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Top Vendors

  Vendor %
Private Private 5%
Intel Corporate Intel Corporate 2%
Mellanox Technologies, Inc. Mellanox Technologies, Inc. 2%
Arista Networks Arista Networks 2%
Other Other 6%

List of members (36 routers over 35 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
GB AS57369 FREMIX / ONIX Route Servers 2001:504:125:e0::1 10 gbps
GB AS57369 FREMIX / ONIX Route Servers 2001:504:125:e0::2 10 gbps
GB AS60438 Cloudie Networks Limited 2001:504:125:e0::3 10 gbps
EU AS209870 OPTIX TRANSIT LTD 2001:504:125:e0::4 10 gbps
US AS63279 XKEY 2001:504:125:e0::6 1000 mbps
US AS924 Cloudie Networks LLC 2001:504:125:e0::9 10 gbps
CH AS202427 Ursin Filli 2001:504:125:e0::b 1000 mbps
US AS60900 Ssmidge LLC 2001:504:125:e0::c 1000 mbps
US AS200570 Evil Corp, LLC 2001:504:125:e0::e 1000 mbps
ID AS203868 Rifqi Arief Pamungkas 2001:504:125:e0::f 1000 mbps
US AS54681 Lucy Rose 2001:504:125:e0::10 1000 mbps
CH AS34927 iFog GmbH 2001:504:125:e0::11 1000 mbps
US AS399306 Pigs Can Fly Labs LLC 2001:504:125:e0::12 n/a
GB AS52025 ParadoxNetworks Limited 2001:504:125:e0::13 10 gbps
US AS48581 MythicalKitten LLC 2001:504:125:e0::14 1000 mbps
IS AS51019 Kjartan Hrafnkelsson 2001:504:125:e0::15 1000 mbps
US AS35008 Kerfuffle, LLC 2001:504:125:e0::16 1000 mbps
US AS398447 OHANACRAFT, LLC 2001:504:125:e0::18 1000 mbps
CH AS209533 iFog GmbH - BGPTunnel 2001:504:125:e0::19 1000 mbps
GB AS210667 Adam Goodenough 2001:504:125:e0::21 1000 mbps
US AS199518 Gregory Shapiro 2001:504:125:e0::22 1000 mbps
NZ AS138398 Prodigi Technology Services Limited 2001:504:125:e0::23 1000 mbps
US AS23428 ServerForge LLC 2001:504:125:e0::24 1000 mbps
US AS400719 RJN Services 2001:504:125:e0::25 10 gbps
US AS210630 IncogNET LLC 2001:504:125:e0::27 1000 mbps
PH AS142271 EWS DS Networks Inc 2001:504:125:e0::28 1000 mbps
CN AS58336 Chengde TsingYao Network Technology Se... 2001:504:125:e0::29 1000 mbps
US AS394999 K0MWB 2001:504:125:e0::30 100 mbps
TW AS205329 Kai-Jung Chen 2001:504:125:e0::31 1000 mbps
GB AS197860 Haruka Hosting Ltd 2001:504:125:e0::32 1000 mbps
ID AS150501 PT Haci Telekomunikasi Indonesia 2001:504:125:e0::33 1000 mbps
PR AS205648 ODN Inc 2001:504:125:e0::34 1000 mbps
IN AS198383 Suhail Haris 2001:504:125:e0::ab 1000 mbps
IS AS209933 Davíð Andri Jakobsson 2001:504:125:e0::ac 1000 mbps
US AS49132 Aaron Russell 2001:504:125:e0::ad 100 mbps
US AS112 AS112 Project 2001:504:125:e0::112 10 gbps