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List of members (78 routers over 68 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
US AS27552 TowardEX Technologies International, I... 2001:504:47::6ba0:0:1 100 gbps
NL AS20940 Akamai International B.V. 2001:504:47::51cc:0:1 40 gbps
US AS32286 TripAdvisor LLC 2001:504:47::7e1e:0:1 10 gbps
US AS6939 Hurricane Electric LLC 2001:504:47::1b1b:0:1 100 gbps
US AS293 ESnet 2001:504:47::125:0:1 100 gbps
US AS15169 Google LLC 2001:504:47::3b41:0:2 100 gbps
US AS8075 Microsoft Corporation 2001:504:47::1f8b:0:1 100 gbps
US AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc. 2001:504:47::3417:0:1 10 gbps
US AS2734 CoreSite 2001:504:47::aae:0:1 10 gbps
US AS30071 TowardEX Technologies International, I... 2001:504:47::7577:0:1 1000 mbps
US AS393945 enfoPoint, LLC 2001:504:47::602d:9:1 1000 mbps
US AS53389 Studsvik Scandpower Inc 2001:504:47::d08d:0:1 1000 mbps
US AS27475 Wayfair LLC 2001:504:47::6b53:0:2 10 gbps
NL AS20940 Akamai International B.V. 2001:504:47::51cc:0:2 100 gbps
US AS22742 Connecticut Education Network 2001:504:47::58d6:0:1 100 gbps
US AS22147 Open Contributors Corporation for Adva... 2001:504:47::5683:0:1 20 gbps
US AS10578 Harvard University 2001:504:47::2952:0:1 10 gbps
US AS10578 Harvard University 2001:504:47::2952:0:2 10 gbps
US AS1351 University of Vermont 2001:504:47::547:0:1 10 gbps
US AS10925 Snowbound Software Corporation 1000 mbps
US AS3061 ProvDotNet LLC 2001:504:47::bf5:0:1 1000 mbps
US AS14361 HopOne Internet Corporation 2001:504:47::3819:0:1 10 gbps
US AS10255 Sinister and Solitary 1000 mbps
US AS27475 Wayfair LLC 2001:504:47::6b53:0:3 100 gbps
US AS393965 EndLayer, LLC 2001:504:47::602e:d:1 10 gbps
US AS14340 Salesforce.com, Inc. 2001:504:47::3804:0:1 400 mbps
US AS7849 CROCKER COMMUNICATIONS, INCORPORATED 2001:504:47::1ea9:0:1 10 gbps
US AS13837 Point5 Managed Services, LLC 2001:504:47::360d:0:1 1000 mbps
US AS33083 AxcelX Technologies LLC 2001:504:47::813b:0:1 10 gbps
US AS54611 Intelligent Technology Solutions, Inc.... 2001:504:47::d553:0:1 10 gbps
US AS10310 Oath Holdings Inc. 2001:504:47::2846:0:1 10 gbps
US AS27552 TowardEX Technologies International, I... 2001:504:47::6ba0:0:2 20 gbps
US AS3580 Planet Access Networks 2001:504:47::dfc:0:1 10 gbps
US AS36351 SoftLayer Technologies Inc. 2001:504:47::8dff:0:1 20 gbps
US AS10310 Oath Holdings Inc. 2001:504:47::2846:0:2 10 gbps
IT AS18918 Uno Communications SpA 2001:504:47::49e6:0:1 1000 mbps
US AS27475 Wayfair LLC 2001:504:47::6b53:0:1 10 gbps
US AS32389 Berklee College of Music 10 gbps
US AS26292 Shrewsbury Electric and Cable Operatio... 2001:504:47::66b4:0:1 10 gbps
US AS46155 Deerfield Academy 10 gbps
US AS54113 Fastly, Inc. 2001:504:47::d361:0:1 10 gbps
US AS557 University of Maine System 2001:504:47::22d:0:1 20 gbps
US AS42 WoodyNet, Inc. 2001:504:47::2a:0:1 1000 mbps
US AS3856 Packet Clearing House, Inc. 2001:504:47::f10:0:1 1000 mbps
GB AS44356 Epsilon Telecommunications Ltd 2001:504:47::ad44:0:1 500 mbps
US AS22147 Open Contributors Corporation for Adva... 2001:504:47::5683:0:2 20 gbps
US AS54004 Optimum WiFi 2001:504:47::d2f4:0:1 10 gbps
US AS16509 Amazon.com, Inc. 2001:504:47::407d:0:1 10 gbps
US AS16509 Amazon.com, Inc. 2001:504:47::407d:0:2 10 gbps
US AS20253 Qwilt Inc. 2001:504:47::4f1d:0:1 100 gbps
US AS27255 Servastic 2001:504:47::6a77:0:1 10 gbps
US AS32425 Pixel Factory 2001:504:47::7ea9:0:1 10 gbps
US AS397116 Wellesley Municipal Light Plant 2001:504:47::60f3:c:1 10 gbps
US AS15169 Google LLC 2001:504:47::3b41:0:3 100 gbps
US AS40630 GridFury, LLC 2001:504:47::9eb6:0:1 10 gbps
US AS22989 Free Software Foundation, Inc. 2001:504:47::59cd:0:1 1000 mbps
US AS395326 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2001:504:47::6083:e:1 n/a
US AS32934 Facebook, Inc. 2001:504:47::80a6:0:1 10 gbps
US AS12161 dao Consulting, LLC 2001:504:47::2f81:0:1 10 gbps
US AS64249 Charles River Operation 2001:504:47::faf9:0:1 10 gbps
US AS30081 CacheNetworks, Inc. 2001:504:47::7581:0:1 100 gbps
US AS22822 Edgio (Limelight) 2001:504:47::5926:0:1 100 gbps
US AS1828 Unitas Global LLC 2001:504:47::724:0:1 10 gbps
HU AS39533 Asympto Networks Kft. 2001:504:47::9a6d:0:1 10 gbps
US AS399100 Tilson Broadband 2001:504:47::616f:c:1 10 gbps
US AS18966 Aurora Solutions, LLC 2001:504:47::4a16:0:1 1000 mbps
US AS27370 City of Boston 2001:504:47::6aea:0:1 10 gbps
PT AS47787 EDGOO NETWORKS UNIPESSOAL LDA 2001:504:47::baab:0:1 10 gbps
US AS20344 Billerica Public Schools 2001:504:47::4f78:0:1 10 gbps
US AS55256 Netskope Inc 2001:504:47::d7d8:0:1 10 gbps
US AS54854 Blueport Commerce 2001:504:47::d646:0:1 10 gbps
US AS4213 Krypt Technologies 2001:504:47::1075:0:1 10 gbps
US AS3384 Center for Educational Leadership and ... 2001:504:47::d38:0:1 10 gbps
US AS10367 Fibercast Corporation 10 gbps
US AS26527 LightWave Networks 2001:504:47::679f:0:1 10 gbps
US AS36086 Telx 2001:504:47::8cf3:0:1 10 gbps
US AS26563 TowardEX Technologies International, I... 2001:504:47::ce35:8ffc:1 1000 mbps
US AS26563 TowardEX Technologies International, I... 2001:504:47::ce35:8ffd:1 1000 mbps