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List of members (40 routers over 40 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
RO AS41732 MIHAILA VALENTIN-EUGEN 2001:7f8:d0:4742::a304:1 1000 mbps
DE AS49459 4b42 UG 2001:7f8:d0:4742::c133:1 100 gbps
CH AS58057 Securebit AG 2001:7f8:d0:4742::e2c9:1 1000 mbps
US AS60900 Ssmidge LLC 2001:7f8:d0:4742::ede4:1 1000 mbps
CN AS142553 Airs Project Private Network Main 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:2:2cd9:1 1000 mbps
BR AS198057 Deivisson Gabriel Floriano trading as ... 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:5a9:11 1000 mbps
CN AS198304 Pinjia Zhao 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:6a0:1 1000 mbps
NL AS199183 Arjen Olaf Essink 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:a0f:1 1000 mbps
PL AS199763 Piotr Chrzanowski 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:c53:1 100 mbps
GB AS200754 SHADOWRHYTHM LIMITED 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:1032:1 100 mbps
DE AS202952 Marek H.E. Kuethe 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:18c8:1 1000 mbps
FR AS203062 Alexandre Roux 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:1936:1 1000 mbps
CN AS203236 Mingyang Shen 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:19e4:1 1000 mbps
GB AS203458 UNLIMITED IS LIMITED 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:1ac2:1 1000 mbps
ID AS203686 ILHAM MAULANA 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:1ba6:1 1000 mbps
BR AS204374 Leonardo de Souza Rodrigues 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:1e56:1 1000 mbps
IT AS204508 Gatterer Manuel trading as MLGT 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:1edc:1 1000 mbps
IT AS204611 Giuseppe Augiero 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:1f43:1 1000 mbps
DE AS205210 Moritz Walter 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:219a:1 1000 mbps
PL AS205593 Marek Krolikowski trading as TAKEN.PL ... 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:2319:1 1000 mbps
GB AS205777 Thomas Glass 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:23d1:1 1000 mbps
IE AS206290 Graham Hayes 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:25d2:1 1000 mbps
DE AS210023 Christian Wieczorek 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:3467:1 100 mbps
DE AS210633 DevStorage UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) tr... 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:36c9:1 1000 mbps
CN AS211293 Xie Jinshao 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:395d:1 1000 mbps
DE AS211337 Alexander Gummenscheimer 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:3989:1 1000 mbps
ZA AS211869 Nicholis du Toit 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:3b9d:1 100 mbps
GB AS212483 LEVEL EIGHTY-SIX COMMUNICATIONS LTD 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:3e03:1 1000 mbps
FR AS212519 Nicolas Lorin 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:3e27:1 n/a
NL AS212789 Bart Vrancken trading as MLaB 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:3f35:1 10 gbps
CN AS215502 Xing Qingyu 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:49ce:1 1000 mbps
DE AS215828 Tizian Maxime Weigt 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:4b14:1 1000 mbps
BE AS215956 Dennis de Houx trading as All In One 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:4b94:1 500 mbps
IT AS216026 Edoardo Colombo 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:4bda:1 1000 mbps
CN AS216056 Jingqiu Xu 2001:7f8:d0:4742:0:3:4bf8:1 1000 mbps
GB AS49134 10VPN Research Network LTD 2a0c:3b80:4040:4742::19 100 mbps
CN AS139073 Fantasy Sky Internet eXchange 2a0c:3b80:4040:4742::1f 1000 mbps
UA AS57883 NITAET 2a0c:3b80:4040:4742::25 100 mbps
GB AS207268 STRATEGIC EXPLORATIONS LTD 2a0c:3b80:4040:4742::2b 1000 mbps
NL AS137490 Navice Consulting 2a0c:3b80:4040:4742::38 1000 mbps