSC 30 gbps
EE AS204671 Habr Europe OU 1000 mbps
RU AS60139 Sever Telecom JSC 20 gbps
RU AS5433 VEROLINE Ltd 1000 mbps
RU AS42861 Foton Telecom CJSC 20 gbps
RU AS42861 Foton Telecom CJSC 20 gbps
EE AS208367 CSpace Hostings OU 10 gbps
RU AS212236 Kinescope LLC 40 gbps
RU AS47626 Timer, LLC 10 gbps
RU AS201119 Icewood LLC 10 gbps
RU AS199599 Telecom-Birzha, LLC 10 gbps
RU AS29588 Ivstar Ltd 10 gbps
RU AS42291 OOO Istranet 20 gbps
RU AS41268 LANTA Ltd 40 gbps
RU AS28968 JSC "Evrasia Telecom Ru" 100 gbps
RU AS62040 Innovative Telecommunications LLC 40 gbps
RU AS56634 Fly-Tech Ltd. 10 gbps
EE AS207568 Teleone OU 10 gbps
RU AS201119 Icewood LLC 10 gbps
RU AS29329 Resource-M LLC 10 gbps
RU AS50509 Transroute.Net 10 gbps
RU AS8492 "OBIT" Ltd. 10 gbps
RU AS31277 OOO New Line Telecom 10 gbps
RU AS204576 Denis Dmitrievich Galyamin 10 gbps
RU AS208992 Axatel LLC 10 gbps
RU AS34602 MEGASVYAZ LLC 20 gbps
LV AS57936 SIA "Piter-IX" 1000 mbps
RU AS47441 Comfortel Ltd. 10 gbps
RU AS59574 Limited Liability Company SKS Telecom 100 gbps
SI AS48573 PHAETON PLUS d.o.o 40 gbps
RU AS198367 INKO-Telecom, LLC 10 gbps
RU AS50923 Metroset Ltd. 40 gbps
RU AS50299 Thyphone Communications LLC 10 gbps
CH AS25091 IP-Max SA 1000 mbps
RU AS29182 JSC IOT 100 gbps
RU AS48781 AVK-computer ltd 40 gbps
RU AS56864 Xeon LLC 10 gbps
RU AS49320 Golitsyno Telecom Ltd 40 gbps
RU AS41275 Lovitel LLC 80 gbps
RU AS21453 Flex Ltd. 60 gbps
AM AS49037 Prostie Reshenia LLC 100 gbps
RU AS200350 Yandex.Cloud LLC 100 gbps
RU AS48558 M-Line Ltd. 10 gbps
RU AS51685 Mikron-Media LLC 40 gbps
RU AS34665 Petersburg Internet Network ltd. 10 gbps
RU AS35640 OOO MIGRAPH 40 gbps
RU AS205553 LTD Magistral_Telecom 10 gbps
EE AS204671 Habr Europe OU 1000 mbps
RU AS39153 LLC SETEL 60 gbps
RU AS59482 Allians-Media Ltd 10 gbps
RU AS51904 Utex-Telecom LLC 10 gbps
RU AS48166 FORTEX CJSC 10 gbps
RU AS25532 LLC "MASTERHOST" 10 gbps
RU AS2895 OOO FREEnet Group 10 gbps
RU AS44923 Saint-Petersburg Computer Networks Ltd... 40 gbps
BF AS37721 Virtual Technologies & Solutions 10 gbps
RU AS57712 NPF SOFTVIDEO Ltd. 10 gbps
RU AS209307 LLC Cifrovie Seti Urala 20 gbps
RU AS49925 LLC South Networks 10 gbps
RU AS61121 AO "Teleradiocompany "Odintsovo" 40 gbps
RU AS47562 Fast Link Ltd 10 gbps
RU AS212487 Gorodskie seti OOO 10 gbps
RU AS206011 Freedom LLC 100 gbps
RU AS49368 DomoLAN Ltd. 80 gbps
RU AS48610 Bykov Roman Andreevich 10 gbps
GB AS49418 NETSHIELD LTD 40 gbps
RU AS58002 JSC Svyazinform 100 gbps
NL AS50867 HOSTKEY B.V. 10 gbps
RU AS47438 Pskovline Ltd. 20 gbps
LV AS57936 SIA "Piter-IX" 1000 mbps