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Cisco Systems, Inc Cisco Systems, Inc 4%
Extreme Networks, Inc. Extreme Networks, Inc. 2%
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List of members (43 routers over 39 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
US AS13681 Midwest Internet Exchange LLC 2001:504:45:f3e8::2 10 gbps
US AS14333 On-Ramp Indiana, Inc. (ORI.NET) 2001:504:45:f3e8::4 1000 mbps
US AS63060 ALTIUS Broadband, LLC 2001:504:45:f3e8::6 10 gbps
US AS11142 Precision Data Solutions, LLC 2001:504:45:f3e8::7 10 gbps
US AS54225 ORANGE COUNTY FIBER LLC 2001:504:45:f3e8::10 100 gbps
US AS54039 Eastern Indiana WIFI, Inc. 2001:504:45:f3e8::a 1000 mbps
US AS30691 Lifeline Data Centers 1000 mbps
US AS62612 Utilities District of Western Indiana ... 2001:504:45:f3e8::f 1000 mbps
US AS22961 Atheral LLC 2001:504:45:f3e8::119 1000 mbps
US AS393853 Intelligent Computing Solutions 2001:504:45:f3e8::14 10 gbps
NL AS20940 Akamai International B.V. 2001:504:45:f3e8::13 40 gbps
US AS19782 Indiana University 2001:504:45:f3e8::16 10 gbps
US AS3856 Packet Clearing House, Inc. 2001:504:45:f3e8::17 10 gbps
US AS42 WoodyNet, Inc. 2001:504:45:f3e8::18 10 gbps
US AS46231 Watch Communications 10 gbps
US AS394356 INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS INC. 2001:504:45:f3e8::27 1000 mbps
US AS393853 Intelligent Computing Solutions 2001:504:45:f3e8::1b 10 gbps
US AS63293 Meta (CDN Network) 2001:504:45:f3e8::29 20 gbps
US AS11990 Unlimited Net, LLC 2001:504:45:f3e8::23 10 gbps
US AS393950 FiberIndy 2001:504:45:f3e8::22 40 gbps
US AS32709 Joink, LLC 2001:504:45:f3e8::32 1000 mbps
US AS6939 Hurricane Electric LLC 2001:504:45:f3e8::1f 10 gbps
US AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc. 2001:504:45:f3e8::24 10 gbps
US AS395126 Beck's Superior Hybrids, Inc. 2001:504:45:f3e8::20 10 gbps
US AS20193 SineWave Technologies, Inc. 1000 mbps
US AS396841 Vertical Horizon Networks 2001:504:45:f3e8::37 1000 mbps
US AS968 Packetframe 2001:504:45:f3e8::38 10 gbps
US AS18615 Mainstream Fiber Networks, LLC 2001:504:45:f3e8::39 10 gbps
US AS11142 Precision Data Solutions, LLC 2001:504:45:f3e8::40 10 gbps
US AS40604 N2N Technologies, Inc. 2001:504:45:f3e8::41 1000 mbps
US AS11525 NineStar Connect 2001:504:45:f3e8::43 10 gbps
US AS19112 New Lisbon Telephone Co., INC 2001:504:45:f3e8::46 10 gbps
US AS19151 BroadbandONE, LLC 2001:504:45:f3e8::47 10 gbps
US AS11114 Wintek Corporation 2001:504:45:f3e8::48 10 gbps
US AS6447 University of Oregon Route Views Proje... 2001:504:45:f3e8::49 10 gbps
US AS11550 Smithville Digital, LLC 10 gbps
US AS54202 Core Business Technologies 2001:504:45:f3e8::53 10 gbps
US AS54202 Core Business Technologies 2001:504:45:f3e8::54 10 gbps
US AS13807 Great Plains Communications LLC 2001:504:45:f3e8::56 10 gbps
US AS11946 Nextlink Broadband 1000 mbps
US AS399332 J2 Technology LLC 2001:504:45:f3e8::59 10 gbps
US AS12243 Waddell Solutions Group LLC 2001:504:45:f3e8::61 10 gbps
US AS13681 Midwest Internet Exchange LLC 2001:504:45:f3e8::252 10 gbps