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Private Private 21%
Routerboard.com Routerboard.com 6%
Juniper Networks Juniper Networks 5%
Mellanox Technologies, Inc. Mellanox Technologies, Inc. 4%
Other Other 10%
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List of members (92 routers over 88 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
GB AS57369 FREMIX / ONIX Route Servers 2001:504:125:e0::1 10 gbps
GB AS57369 FREMIX / ONIX Route Servers 2001:504:125:e0::2 10 gbps
AS209870 AS209870 2001:504:125:e0::4 10 gbps
GB AS56328 VNP DIGITAL Ltd. 2001:504:125:e0::5 10 gbps
US AS63279 XKEY 2001:504:125:e0::6 1000 mbps
US AS924 Cloudie Networks LLC 2001:504:125:e0::9 40 gbps
CH AS202427 Ursin Filli 2001:504:125:e0::b 1000 mbps
US AS60900 Ssmidge LLC 2001:504:125:e0::c 1000 mbps
US AS200570 Evil Corp, LLC 2001:504:125:e0::e 1000 mbps
ID AS203868 Rifqi Arief Pamungkas 2001:504:125:e0::f 1000 mbps
US AS54681 Lucy Rose 2001:504:125:e0::10 10 gbps
CH AS34927 iFog GmbH 2001:504:125:e0::11 1000 mbps
US AS399306 Pigs Can Fly Labs LLC 2001:504:125:e0::12 n/a
GB AS52025 ParadoxNetworks Limited 2001:504:125:e0::13 40 gbps
US AS48581 MythicalKitten LLC 2001:504:125:e0::14 1000 mbps
IS AS51019 Kjartan Hrafnkelsson 2001:504:125:e0::15 1000 mbps
US AS35008 Kerfuffle, LLC 2001:504:125:e0::16 1000 mbps
US AS398447 OHANACRAFT, LLC 2001:504:125:e0::18 40 gbps
CH AS209533 iFog GmbH - BGPTunnel 2001:504:125:e0::19 1000 mbps
GB AS210667 Adam Goodenough 2001:504:125:e0::21 1000 mbps
US AS199518 Gregory Shapiro 2001:504:125:e0::22 1000 mbps
NZ AS138398 Prodigi Technology Services Limited 2001:504:125:e0::23 1000 mbps
US AS23428 ServerForge LLC 2001:504:125:e0::24 20 gbps
US AS400719 RJN Services 2001:504:125:e0::25 10 gbps
GB AS209022 Tschajera Limited 2001:504:125:e0::26 1000 mbps
US AS210630 IncogNET LLC 2001:504:125:e0::27 1000 mbps
CN AS58336 Chengde TsingYao Network Technology Se... 2001:504:125:e0::29 1000 mbps
US AS394999 K0MWB 2001:504:125:e0::30 100 mbps
TW AS205329 Kai-Jung Chen 2001:504:125:e0::31 1000 mbps
GB AS197860 Haruka Hosting Ltd 2001:504:125:e0::32 1000 mbps
DE AS216401 Marcel Koeppel 2001:504:125:e0::33 1000 mbps
US AS40544 ParadoxNetworks, Inc 2001:504:125:e0::34 10 gbps
GB AS213092 Marble Information Systems Limited 2001:504:125:e0::36 1000 mbps
CN AS216305 Cong Zhang 2001:504:125:e0::37 100 mbps
NL AS38230 Navice Consulting 2001:504:125:e0::38 1000 mbps
CA AS15353 Xentain Solutions Inc. 2001:504:125:e0::39 10 gbps
US AS54746 KLAZO, LLC 2001:504:125:e0::40 10 gbps
NL AS197919 Noah van der Aa 2001:504:125:e0::41 1000 mbps
GB AS210000 DAOport Internet Infrastructure Holdin... 2001:504:125:e0::42 10 gbps
GB AS47272 HYEHOST LTD 2001:504:125:e0::43 1000 mbps
BR AS216089 DATAFAST SISTEMAS LTDA 2001:504:125:e0::44 1000 mbps
NL AS216107 Noah van der Aa trading as Frumentum M... 2001:504:125:e0::45 100 mbps
GB AS57870 UNLIMITED IS LIMITED 2001:504:125:e0::46 100 mbps
CA AS19651 The Trusty Ledger Ltd. 2001:504:125:e0::47 1000 mbps
GB AS57110 Aaran Perry 2001:504:125:e0::48 1000 mbps
DE AS42856 Elmar K. Bins 2001:504:125:e0::49 100 mbps
GB AS52025 ParadoxNetworks Limited 2001:504:125:e0::50 10 gbps
US AS215971 Arcdigital LLC 2001:504:125:e0::51 1000 mbps
US AS215971 Arcdigital LLC 2001:504:125:e0::52 1000 mbps
AU AS205102 Steven Honson 2001:504:125:e0::53 1000 mbps
GB AS212483 LEVEL EIGHTY-SIX COMMUNICATIONS LTD 2001:504:125:e0::54 1000 mbps
CA AS200351 Guanzhong Chen 2001:504:125:e0::55 1000 mbps
GB AS57870 UNLIMITED IS LIMITED 2001:504:125:e0::56 10 gbps
US AS216360 Civilized Hosting LLC 2001:504:125:e0::57 10 gbps
PT AS47787 EDGOO NETWORKS UNIPESSOAL LDA 2001:504:125:e0::60 10 gbps
TW AS18428 Mercycat Network 2001:504:125:e0::61 1000 mbps
US AS54364 Rosen Research LLC 2001:504:125:e0::62 10 gbps
US AS215807 Karter Ipock 2001:504:125:e0::64 1000 mbps
US AS215791 NoPKT LLC 2001:504:125:e0::65 1000 mbps
US AS12077 Subconscious 2001:504:125:e0::66 10 gbps
US AS32681 Bay Area Mesh Inc. 2001:504:125:e0::67 10 gbps
US AS399840 A&KK Group Inc 2001:504:125:e0::68 100 mbps
US AS47689 Pudu, LLC 2001:504:125:e0::69 1000 mbps
US AS46766 Iconic Internet, LLC 2001:504:125:e0::70 1000 mbps
US AS58202 NoPKT LLC 2001:504:125:e0::71 100 mbps
GB AS49418 NETSHIELD LTD 2001:504:125:e0::72 1000 mbps
NL AS215212 Sander Jeurissen 2001:504:125:e0::73 1000 mbps
US AS14923 Graham Technology Solutions LLC 2001:504:125:e0::74 1000 mbps
US AS6140 Two P 2001:504:125:e0::75 10 gbps
US AS63150 BAGE CLOUD LLC 2001:504:125:e0::76 1000 mbps
US AS26880 NodeLord, LLC 2001:504:125:e0::77 1000 mbps
US AS23459 applebee 2001:504:125:e0::78 1000 mbps
US AS400587 Ryamer, LLC 2001:504:125:e0::81 10 gbps
US AS40081 Hexium Hosting, LLC 2001:504:125:e0::82 1000 mbps
IN AS198383 Suhail Haris 2001:504:125:e0::ab 1000 mbps
IS AS209933 Davíð Andri Jakobsson 2001:504:125:e0::ac 1000 mbps
US AS49132 Aaron Russell 2001:504:125:e0::ad 100 mbps
US AS215549 TUBYTE TECHNOLOGIES LLC 2001:504:125:e0::af 1000 mbps
IN AS207941 JITEN PATHY 2001:504:125:e0::ba 1000 mbps
NL AS206292 Gerdriaan Mulder 2001:504:125:e0::bb 1000 mbps
CN AS200936 Chengjie Guo 2001:504:125:e0::bc 100 mbps
HK AS134666 Hoshi Network 2001:504:125:e0::bd 100 mbps
PL AS215909 Mateusz Andrysiak 2001:504:125:e0::be 1000 mbps
IN AS210965 Soundarahari Parthiban 2001:504:125:e0::bf 1000 mbps
AS210912 AS210912 2001:504:125:e0::ca 100 mbps
CN AS149795 Zhijie Jin 2001:504:125:e0::cc 1000 mbps
BE AS216320 Kiriel Slembrouck 2001:504:125:e0::cd 1000 mbps
RO AS215291 Arpanet Consulting SRL 2001:504:125:e0::ce 1000 mbps
US AS215520 JOSHUA BOYD 2001:504:125:e0::cf 1000 mbps
HK AS215364 Kong Kai Cho 2001:504:125:e0::db 1000 mbps
US AS215207 Henrik Van Tassell 2001:504:125:e0::de 1000 mbps
US AS112 AS112 Project 2001:504:125:e0::112 10 gbps