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Juniper Networks Juniper Networks 28%
Arista Networks Arista Networks 17%
Cisco Systems, Inc Cisco Systems, Inc 15%
Routerboard.com Routerboard.com 12%
Other Other 9%
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List of members (140 routers over 116 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
AU AS24224 EdgeIX Route Server 2001:df0:680:5::1 10 gbps
AU AS24224 EdgeIX Route Server 2001:df0:680:5::2 10 gbps
AU AS4764 Aussie Broadband 2001:df0:680:5::3 100 gbps
AU AS24516 Virtutel Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::4 10 gbps
AU AS9507 NextHop Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::5 100 gbps
US AS15169 Google LLC 2001:df0:680:5::6 10 gbps
US AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::7 100 gbps
AU AS2713 BBIX Australia Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::8 100 gbps
AU AS9280 Servers Australia Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::9 40 gbps
US AS6507 Riot Games, Inc 2001:df0:680:5::a 10 gbps
US AS6939 Hurricane Electric LLC 2001:df0:680:5::b 100 gbps
US AS32590 Valve Corporation 2001:df0:680:5::c 100 gbps
NZ AS45177 Devoli 2001:df0:680:5::d 100 gbps
AU AS38195 Superloop 2001:df0:680:5::e 100 gbps
AU AS55707 Simtronic 2001:df0:680:5::f 10 gbps
AU AS4826 Vocus Connect International Backbone 2001:df0:680:5::10 100 gbps
AU AS7604 Zettagrid Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::11 10 gbps
US AS57976 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc 2001:df0:680:5::12 100 gbps
AU AS137945 NUTRIEN (CANADA) HOLDINGS ULC APAC AS 2001:df0:680:5::13 10 gbps
AU AS136972 Gigafy 2001:df0:680:5::14 10 gbps
NL AS49544 i3D.net B.V 2001:df0:680:5::15 20 gbps
AU AS45638 SYNERGY WHOLESALE PTY LTD 2001:df0:680:5::16 10 gbps
AU AS137409 GSL Networks Pty LTD 2001:df0:680:5::17 100 gbps
AU AS38719 Dreamscape Networks Limited 2001:df0:680:5::18 10 gbps
AU AS38719 Dreamscape Networks Limited 2001:df0:680:5::19 10 gbps
AU AS7575 Australian Academic and Research Netwo... 2001:df0:680:5::1a 10 gbps
US AS22697 Roblox 2001:df0:680:5::1b 100 gbps
FR AS16276 OVH SAS 2001:df0:680:5::1c 10 gbps
AU AS17559 Spectrums Core Network 2001:df0:680:5::1d 10 gbps
AU AS136557 Host Universal Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::1e 10 gbps
NZ AS135069 Feenix Communications Limited 2001:df0:680:5::1f 10 gbps
AU AS38622 Limelight Networks Australia 2001:df0:680:5::20 10 gbps
US AS20473 The Constant Company, LLC 2001:df0:680:5::21 10 gbps
AU AS134090 Leaptel 2001:df0:680:5::22 10 gbps
AU AS23943 Hyperspike Pty Ltd, 2001:df0:680:5::23 10 gbps
AU AS140627 OneQode 2001:df0:680:5::24 100 gbps
AU AS9280 Servers Australia Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::25 40 gbps
AU AS133120 Hosted Network Pty. Ltd. 2001:df0:680:5::26 10 gbps
US AS54113 Fastly, Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::2a 100 gbps
NZ AS9500 One New Zealand Group Limited 2001:df0:680:5::28 20 gbps
AU AS45437 Real World - The Core 2001:df0:680:5::29 10 gbps
US AS54113 Fastly, Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::57 100 gbps
US AS19679 Dropbox, Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::2b 10 gbps
AU AS31732 Parsun Network Solutions PTY LTD 2001:df0:680:5::2c 1000 mbps
AU AS10214 Pentanet Limited 2001:df0:680:5::2d 100 gbps
AU AS135565 JEM Computer Systems Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::2e 10 gbps
US AS46489 Amazon IVS (Twitch) 2001:df0:680:5::2f 10 gbps
US AS46489 Amazon IVS (Twitch) 2001:df0:680:5::30 10 gbps
US AS2906 Netflix Streaming Services Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::31 100 gbps
US AS2906 Netflix Streaming Services Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::32 100 gbps
AU AS136994 Southern Phone Company Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::33 100 gbps
AU AS140051 Gippsland Wifi Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::34 10 gbps
AU AS17477 Macquarie Technology Operations Pty Li... 2001:df0:680:5::35 20 gbps
US AS8075 Microsoft Corporation 2001:df0:680:5::36 100 gbps
US AS8075 Microsoft Corporation 2001:df0:680:5::37 100 gbps
AU AS58507 Wireline 2001:df0:680:5::38 80 gbps
AU AS137576 EasyCable Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::39 10 gbps
AU AS56035 RESEAU 2001:df0:680:5::3a 10 gbps
AU AS58507 Wireline 2001:df0:680:5::3b 80 gbps
US AS15169 Google LLC 2001:df0:680:5::3c 100 gbps
US AS14061 DigitalOcean LLC 2001:df0:680:5::3d 100 gbps
US AS15169 Google LLC 2001:df0:680:5::3e 10 gbps
AU AS55707 Simtronic 2001:df0:680:5::3f 10 gbps
GB AS60068 Datacamp Limited (CDN77 / DataPacket) 2001:df0:680:5::40 10 gbps
AU AS63931 GNET Communications PTY LTD 2001:df0:680:5::41 10 gbps
US AS32934 Facebook, Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::42 100 gbps
US AS32934 Facebook, Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::43 100 gbps
AU AS64098 Field Solutions Group Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::44 100 gbps
AU AS135060 Telair Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::45 10 gbps
AU AS135406 BCD NETWORKS PTY LTD 2001:df0:680:5::46 10 gbps
AU AS135323 Talk To You Soon Pty Limited 2001:df0:680:5::47 10 gbps
AU AS58530 PingCo Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::48 10 gbps
AU AS45763 Fuzenet Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::49 20 gbps
NZ AS132255 PrimoWireless Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::4a 10 gbps
AU AS142049 Launch Crew Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::4b 10 gbps
AU AS132849 Bandwidth Holdings PTY LTD 2001:df0:680:5::4c 10 gbps
SG AS63949 Akamai (Linode) 2001:df0:680:5::4d 100 gbps
US AS11019 HAProxy Technologies, Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::4e 100 gbps
FR AS35280 F5 Networks SARL 2001:df0:680:5::4f 100 gbps
AU AS38887 NAB Investment Holdings Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::50 1000 mbps
AU AS137199 Flintel Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::51 10 gbps
AU AS135027 Virtualplatform PTY LTD 2001:df0:680:5::52 10 gbps
US AS15133 Edgio (EdgeCast) 2001:df0:680:5::53 100 gbps
AU AS9723 iseek Communications Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::54 10 gbps
AU AS38790 Spirit Telecom (Australia) Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::55 10 gbps
LU AS199524 Gcore S.A. 2001:df0:680:5::56 10 gbps
NZ AS138398 Prodigi Technology Services Limited 2001:df0:680:5::58 1000 mbps
US AS30081 CacheNetworks, Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::27 100 gbps
CH AS34927 iFog GmbH 2001:df0:680:5::59 1000 mbps
US AS16509 Amazon.com, Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::5a 100 gbps
US AS16509 Amazon.com, Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::5b 100 gbps
US AS14593 SpaceX Starlink 2001:df0:680:5::5c 400 gbps
US AS14593 SpaceX Starlink 2001:df0:680:5::5d 400 gbps
AU AS134697 Launtel 2001:df0:680:5::5e 20 gbps
NZ AS64073 Vetta Online Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::5f 10 gbps
NZ AS134220 UFONE 2001:df0:680:5::60 1000 mbps
AU AS135126 Occom Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::61 10 gbps
NZ AS136797 Turbo I.T Limited 2001:df0:680:5::62 1000 mbps
AU AS138521 The Network Crew Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::99 10 gbps
NZ AS55850 Mercury NZ Limited 2001:df0:680:5::63 100 gbps
AU AS58511 Swoop (Anycast Global Backbone) 2001:df0:680:5::64 10 gbps
NZ AS138973 Campbell Technology Limited 2001:df0:680:5::65 1000 mbps
AU AS58868 TechPath Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::66 10 gbps
AU AS134555 Encoo Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::67 10 gbps
AU AS56294 VMvault Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::68 10 gbps
US AS14061 DigitalOcean LLC 2001:df0:680:5::69 100 gbps
US AS396998 Path Network, Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::6a 100 gbps
US AS22697 Roblox 2001:df0:680:5::6b 100 gbps
AU AS151395 Data Centre as a Service 2001:df0:680:5::6c 10 gbps
AU AS151351 Hypernet 2001:df0:680:5::6d 10 gbps
US AS33353 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC 2001:df0:680:5::6e 10 gbps
AU AS140994 Gigawave Communications 2001:df0:680:5::6f 10 gbps
AU AS140910 Ozot 2001:df0:680:5::70 10 gbps
AU AS56087 URL Networks 2001:df0:680:5::71 10 gbps
AU AS4764 Aussie Broadband 2001:df0:680:5::72 100 gbps
AU AS134143 Professional Data Kinetics Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::73 10 gbps
US AS23344 Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::74 100 gbps
US AS23344 Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::75 100 gbps
AU AS7477 SkyMesh Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::76 10 gbps
AU AS147020 Infininet Global Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::77 10 gbps
NZ AS151336 Verge Networks Limited 2001:df0:680:5::78 1000 mbps
NZ AS55785 MAXUM DATA LIMITED 2001:df0:680:5::79 1000 mbps
AU AS17766 Nexon Asia Pacific Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::7a 10 gbps
CA AS54994 Meteverse Limited 2001:df0:680:5::7b 10 gbps
US AS714 Apple Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::7c 100 gbps
US AS714 Apple Inc. 2001:df0:680:5::7d 100 gbps
US AS396986 Bytedance, Inc. (TikTok) 2001:df0:680:5::7e 100 gbps
US AS15169 Google LLC 2001:df0:680:5::80 100 gbps
NZ AS45230 UberGroup Limited 2001:df0:680:5::7f 10 gbps
AU AS9332 Wannan Trading Pty Ltd 100 gbps
AU AS132847 Network Solutions Group Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::84 40 gbps
AU AS9313 Network Technology (AUST) P/L 2001:df0:680:5::85 10 gbps
AU AS9332 Wannan Trading Pty Ltd 100 gbps
AU AS150329 Sensor Dynamics Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::82 10 gbps
AU AS9332 Wannan Trading Pty Ltd 10 gbps
AU AS135634 Task Retail Technology Pty Ltd 2001:df0:680:5::81 10 gbps
AU AS58507 Wireline 2001:df0:680:5::83 100 gbps
AU AS9332 Wannan Trading Pty Ltd 10 gbps
US AS3491 PCCW Global, Inc. 10 gbps