Grand Rapids Internet Exchange (GRR-iX)

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Peering LAN IP Ranges


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List of members (6 routers over 6 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
US AS13737 INCX Global, LLC 2001:504:131::3 25 gbps
US AS237 Merit Network Inc. 2001:504:131::22 100 gbps
US AS21527 Daystarr Communications 2001:504:131::25 10 gbps
US AS22379 Manifold Services Inc 2001:504:131::38 100 gbps
US AS395945 Holland Board of Public Works 2001:504:131::75 10 gbps
US AS12129 123.Net, Inc. 2001:504:131::125 200 gbps