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List of members (8 routers over 8 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
BR AS198057 Flooyd Telecom LTDA 2a05:dfc1:7810::1 10 gbps
CN AS216056 Jingqiu Xu 2a05:dfc1:7810::2 100 mbps
BR AS212242 Felipe Paes 2a05:dfc1:7810::3 100 mbps
FI AS215605 SHAMS HANNA 2a05:dfc1:7810::5 100 mbps
FI AS215086 Ramez Hanna Trading as Astroman Dev 2a05:dfc1:7810::6 100 mbps
GB AS216324 Hyper Group Network Ltd. 2a05:dfc1:7810::7 100 mbps
HK AS215148 Tsang Cheuk Him 2a05:dfc1:7810::8 100 mbps
ID AS203686 ILHAM MAULANA 2a05:dfc1:7810::9 100 mbps