List of members:

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
RO AS39107 Asociatia Interlan 2001:7f8:64:225::1 1000 mbps
RO AS39107 Asociatia Interlan 2001:7f8:64:225::2 1000 mbps
RO AS41151 Digital IT Consulting SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:4:1151:1 10 gbps
RO AS39668 Intersat SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:9668:1 10 gbps
RO AS44682 SIL-MIRO COM SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:4:4682:2 10 gbps
RO AS44682 SIL-MIRO COM SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:4:4682:1 10 gbps
RO AS49052 DATA ZYX SRL 2 gbps
RO AS57050 S.C. DreamServer S.R.L. 2001:7f8:64:225:0:5705:0:1 1000 mbps
MD AS60602 Inovare-Prim SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:6:602:1 200 mbps
RO AS6718 NAV COMMUNICATIONS SRL 2001:7f8:64:225::6718:1 100 mbps
RO AS41028 CobraTELECOM SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:4:1028:1 1000 mbps
RO AS39861 Comunicatii Starnet Media SRL 1000 mbps
RO AS56430 Chroot Network SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:5:6430:1 10 gbps
RO AS48453 CNETWORK SRL 1000 mbps
NL AS12654 RIPE NCC - RIS 2001:7f8:64:225::61 1000 mbps
US AS42 WoodyNet, Inc. 2001:7f8:64:225::42:1 1000 mbps
US AS3856 Packet Clearing House, Inc. 2001:7f8:64:225::3856:1 1000 mbps
IT AS12850 IRIDEOS S.P.A. 2001:7f8:64:225:0:1:2850:1 1000 mbps
US AS10310 Oath Holdings Inc. 2001:7f8:64:225:0:1:310:1 10 gbps
RO AS35267 Massive Telecom SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:5267:1 10 gbps
US AS10310 Oath Holdings Inc. 2001:7f8:64:225:0:1:310:2 10 gbps
US AS6939 Hurricane Electric LLC 2001:7f8:64:225::6939:1 20 gbps
RO AS6663 Türk Telekom International 2001:7f8:64:225::6663:1 10 gbps
RO AS48141 Create Online S.R.L. 2001:7f8:64:225:0:4:8141:1 10 gbps
RO AS39543 TENNET TELECOM SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:9543:1 10 gbps
RO AS20722 Allnet Telecom Srl 2001:7f8:64:225:0:2:722:1 10 gbps
RO AS50604 SC MEDIA SUD SRL 4 gbps
RO AS12310 iNES GROUP SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:1:2310:1 10 gbps
RO AS39347 STYLISH BY A&L SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:9347:1 10 gbps
NL AS20940 Akamai International B.V. 2001:7f8:64:225:0:2:940:1 100 gbps
RO AS31554 LANSOFT DATA SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:1554:1 20 gbps
RO AS34304 Teen Telecom SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:4304:1 2 gbps
RE AS31252 StarNet Solutii SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:1252:1 40 gbps
BG AS59900 Balkan Internet Exchange Ltd 2001:7f8:64:225:0:5:9900:1 10 gbps
RO AS34450 NET GATE COMUNICATII SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:4450:1 10 gbps
RO AS41496 TV SAT 2002 SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:4:1496:1 10 gbps
US AS57976 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc 2001:7f8:64:225:0:5:7976:1 10 gbps
MD AS39279 Information Technology and Cyber Security Service P.I. 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:9279:1 10 gbps
RO AS50886 NETFIL SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:5:886:1 10 gbps
RO AS31313 Serviciul de Telecomunicatii Speciale 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:1313:1 20 gbps
GB AS3223 Voxility LLP 2001:7f8:64:225::3223:1 20 gbps
RO AS25198 INTERKVM HOST SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:2:5198:1 40 gbps
RO AS35584 BMS IT GROUP SRL 2 gbps
GB AS8220 COLT Technology Services Group Limited 2001:7f8:64:225::8220:1 10 gbps
RO AS2614 Agentia de Administrare a Retelei Nationale de Inform... 2001:7f8:64:225::2614:1 10 gbps
RO AS39737 Net Vision Telecom SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:9737:1 10 gbps
RO AS31017 GMB Computers SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:1017:1 10 gbps
RO AS34279 S.C. Teletrans S.A. 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:4279:1 1000 mbps
RO AS34630 Ambra SRL 2 gbps
RO AS33823 PHOENIX TELECOM & MEDIA SERVICES SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:3823:1 20 gbps
MD AS8926 Moldtelecom SA 2001:7f8:64:225::8926:1 100 gbps
RO AS35505 Pronet Solutii IT SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:5505:2 10 gbps
RO AS35505 Pronet Solutii IT SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:5505:1 10 gbps
RO AS49909 Direct One SA 2 gbps
RO AS34630 Ambra SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:4630:1 1000 mbps
RO AS48067 Distinct New Media SRL 1000 mbps
RO AS33823 PHOENIX TELECOM & MEDIA SERVICES SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:3823:2 10 gbps
RO AS9009 M247 Europe SRL 2001:7f8:64:225::9009:1 10 gbps
US AS36692 Cisco OpenDNS, LLC 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:6692:1 10 gbps
RO AS35711 Expansion Computers SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:5711:1 1000 mbps
BG AS57463 NetIX Communications JSC 2001:7f8:64:225:0:5:7463:1 10 gbps
BG AS57463 NetIX Communications JSC 2001:7f8:64:225:0:5:7463:2 10 gbps
BG AS57463 NetIX Communications JSC 2001:7f8:64:225:0:5:7463:3 10 gbps
RO AS8953 Orange Romania S.A. 2001:7f8:64:225::8953:1 160 gbps
US AS15169 Google LLC 2001:7f8:64:225:0:1:5169:1 100 gbps
US AS8075 Microsoft Corporation 2001:7f8:64:225::8075:1 10 gbps
RO AS205275 ROMARG SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:20:5275:1 10 gbps
RO AS203929 NEXT LEVEL BUSINESS SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:20:3929:1 10 gbps
RO AS35348 Computer Wired SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:5348:1 1000 mbps
RO AS57136 Viva Telecom SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:5:7136:1 1000 mbps
RO AS34723 Real Network and Tel SRL 10 gbps
US AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc. 2001:7f8:64:225:0:1:3335:1 10 gbps
US AS54994 QUANTIL NETWORKS INC 2001:7f8:64:225:0:5:4994:1 10 gbps
US AS26415 VeriSign Global Registry Services 2001:7f8:64:225:0:2:6415:1 1000 mbps
RO AS9009 M247 Europe SRL 2001:7f8:64:225::9009:2 10 gbps
MD AS43289 Trabia SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:4:3289:1 10 gbps
RO AS3233 Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare in inform... 2001:7f8:64:225::3233:1 100 mbps
LU AS34655 DuoDecad IT Services Luxembourg S.a r.l. 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:4655:1 10 gbps
RO AS12842 Internet Oltenia SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:1:2842:1 1000 mbps
RO AS50515 Tier SRL 1000 mbps
NL AS25152 Reseaux IP Europeens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) 2001:7f8:64:225:0:2:5152:1 1000 mbps
US AS32261 SUBSPACE 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:2261:1 10 gbps
RO AS39777 Dynamic Distribution SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:9777:1 20 gbps
NL AS49544 i3D.net B.V 2001:7f8:64:225:0:4:9544:1 100 gbps
US AS2906 Netflix Streaming Services Inc. 2001:7f8:64:225::2906:1 100 gbps
RO AS48571 efectRO SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:4:8571:1 10 gbps
NL AS49206 PeakFactory BV 2001:7f8:64:225:0:4:9206:1 30 gbps
BG AS44901 Belcloud LTD 2001:7f8:64:225:0:4:4901:1 10 gbps
BG AS44901 Belcloud LTD 2001:7f8:64:225:0:4:4901:2 10 gbps
US AS36236 NetActuate, Inc 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:6236:1 10 gbps
US AS32934 Facebook, Inc. 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:2934:1 20 gbps
US AS32934 Facebook, Inc. 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:2934:2 20 gbps
US AS22822 Limelight Networks, Inc. 2001:7f8:64:225:0:2:2822:1 10 gbps
ID AS7713 PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia 2001:7f8:64:225::7713:1 10 gbps
US AS32590 Valve Corporation 2001:7f8:64:225:0:3:2590:1 10 gbps
RO AS41953 TELEPLUS SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:4:1953:1 4 gbps
RO AS49852 AP NETWORK SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:4:8063:1 10 gbps
RO AS51799 FIDELNET SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:5:1799:1 1000 mbps
RO AS203574 Conect Intercom SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:20:3574:1 1000 mbps
RO AS3164 Astimp IT Solution SRL 2001:7f8:64:225::3164:1 40 gbps
LU AS199524 G-Core Labs S.A. 2001:7f8:64:225:0:19:9524:1 20 gbps
US AS15133 EdgeCast CDN (Verizon Business) 2001:7f8:64:225:0:1:5133:1 20 gbps
US AS15169 Google LLC 2001:7f8:64:225:0:1:5169:2 100 gbps
UA AS50581 Ukrainian Telecommunication Group LLC 2001:7f8:64:225:0:5:581:1 10 gbps
RO AS41953 TELEPLUS SRL 3 gbps
US AS8075 Microsoft Corporation 2001:7f8:64:225::8075:2 10 gbps
HK AS136907 HUAWEI CLOUDS 2001:7f8:64:225:0:13:6907:1 10 gbps
HK AS136907 HUAWEI CLOUDS 2001:7f8:64:225:0:13:6907:2 10 gbps
RO AS44418 Bitdefender SRL 2001:7f8:64:225:0:4:4418:1 10 gbps
LU AS12684 SES ASTRA S.A. 2001:7f8:64:225:0:1:2684:1 10 gbps
RO AS50886 NETFIL SRL 10 gbps
BG AS57344 Telehouse EAD 2001:7f8:64:225:0:5:7344:1 10 gbps
US AS205488 Internet Systems Consortium Inc. 2001:7f8:64:225:0:20:5488:1 1000 mbps
US AS112 AS112 Project 2001:7f8:64:225::215 1000 mbps