IX Australia (Brisbane QLD)

List of members:

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
AU AS38883 FireNet Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:2:0:97e3:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS9268 Over The Wire Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:2:0:2434:0:1 n/a
AU AS7575 Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet) 2001:7fa:11:2:0:1d97:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS4826 Vocus Connect International Backbone 2001:7fa:11:2:0:12da:0:1 20 gbps
AU AS9723 iseek Communications Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:2:0:25fb:0:1 10 gbps
US AS30071 TowardEX Technologies International, Inc. 2001:7fa:11:2:0:7577:0:1 1000 mbps
AU AS7606 Western Australian Internet Association 2001:7fa:11:2:0:1db6:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS58511 Anycast Global Backbone 2001:7fa:11:2:0:e48f:0:2 10 gbps
AU AS133023 Virtualplatform 10 gbps
AU AS10143 Exetel Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:2:0:279f:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS38289 Pivit Pty Ltd 1000 mbps
AU AS10084 Western Australian Internet Association 2001:7fa:11:2:0:2764:0:1 n/a
AU AS38289 Pivit Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:2:0:9591:0:1 1000 mbps
AU AS63956 Colocation Australia Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:2:0:f9d4:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS56182 3Play Networks PTY LTD 1000 mbps
AU AS58511 Anycast Global Backbone 2001:7fa:11:2:0:e48f:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS45437 Real World - The Core 2001:7fa:11:2:0:b17d:0:1 n/a
AU AS7594 On Q 2001:7fa:11:2:0:1daa:0:1 10 gbps
US AS54113 Fastly 2001:7fa:11:2:0:d361:0:1 10 gbps
US AS54113 Fastly 2001:7fa:11:2:0:d361:0:2 10 gbps
AU AS37933 POLYFONE TELECOM 2001:7fa:11:2:0:942d:0:1 1000 mbps
AU AS63920 VostroNet 2001:7fa:11:2:0:f9b0:0:1 10 gbps
US AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc. 2001:7fa:11:2:0:3417:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS4739 Internode Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:2:0:1283:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS133324 Ezi-Web 2001:7fa:11:2:0:8cc:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS4851 Host Networks 2001:7fa:11:2:0:12f3:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS4851 Host Networks 2001:7fa:11:2:0:12f3:0:2 10 gbps
AU AS133934 AUS IT SERVICES PTY LTD 2001:7fa:11:2:2:b2e:0:1 n/a
AU AS58868 TechPath Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:2:0:e5f4:0:1 n/a
AU AS135513 Spirit Telecom (Australia) Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:2:2:1159:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS9652 ECN Internet 2001:7fa:11:2:0:25b4:0:1 1000 mbps
AU AS58507 Wireline 2001:7fa:11:2:0:e48b:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS133612 Vodafone Australia Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:2:2:9ec:0:1 20 gbps
AU AS136557 Host Universal Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:2:2:156d:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS38790 Spirit Telecom (Australia) Pty Ltd 10 gbps
AU AS132894 TPIX PTY LTD 2001:7fa:11:2:2:71e:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS45780 Broadband Solutions Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:2:0:b2d4:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS7606 Western Australian Internet Association 2001:7fa:11:2:0:1db6:0:2 10 gbps
AU AS56294 VMvault Pty Ltd 1000 mbps
AU AS56294 VMvault Pty Ltd 1000 mbps
NZ AS45177 Devoli 2001:7fa:11:2:0:b079:0:1 n/a
AU AS136972 Gigafy 2001:7fa:11:2:2:170c:0:1 n/a
AU AS134090 X INTEGRATION PTY LTD 2001:7fa:11:2:2:bca:0:1 n/a
AU AS4647 Centra Networks 1/200 Barry Pde Fortitude Valley QLD ... 2001:7fa:11:2:0:1227:0:1 n/a
AU AS132491 AFT Communications Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:4:2:58b:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS58530 PingCo Pty Ltd 1000 mbps
AU AS4764 Aussie Broadband 2001:7fa:11:2:0:129c:0:2 100 gbps
AU AS64098 IP Transit Pty Ltd - BACKBONE AS 2001:7fa:11:2:0:fa62:0:1 n/a
AU AS38195 Superloop 2001:7fa:11:2:0:9533:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS137409 GSL Networks Pty LTD 2001:7fa:11:2:0:18c1:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS132113 Connected Australia PTY LTD 2001:7fa:11:2:2:411:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS134503 Flash Fibres 2001:7fa:11:2:2:d67:0:1 n/a
NL AS20940 Akamai International B.V. 2001:7fa:11:2:0:51cc:0:1 20 gbps
AU AS133736 Field Solutions 2001:7fa:11:2:0:f9b6:0:1 n/a
US AS8075 Microsoft Corporation 2001:7fa:11:2:0:2f2c:0:1 20 gbps
AU AS17898 Brennan IT 2001:7fa:11:2:0:45ea:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS133736 Field Solutions 2001:7fa:11:2:0:a68:0:1 n/a
AU AS133189 SENTRIAN PTY LTD 2001:7fa:11:2:0:2084:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS133120 Hosted Network Pty. Ltd. 10 gbps
AU AS132405 Summit Internet (Australia) 2001:7fa:11:2:2:535:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS45158 Tasmanet Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:2:0:b066:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS55359 Fluccs Australia Australian Cloud Provider 2001:7fa:11:2:2:7ec:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS133159 Mammoth Media Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:2:2:827:0:2 10 gbps
AU AS133612 Vodafone Australia Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:2:2:9ec:0:2 20 gbps
AU AS4608 Asia Pacific Network Information Centre 2001:7fa:11:2:0:1200:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS9313 Network Technology (AUST) P/L 10 gbps
AU AS24479 Nexium, Ergon Energy Telecommunications. 2001:7fa:11:2:0:5f9f:0:3 40 gbps
AU AS58914 Puddlenet Pty Ltd 10 gbps
AU AS23708 Internet Systems Consortium 2001:7fa:11:2:0:5a26:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS136001 Christie Spaces 2001:7fa:11:2:2:1341:0:1 n/a
AU AS136784 Valve Networks Pty Ltd 10 gbps
AU AS7600 Escape.net 2001:7fa:11:2:0:1db0:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS45763 Fuzenet Pty Ltd 10 gbps
AU AS45671 Wholesale Services Provider 2001:7fa:11:2:0:b267:0:2 10 gbps
US AS18894 Manhattan Networks 2001:7fa:11:2:0:49ce:0:1 n/a
AU AS140627 ONEQODE ASSETS PTY LTD 2001:7fa:11:2:2:2553:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS134697 Launtel 2001:7fa:11:2:2:e29:0:1 10 gbps
AS6447 AS6447 2001:7fa:11:2:0:192f:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS58589 Cloud Earth Pty Ltd 2001:7fa:11:2:0:e4dd:0:1 10 gbps
AU AS135060 Telair Pty Ltd n/a
JP AS7500 WIDE Project 2001:7fa:11:2:0:1d4c:0:1 1000 mbps
US AS63293 Facebook, Inc. 2001:7fa:11:2:0:f73d:0:1 100 gbps