GeekIX Taoyuan (Jumbo)

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List of members (18 routers over 16 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
AU AS141182 GEEK NETWORKS PTY LIMITED 2a0e:aa07:e019::1 10 gbps
AU AS141182 GEEK NETWORKS PTY LIMITED 2a0e:aa07:e019::2 10 gbps
AU AS18250 GEEK NETWORKS PTY LIMITED 2a0e:aa07:e019::474a 10 gbps
CN AS38173 Qinlong Networks 2a0e:aa07:e019::951d 1000 mbps
GB AS41255 Alanyhq Networks Limited 2a0e:aa07:e019::a127 10 gbps
CN AS137256 CatIO Network 2a0e:aa07:e019::2:1828 10 gbps
CN AS139317 Ningbo Dahuamao Information Technology... 2a0e:aa07:e019::2:2035 10 gbps
CN AS139328 Haima Global Network 2a0e:aa07:e019::2:2040 10 gbps
AS139833 AS139833 2a0e:aa07:e019::2:2239 10 gbps
CN AS140731 TOHU Public Internet 2a0e:aa07:e019::2:25bb 1000 mbps
CN AS140913 Hentai Network Lab 2a0e:aa07:e019::2:2671 10 gbps
HK AS141237 Moecast Network 2a0e:aa07:e019::2:27b5 10 gbps
GB AS207268 STRATEGIC EXPLORATIONS LTD 2a0e:aa07:e019::3:29a4 10 gbps
CN AS209306 Jin Shaohai 2a0e:aa07:e019::3:319a 10 gbps
GB AS211876 fixmix Technologies 2a0e:aa07:e019::3:3ba4 1000 mbps
AU AS212705 GEEK NETWORKS PTY LIMITED 2a0e:aa07:e019::3:3ee1 10 gbps
GB AS213262 Moe Overflow Electric Limited 2a0e:aa07:e019::3:410e 10 gbps
AU AS212705 GEEK NETWORKS PTY LIMITED 2a0e:aa07:e019::1:3:3ee1 10 gbps