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Top Vendors
  Vendor %
Private Private 57%
Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH 3%
Super Micro Computer, Inc. Super Micro Computer, Inc. 2%
Juniper Networks Juniper Networks 1%
Other Other 1%
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List of members (322 routers over 305 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
US AS112 AS112 Project 2001:7f8:ca:1::12 1000 mbps
CH AS58299 Openfactory GmbH 2001:7f8:ca:1::18 10 gbps
CH AS209833 Aroga GmbH 2001:7f8:ca:1::19 1000 mbps
CH AS204438 Ruben Garbade 2001:7f8:ca:1::20 1000 mbps
CH AS41051 Freetransit Project (Openfactory GmbH)... 2001:7f8:ca:1::21 1000 mbps
CH AS41051 Freetransit Project (Openfactory GmbH)... 2001:7f8:ca:1::22 1000 mbps
BE AS211398 Mike Marchal 2001:7f8:ca:1::23 1000 mbps
BE AS207424 Max Ouwens 2001:7f8:ca:1::25 1000 mbps
DE AS211088 Jan Ahlert 2001:7f8:ca:1::27 1000 mbps
DE AS211688 Julius Wolff 2001:7f8:ca:1::28 1000 mbps
US AS42 WoodyNet, Inc. 2001:7f8:ca:1::30 10 gbps
US AS3856 Packet Clearing House, Inc. 2001:7f8:ca:1::31 10 gbps
CH AS34927 iFog GmbH 2001:7f8:ca:1::32 10 gbps
TW AS57401 TSAI, PANG-WEI 2001:7f8:ca:1::33 1000 mbps
NL AS212635 Jurrian van Iersel 2001:7f8:ca:1::34 1000 mbps
GB AS216126 James Ledger 2001:7f8:ca:1::35 1000 mbps
GB AS52025 ParadoxNetworks Limited 2001:7f8:ca:1::36 1000 mbps
BE AS209718 Jori Vanneste 2001:7f8:ca:1::37 1000 mbps
BE AS213045 Alex Delporte 2001:7f8:ca:1::40 1000 mbps
NL AS45009 Rogier Krieger 2001:7f8:ca:1::41 10 gbps
NL AS212855 Jelle Luteijn 2001:7f8:ca:1::42 1000 mbps
CH AS8298 IPng Networks GmbH 2001:7f8:ca:1::43 10 gbps
CH AS8298 IPng Networks GmbH 2001:7f8:ca:1::44 10 gbps
BE AS211184 Gianni Stubbe 2001:7f8:ca:1::45 1000 mbps
GB AS34465 NCRYPTD NET LTD 2001:7f8:ca:1::46 10 gbps
CH AS51786 Patrick Velder 2001:7f8:ca:1::47 1000 mbps
US AS210836 Edward Behling 2001:7f8:ca:1::48 1000 mbps
CH AS34615 Andrew Vieyra 2001:7f8:ca:1::49 10 gbps
CH AS205929 Abzieher GmbH 2001:7f8:ca:1::51 1000 mbps
BE AS210890 Kristiaan De Rocker 2001:7f8:ca:1::52 1000 mbps
IT AS208171 CSO S.r.l.s. 2001:7f8:ca:1::53 1000 mbps
DE AS59570 Jens Zimperfeld 2001:7f8:ca:1::54 1000 mbps
DO AS207036 Ariel Antigua 2001:7f8:ca:1::55 1000 mbps
GB AS208907 Chris Lawrence 2001:7f8:ca:1::56 1000 mbps
KR AS213312 Hyeokjun Yang 2001:7f8:ca:1::58 1000 mbps
GB AS205531 Johnathon Moore 2001:7f8:ca:1::59 1000 mbps
NL AS38230 Navice Consulting 2001:7f8:ca:1::60 1000 mbps
NL AS38230 Navice Consulting 2001:7f8:ca:1::61 1000 mbps
NL AS38230 Navice Consulting 2001:7f8:ca:1::62 1000 mbps
NL AS38230 Navice Consulting 2001:7f8:ca:1::63 1000 mbps
DE AS208059 Hermann Lienstromberg 2001:7f8:ca:1::65 1000 mbps
FI AS41666 Institute for Pyrotechnical Cleaning (... 2001:7f8:ca:1::66 1000 mbps
CN AS149795 Zhijie Jin 2001:7f8:ca:1::67 1000 mbps
SE AS213015 Daniel Neri 2001:7f8:ca:1::68 1000 mbps
PR AS205648 ODN Inc 2001:7f8:ca:1::69 1000 mbps
DE AS211960 Robin Meis 2001:7f8:ca:1::71 1000 mbps
DE AS211671 Peter Hurtenbach 2001:7f8:ca:1::72 1000 mbps
IE AS205088 XIAOKANG WANG 2001:7f8:ca:1::74 1000 mbps
NL AS50917 Diederik Focko de Zee 2001:7f8:ca:1::75 10 gbps
AU AS205102 Steven Honson 2001:7f8:ca:1::76 1000 mbps
GM AS210387 Bubacarr Sowe 2001:7f8:ca:1::77 1000 mbps
DE AS205214 Hrvoje Cavrak 2001:7f8:ca:1::78 1000 mbps
CH AS212129 Christophe Gherardi 2001:7f8:ca:1::79 1000 mbps
IT AS204611 Giuseppe Augiero 2001:7f8:ca:1::80 1000 mbps
US AS47689 Pudu, LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1::82 1000 mbps
CN AS147041 TSINGYAO-AS-CN 2001:7f8:ca:1::83 1000 mbps
BE AS207537 Stefan Blomme 2001:7f8:ca:1::84 1000 mbps
CH AS35202 Samuel Aschwanden 2001:7f8:ca:1::86 1000 mbps
GB AS60326 MrSheepNET LTD 2001:7f8:ca:1::87 1000 mbps
US AS983 Akari Networks LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1::92 10 gbps
IT AS204508 Gatterer Manuel trading as MLGT 2001:7f8:ca:1::94 1000 mbps
FR AS203738 Adrien Chabod 2001:7f8:ca:1::96 100 mbps
CN AS205794 JINZE YANG 2001:7f8:ca:1::97 1000 mbps
DE AS208958 Sascha Groetzner 2001:7f8:ca:1::98 1000 mbps
CN AS203655 zhiwensun 2001:7f8:ca:1::99 1000 mbps
DE AS198016 Michael Kieser 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:8016:1 1000 mbps
CH AS209533 iFog GmbH - BGPTunnel 2001:7f8:ca:1::101 1000 mbps
NL AS201723 R. van der Meijden 2001:7f8:ca:1::102 1000 mbps
ZA AS327813 VIDOLU Group Pty Ltd-Web4Africa 2001:7f8:ca:1::103 1000 mbps
DE AS212746 Daniel Rieper 2001:7f8:ca:1::104 1000 mbps
GB AS213234 Cagir Ltd 2001:7f8:ca:1::105 1000 mbps
GB AS212483 LEVEL EIGHTY-SIX COMMUNICATIONS LTD 2001:7f8:ca:1::106 1000 mbps
DE AS208431 efero GmbH 2001:7f8:ca:1::107 1000 mbps
PH AS200866 John Mark Gabriel Caguicla 2001:7f8:ca:1::108 1000 mbps
ID AS203913 Nurohman 2001:7f8:ca:1::109 1000 mbps
CH AS47498 FogIXP Route Servers 2001:7f8:ca:1::111 1000 mbps
US AS207439 Korves.Net USA LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1::112 1000 mbps
NL AS44103 The Mastermind Holding B.V. 2001:7f8:ca:1::115 10 gbps
GB AS210667 Adam Goodenough 2001:7f8:ca:1::116 10 gbps
DE AS202952 Marek H.E. Kuethe 2001:7f8:ca:1::117 1000 mbps
NL AS48925 VIBEGAMES B.V. 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:4:8925:1 10 gbps
TW AS205329 Kai-Jung Chen 2001:7f8:ca:1::120 1000 mbps
NO AS210152 Jon Arve Vanvik 2001:7f8:ca:1::123 1000 mbps
DE AS205848 Dominik Pohl 2001:7f8:ca:1::124 1000 mbps
GB AS56382 vServer.site LTD 2001:7f8:ca:1::125 1000 mbps
BE AS212123 Jori Vanneste 2001:7f8:ca:1::126 1000 mbps
GB AS209022 Tschajera Limited 2001:7f8:ca:1::127 1000 mbps
CH AS212125 Franz Abzieher 2001:7f8:ca:1::128 1000 mbps
NL AS44854 Arend Brouwer 2001:7f8:ca:1::129 10 gbps
CH AS58299 Openfactory GmbH 2001:7f8:ca:1::130 10 gbps
DE AS34549 meerfarbig GmbH & Co. KG 2001:7f8:ca:1::131 10 gbps
GR AS50414 Code BGP Single Member P.C. 2001:7f8:ca:1::132 1000 mbps
PT AS213188 Miguel Monteiro 2001:7f8:ca:1::133 1000 mbps
GB AS202939 Chimon Technology Ltd 2001:7f8:ca:1::135 1000 mbps
US AS48231 CRE Network, LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1::136 1000 mbps
US AS57406 Zero Distance LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1::137 1000 mbps
NL AS207803 Emenders BV 2001:7f8:ca:1::138 1000 mbps
DE AS202729 Jennifer Graul 2001:7f8:ca:1::139 1000 mbps
KR AS202348 Young Min Kim trading as Ylem 2001:7f8:ca:1::141 1000 mbps
CA AS49286 Lobulous Corp. 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:4:9286:1 1000 mbps
GB AS209391 Suse Technology Limited 2001:7f8:ca:1::143 1000 mbps
IL AS199393 MAKEAPP CLOUD Ltd 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9393:1 10 gbps
GB AS207574 MikeNetworks LTD 2001:7f8:ca:1::145 1000 mbps
CH AS57521 Simplysoft GmbH 2001:7f8:ca:1::146 1000 mbps
CH AS34927 iFog GmbH 2001:7f8:ca:1::147 10 gbps
CH AS34927 iFog GmbH 2001:7f8:ca:1::148 10 gbps
NL AS41047 Bart Vrancken trading as MLaB 2001:7f8:ca:1::149 10 gbps
CA AS211390 YUZHEN NETWORK INC. 2001:7f8:ca:1::150 1000 mbps
CH AS34927 iFog GmbH 2001:7f8:ca:1::151 10 gbps
NL AS213052 Bram Wittendorp 2001:7f8:ca:1::155 1000 mbps
DE AS205154 Internetmanufaktur Karlsruhe UG (haftu... 2001:7f8:ca:1::157 1000 mbps
GB AS202888 UPSTREAM NETWORK LTD 2001:7f8:ca:1::158 1000 mbps
IE AS211024 Jack O'Sullivan 2001:7f8:ca:1::159 1000 mbps
GB AS204778 Paul Nicholas Lewis 2001:7f8:ca:1::160 1000 mbps
CA AS212934 Accuris Technologies Ltd. 2001:7f8:ca:1::161 1000 mbps
CH AS34927 iFog GmbH 2001:7f8:ca:1::162 1000 mbps
CN AS140731 TOHU Public Internet 2001:7f8:ca:1::164 1000 mbps
CH AS209878 RackFarm 2001:7f8:ca:1::166 1000 mbps
NL AS44103 The Mastermind Holding B.V. 2001:7f8:ca:1::167 10 gbps
CH AS202427 Ursin Filli 2001:7f8:ca:1::168 1000 mbps
TW AS7480 Tsung-Yi Yu 2001:7f8:ca:1::7480:1 1000 mbps
ID AS47311 PT Atharva Telematika Persada 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:4:7311:1 1000 mbps
GB AS49418 NETSHIELD LTD 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:4:9418:1 1000 mbps
AT AS212828 Tom Hatzer trading as twopeaks digital... 2001:7f8:ca:1::169 1000 mbps
KR AS202002 Jihun Lee 2001:7f8:ca:1::175 1000 mbps
CA AS203314 HATS NETWORK INC. 2001:7f8:ca:1::176 1000 mbps
FR AS200625 Matthieu Van Eeckhout 2001:7f8:ca:1::178 1000 mbps
SE AS56883 Airmass 1 AB 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:5:6883:1 1000 mbps
CH AS200872 IVAN SCHALLER 2001:7f8:ca:1::179 1000 mbps
ID AS210537 PT Pedjoeang Digital Networks 2001:7f8:ca:1::180 1000 mbps
NL AS202262 Lucas Ridder trading as LR Techniek 2001:7f8:ca:1::181 1000 mbps
IS AS51019 Kjartan Hrafnkelsson 2001:7f8:ca:1::182 1000 mbps
ID AS200579 Rifqi Arief Pamungkas 2001:7f8:ca:1::183 100 mbps
GB AS200708 Hugo Da Costa 2001:7f8:ca:1::184 1000 mbps
IS AS209933 Davíð Andri Jakobsson 2001:7f8:ca:1::185 1000 mbps
DE AS203333 Jonas Busch 2001:7f8:ca:1::186 1000 mbps
DE AS52112 Tom Klein 2001:7f8:ca:1::190 1000 mbps
LV AS200676 Svens Jansons 2001:7f8:ca:1::191 1000 mbps
CH AS203218 Cyril Papadakis trading as Papadakis I... 2001:7f8:ca:1::193 1000 mbps
US AS200731 Jonathan Smith 2001:7f8:ca:1::194 1000 mbps
AT AS39409 Sebastian-Wilhelm Graf 2001:7f8:ca:1::199 1000 mbps
BG AS59900 Balkan Internet Exchange Ltd 2001:7f8:ca:1::200 10 gbps
SE AS39351 31173 Services AB 2001:7f8:ca:1::201 10 gbps
CH AS47498 FogIXP Route Servers 2001:7f8:ca:1::222 1000 mbps
US AS26006 Exodo LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:2:6006:1 1000 mbps
US AS44324 MoeDove LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:4:4324:1 1000 mbps
GB AS47272 HYEHOST LTD 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:4:7272:2 1000 mbps
US AS48818 NETSER INC 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:4:8818:1 1000 mbps
GB AS48987 Jiaxun Yang 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:4:8987:1 1000 mbps
US AS51087 Bling Network LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:5:1087:1 1000 mbps
GB AS52025 ParadoxNetworks Limited 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:5:2025:2 1000 mbps
US AS53727 Penguin Networks 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:5:3727:1 1000 mbps
GB AS57110 Aaran Perry 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:5:7110:1 1000 mbps
US AS199518 Gregory Shapiro 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9518:1 1000 mbps
DE AS59645 Tobias Fiebig 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:5:9645:1 1000 mbps
BG AS57344 Telehouse EAD 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:5:7344:1 10 gbps
GB AS47272 HYEHOST LTD 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:4:7272:1 1000 mbps
NO AS57381 Daniel Husand 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:5:7381:1 1000 mbps
GB AS47326 Advanced Micro Defence Technologies Lt... 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:4:7326:1 1000 mbps
GB AS48297 The Penguin Collective Ltd 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:4:8297:1 1000 mbps
GB AS57870 UNLIMITED IS LIMITED 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:5:7870:1 1000 mbps
US AS59678 SYSTEM36 LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:5:9678:1 1000 mbps
CA AS60301 Cyberri Technologies Inc. 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:6:301:1 1000 mbps
US AS60639 SNA DC Solution LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:6:639:1 1000 mbps
US AS60900 Ssmidge LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:6:900:1 1000 mbps
HK AS134666 Hoshi Network 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:13:4666:1 1000 mbps
JP AS150325 TSUKUDANI NETWORK 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:15:325:1 1000 mbps
CN AS151194 Zhu Yucheng 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:15:1194:1 1000 mbps
JP AS151420 Rapid-Fire-y 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:15:1420:1 1000 mbps
DE AS197434 Alexander Nau 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:7434:1 1000 mbps
DE AS197438 Julius Birkhofen 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:7438:1 1000 mbps
NL AS197532 Bart Hooft 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:7532:1 1000 mbps
PH AS197622 Edizon Palad 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:7622:1 1000 mbps
DE AS197814 Malte Bittner 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:7814:1 1000 mbps
US AS197817 Skye Edward Samarro 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:7817:1 1000 mbps
DE AS197900 Pepe Rosam 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:7900:1 1000 mbps
NL AS197919 Noah van der Aa 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:7919:1 1000 mbps
KR AS198055 Doyeon Kim 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:8055:1 1000 mbps
GB AS198077 April Internet Limited 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:8077:1 1000 mbps
AU AS198209 MIKHAIL YUDIN 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:8209:1 100 mbps
CN AS198266 Yunrui Gu 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:8266:1 1000 mbps
NL AS198378 Michel Stam 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:8378:1 1000 mbps
DK AS198660 Martin Arendtsen 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:8660:1 1000 mbps
AU AS198734 Bojin Li 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:8734:1 1000 mbps
JP AS198969 KANJU CHEN 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:8969:1 1000 mbps
US AS199018 Xkrme Network LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9018:1 1000 mbps
GB AS199109 Guy Fenn-Newbury 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9109:1 1000 mbps
CA AS199177 Tanyu Trifonov 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9177:1 1000 mbps
IN AS199347 Ishan Jain 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9347:1 1000 mbps
CN AS199392 SHIZHENG NIE 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9392:1 1000 mbps
DE AS199471 Marcel Straub 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9471:1 1000 mbps
ID AS199514 Rifqi Arief Pamungkas 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9514:1 1000 mbps
CH AS199591 Evaldo Gardenal 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9591:1 1000 mbps
US AS199605 JsMsr NetWork, LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9605:1 1000 mbps
PH AS199676 John Leo Navarro 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9676:1 1000 mbps
PL AS199680 Filip Kszczot 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9680:1 1000 mbps
NL AS199689 Josha Prior 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9689:1 1000 mbps
US AS199705 Netly LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9705:1 1000 mbps
ID AS199762 Adita Tarkono Putra 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9762:1 1000 mbps
PL AS199763 Piotr Chrzanowski 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9763:1 1000 mbps
NO AS199767 KODEWORD AS 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9767:1 1000 mbps
DE AS199918 Wilton Arthur Poth 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:19:9918:1 1000 mbps
IQ AS200179 Abbas Ghanim Saddam 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:179:1 1000 mbps
NL AS200132 Peter-Paul Maria Kurstjens 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:132:1 10 gbps
NL AS200149 Erwin Alexander Ising 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:149:1 1000 mbps
DE AS200242 Hazel Reimer 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:242:1 1000 mbps
DE AS200462 Lennart Seitz trading as "ETH-Services... 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:462:1 10 gbps
CA AS200351 Guanzhong Chen 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:351:1 1000 mbps
US AS200360 Cooper Greer 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:360:1 1000 mbps
CN AS200536 Bo Xu 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:536:1 1000 mbps
DE AS200605 Alexander Samoylyk 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:605:1 1000 mbps
US AS200716 Rafael Possamai 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:716:1 1000 mbps
GB AS200800 Zurganf Ltd 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:800:1 1000 mbps
CN AS200809 QUN LIN 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:809:1 1000 mbps
GB AS200850 NETSYN LTD 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:850:1 1000 mbps
PH AS200879 John Carlo Olideles 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:879:1 1000 mbps
CN AS200936 Chengjie Guo 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:936:1 1000 mbps
NL AS202855 Galactic Group B.V. 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:2855:1 1000 mbps
GB AS200950 Lyratris Limited 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:950:1 1000 mbps
GR AS202224 Giannis Kontos 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:2224:1 1000 mbps
US AS202402 Shokuhou Service LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:2402:1 1000 mbps
NL AS202585 Nick Bouwhuis 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:2585:1 1000 mbps
NL AS202418 Hendrik George Koren 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:2418:1 1000 mbps
DE AS202929 Olaf Lienau 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:2929:1 1000 mbps
GB AS203024 Sammy Tarling 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:3024:1 1000 mbps
US AS203069 Thomas Riley Brown 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:3069:1 1000 mbps
IT AS203323 Gatterer Manuel trading as MLGT 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:3323:1 1000 mbps
GB AS203597 SrydenCloud Limited 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:3597:1 1000 mbps
ID AS203686 ILHAM MAULANA 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:3686:1 1000 mbps
GB AS203867 Material Global Limited 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:3867:1 1000 mbps
GB AS204160 BlackyServices LTD 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:4160:1 1000 mbps
GB AS204931 PNO Solutions Limited 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:4931:1 1000 mbps
US AS205232 Felix Alcantara 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:5232:1 1000 mbps
NL AS205755 SDNBUCKS BV 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:5755:1 10 gbps
AT AS205965 Jason Ruhittel 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:5965:1 1000 mbps
FI AS206125 Nicklas Yli-Länttä 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:6125:1 1000 mbps
NL AS206292 Gerdriaan Mulder 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:6292:1 1000 mbps
DE AS207079 Adrian Hiller 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:7079:1 1000 mbps
NL AS207176 OPENFIBER B.V. 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:7176:1 10 gbps
CN AS207401 Shanghai Moyu Technology Co.Ltd. 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:7401:1 1000 mbps
LB AS207445 Vincent Maroun 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:7445:1 1000 mbps
IT AS207590 loclix 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:7590:1 1000 mbps
IN AS207941 JITEN PATHY 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:7941:1 1000 mbps
SE AS207947 Karl Unlimited AB 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:7947:1 1000 mbps
DE AS208814 Tilman Schaefers 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:8814:1 1000 mbps
GB AS208563 CodeReactor Limited 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:8563:1 1000 mbps
SE AS208453 Johan Karlsson 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:8453:1 1000 mbps
US AS208768 Constantine Evans 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:8768:1 1000 mbps
CA AS208914 Tristan Gosselin-Hane 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:8914:1 1000 mbps
GB AS209022 Tschajera Limited 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:9022:2 1000 mbps
GB AS209022 Tschajera Limited 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:9022:3 1000 mbps
MX AS209245 Federico Martinez Fernandez 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:9245:1 1000 mbps
CN AS209294 Fan Zhang 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:9294:1 1000 mbps
GB AS209606 Beyond Orbit Ltd. 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:9606:1 1000 mbps
CH AS209833 Aroga GmbH 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:9833:1 1000 mbps
NO AS209861 Christoffer Aasum Unes 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:20:9861:1 1000 mbps
CH AS210076 Beat Joerg 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:76:1 1000 mbps
DE AS210397 Phillip Steffenhagen 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:397:1 1000 mbps
US AS210562 WURZELLOS LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:562:1 1000 mbps
GR AS211275 Thomas Rogdakis 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:1275:1 1000 mbps
GB AS211380 Simulhost Limited 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:1380:1 1000 mbps
GB AS211449 Uways Khan 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:1449:1 1000 mbps
PL AS210645 DOMINIK DOBROWOLSKI 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:645:1 10 gbps
IT AS211063 Ernesto Castellotti 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:1063:1 1000 mbps
FR AS211194 ITMG-Consulting SAS 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:1194:1 1000 mbps
IT AS211358 Patrizio Palumbo 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:1358:1 1000 mbps
GB AS211431 Andrew Aubury 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:1431:1 1000 mbps
DE AS211581 Zion Boetzel 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:1581:1 1000 mbps
GB AS211665 Mark Robinson 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:1665:1 1000 mbps
GB AS211877 GHOSTEY LTD 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:1877:1 1000 mbps
DE AS212049 Jonathan Nebel 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:2049:1 1000 mbps
IT AS212516 Alessio Cairoli 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:2516:1 1000 mbps
LU AS212568 David Moes 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:2568:1 1000 mbps
CA AS212618 Xentain Solutions Inc. 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:2618:1 1000 mbps
NL AS212703 Wieger Bontekoe 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:2703:1 1000 mbps
NL AS212762 Casper Krook trading as Ck IT Solution... 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:2762:1 1000 mbps
FR AS212856 Valentin D'Emmanuele 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:2856:1 1000 mbps
LU AS213216 LuxChan S.A R.L.-S 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:3216:1 1000 mbps
CH AS213288 iFog GmbH 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:3288:1 1000 mbps
PT AS215153 Silvio Gabriel Neto da Silva 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5153:1 1000 mbps
ID AS215172 Syahrulloh 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5172:1 1000 mbps
ID AS215223 Mohammad Raska 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5223:1 1000 mbps
DE AS215250 Tobias Fiebig 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5250:1 1000 mbps
US AS215274 UHQ Services LLC 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5274:1 1000 mbps
US AS215478 Caden Wingler 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5478:1 1000 mbps
DE AS215509 Nico Boehr 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5509:1 1000 mbps
SE AS215615 David Svanlund 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5615:1 1000 mbps
GB AS215660 FOG NETWORKS LTD 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5660:1 1000 mbps
DE AS215665 Marlon Alkan 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5665:1 1000 mbps
GB AS215672 MoeChuang Network Limited 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5672:1 1000 mbps
ID AS215674 Dedi Susanto 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5674:1 1000 mbps
IL AS215751 Mikhail Fedorov 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5751:1 1000 mbps
GB AS215759 Ziax Ltd 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5759:1 1000 mbps
AT AS215788 Dohnal Markus 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5788:1 1000 mbps
DE AS215828 Tizian Maxime Weigt 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5828:1 1000 mbps
FI AS215605 SHAMS HANNA 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5605:1 1000 mbps
NL AS215842 Erwin Paal 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5842:1 1000 mbps
UA AS215887 Serhiy Bobrov 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5887:1 1000 mbps
US AS215907 ATARE GROUP, INC. 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5907:1 1000 mbps
BE AS215956 Dennis de Houx trading as All In One 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5956:1 1000 mbps
ES AS215972 Juan Kevin Fernandez Feijoo 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:5972:1 1000 mbps
US AS216052 Craig Schulz 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6052:1 1000 mbps
NL AS216107 Noah van der Aa trading as Frumentum M... 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6107:1 1000 mbps
TR AS216132 Yahya Murat Turgut 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6132:1 1000 mbps
US AS216242 Jeremy Utley 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6242:1 1000 mbps
CN AS216305 Cong Zhang 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6305:1 1000 mbps
GB AS216324 Hyper Group Network Ltd. 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6324:1 1000 mbps
HK AS202662 Hytron Network Services Limited 1000 mbps
MV AS216469 Ismail Fayaz trading as PIONEN 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6469:1 1000 mbps
IN AS216452 Edvin Basil Samuval 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6452:1 1000 mbps
ID AS216375 M Alhuda 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6375:1 1000 mbps
ID AS216411 Muhammad Habib Ulil A 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6411:1 1000 mbps
DE AS216401 Marcel Koeppel 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6401:1 1000 mbps
CA AS400442 Vulpine Networks 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:40:442:1 1000 mbps
CA AS216340 TheMaple Inc. 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6340:1 1000 mbps
CZ AS216339 Mald Entertainment Studio, s.r.o. 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6339:1 1000 mbps
TR AS216343 Mertcan Gokgoz 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6343:1 1000 mbps
ZA AS328112 Linux Based Systems Design SA (Pty) Lt... 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:32:8112:1 10 gbps
GB AS39617 Chris Burton 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:39:617:1 1000 mbps
AT AS216369 Jakob Kampichler 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6369:1 1000 mbps
TR AS216393 Selim Yazicioglu 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6393:1 1000 mbps
GB AS216398 Yiff Ltd 2001:7f8:ca:1:0:21:6398:1 1000 mbps