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List of members (260 routers over 247 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
ID AS23679 PT Media Antar Nusa 10 gbps
ID AS45296 PT Rabik Bangun Nusantara 1000 mbps
ID AS45305 PT Lintas Data Prima 2400:9c80:0:171::4530:5 10 gbps
ID AS136841 PT Mitra Telemedia Manunggal 1000 mbps
ID AS138064 PT. Jinom Network Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:171::1380:64 1000 mbps
ID AS142314 Diskominfosantik Kab. Buleleng 2400:9c80:0:171::142:314 10 gbps
ID AS138847 PT Ambhara Duta Shanti 1000 mbps
ID AS38143 PT. Rabik Bangun Pertiwi, PMA 1000 mbps
US AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc. 2400:9c80:0:171::1333:35 30 gbps
ID AS55666 PT Media Sarana Data 1000 mbps
ID AS149746 PT Blip Integrator Provider 10 gbps
ID AS38753 PT Solusindo Bintang Pratama 1000 mbps
ID AS134643 PT Jaya Kartha Solusindo 1000 mbps
ID AS138143 PT Gerbang Akses Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:171::1381:43 1000 mbps
ID AS133339 CXC Route Servers 2400:9c80:0:171::171 10 gbps
ID AS141920 PT Andal Berjaya Infomedia 2400:9c80:0:171::1419:20 1000 mbps
ID AS133808 PT Jetcoms Netindo 1000 mbps
ID AS138854 PT Inter Medialink Solusi 2400:9c80:0:171::138:854 1000 mbps
ID AS150972 PT Andal Berjaya Infomedia 2400:9c80:0:171::150:972 1000 mbps
ID AS139431 PT Integrasi Jasa Nusantara 1000 mbps
ID AS131773 PT Wisuandha Network Globalindo 10 gbps
US AS63293 Meta (CDN Network) 2400:9c80:0:171::54 20 gbps
ID AS138047 PT. Grace Nexus Teknologi 2400:9c80:0:171::1380:47 1000 mbps
ID AS137323 DINAS KOMINFO PEMDA PAPUA BARAT 2400:9c80:0:171::1373:23 1000 mbps
ID AS24206 Channel-11 2400:9c80:0:171::2420:6 1000 mbps
ID AS58396 PT Dewata Telematika 2400:9c80:0:171::5839:6 10 gbps
ID AS141928 PT Balian Media Online Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:171::1419:28 1000 mbps
ID AS18103 Neuviz Net 2400:9c80:0:171::1810:3 10 gbps
ID AS63827 PT Econdelight 2400:9c80:0:171::6382:7 1000 mbps
ID AS45701 PT Internet Madju Abad Milenindo 2400:9c80:0:171::4570:1 10 gbps
ID AS150488 PT Teknologi Gema Informasi 2400:9c80:0:171::150:488 1000 mbps
US AS149646 Internet Systems Consortium 2400:9c80:0:171::3557 10 gbps
ID AS133339 CXC Route Servers 2400:9c80:0:171::71 1000 mbps
ID AS38778 PT Dutakom Wibawa Putra 1000 mbps
ID AS142327 PT Internet Prima Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:171::1423:27 10 gbps
NL AS25152 RIPE NCC - K-root 2400:9c80:0:171::251:52 1000 mbps
SE AS8674 Netnod AB 2400:9c80:0:171::201:44 10 gbps
ID AS141907 PT Metrosolusi Teknologi Indonesia 1000 mbps
US AS112 AS112 Project 2400:9c80:0:171::112 1000 mbps
ID AS58401 PT Dewata Telematika 1000 mbps
ID AS58392 PT Sewiwi Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:173::5839:2 1000 mbps
ID AS138080 PT Global Media Inti Semesta 10 gbps
ID AS23951 PT Jembatan Citra Nusantara 1000 mbps
ID AS138876 CV Saranaindo 1000 mbps
ID AS133819 PT Citra Infomedia 1000 mbps
ID AS136054 PT Comtelindo 1000 mbps
ID AS138886 PT Data Buana Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:173::138:886 10 gbps
ID AS139947 PT Sumber Teknologi Sejahtera 1000 mbps
ID AS140457 PT Ikhlas Cipta Teknologi 10 gbps
ID AS138842 PT Internetwork Komunikasi Indonesia 1000 mbps
ID AS59282 PT Giga Patra Multimedia 2400:9c80:0:173::592:82 1000 mbps
ID AS141617 PT Topindo Solusi Komunika 1000 mbps
ID AS141598 PT Mitra Catv Trijaya Multimedia 1000 mbps
ID AS133339 CXC Route Servers 2400:9c80:0:31:0:1333:39:1 1000 mbps
ID AS139449 PT Lintas Data Multimedia 2400:9c80:0:31::139:449 1000 mbps
ID AS139963 PT.MURNI MAKMUR ABADI 2400:9c80:0:31::139:963 1000 mbps
ID AS133339 CXC Route Servers 2400:9c80:0:173:0:1333:39:1 1000 mbps
ID AS142385 PT Berkat Internet Perkasa 1000 mbps
ID AS138824 PT Gemilang Jaya Elektrindo 1000 mbps
ID AS137352 PT Cloudata Indonesia 1000 mbps
ID AS131758 PT Bali Ning 1000 mbps
ID AS45713 PT Dewata Telematika 1000 mbps
ID AS138829 PT Capoeng Digital Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:173::1388:29 1000 mbps
ID AS45706 Tele Globe Global, PT 2400:9c80:0:173::4570:6 10 gbps
ID AS45289 PT Indotrans Data 2400:9c80:0:173::452:89 1000 mbps
ID AS150924 PT Hepra Teknologi Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:173::150:924 10 gbps
ID AS150250 PT Sarana Jaringan Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:173::150:250 1000 mbps
ID AS141127 PT Anugerah Cimanuk Raya 2400:9c80:0:173::141:127 10 gbps
ID AS141916 PT Bantani Media Utama 2400:9c80:0:173::141:916 10 gbps
ID AS141107 PT Linkgo Metro Teknologi 1000 mbps
ID AS141081 PT Indo Access Semesta 2400:9c80:0:173::1410:81 1000 mbps
ID AS150501 PT Haci Telekomunikasi Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:173::150:501 1000 mbps
ID AS55670 PT Universal Broadband 2400:9c80:0:173::556:70 1000 mbps
ID AS138089 PT Global Media Data Prima 2400:9c80:0:173::1380:89 20 gbps
ID AS138080 PT Global Media Inti Semesta 2400:9c80:0:173::1380:80 20 gbps
ID AS150466 PT Pesona Nusa Vision 10 gbps
ID AS150462 PT Air Lintas Komunikasi 1000 mbps
ID AS139967 PT Yasmin Amanah Media 2400:9c80:0:173::1399:67 10 gbps
ID AS141935 PT Cipta Data Global 1000 mbps
ID AS138106 PT Lintas Telematika Nusantara 1000 mbps
US AS396986 Bytedance, Inc. (TikTok) 2400:9c80:0:173::396:986 100 gbps
ID AS142370 PT Master Star Network 2400:9c80:0:173::142:370 1000 mbps
ID AS150197 PT Curug Lintas Indonesia 1000 mbps
ID AS38524 PT Laxo Global Akses 1000 mbps
ID AS142347 PT Sarana Media Cemerlang 2400:9c80:0:173::142:347 1000 mbps
ID AS141613 PT Jaringan Internet Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:173::141:641 1000 mbps
ID AS142365 PT Rezky Sukabumi Vision 10 gbps
ID AS136088 PT. Araz Inti Line 2400:9c80:0:173::1360:88 1000 mbps
ID AS150526 PT Giandra Saka Media 10 gbps
ID AS149934 PT Pangkalan Lintas Data 2400:9c80:0:173::149:934 1000 mbps
ID AS141642 PT Ring Media Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:173::141:642 1000 mbps
ID AS141105 PT Dapur Remaja Multi Sarana 2400:9c80:0:173::141:105 1000 mbps
ID AS139457 PT Semut Data Indonesia 1000 mbps
ID AS147087 PT Jaringan Internet Banten 2400:9c80:0:173::1470:87 1000 mbps
ID AS149661 PT Pricom Media Solusi 10 gbps
ID AS150261 PT Cybermedia Network Nusantara 1000 mbps
ID AS141921 PT Jaringan Keluarga Bersama 1000 mbps
ID AS149964 PT Mitracom Solusi Teknologi 1000 mbps
ID AS141114 PT Super Media Indonesia 1000 mbps
ID AS136841 PT Mitra Telemedia Manunggal 2400:9c80:0:171::1368:41 1000 mbps
ID AS24527 PT Hanasta Dakara 2400:9c80:0:173::245:27 1000 mbps
ID AS150919 PT Trinity Media Indonesia 1000 mbps
ID AS149356 PT Solusi Jaya Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:31:0:1394:49:1 1000 mbps
ID AS133817 PT Inti Data Telematika 2400:9c80:0:173::133:817 1000 mbps
ID AS139365 PT Patria Lintas Jaya 2400:9c80:0:173::139:365 1000 mbps
ID AS140446 PT Kingpolah Network Solutions 2400:9c80:0:173::140:446 1000 mbps
ID AS150242 PT Kampung Dua Net 2400:9c80:0:173::150:242 1000 mbps
ID AS199376 Adita Tarkono Putra 2400:9c80:0:173::199:376 1000 mbps
ID AS199459 Alexandro Setiawan 2400:9c80:0:173::199:459 1000 mbps
ID AS199762 Adita Tarkono Putra 2400:9c80:0:173::199:762 1000 mbps
ID AS200160 Putu Paundrayana Waringin 2400:9c80:0:173::200:160 1000 mbps
PH AS200866 John Mark Gabriel Caguicla 2400:9c80:0:173::200:866 100 mbps
ID AS203686 ILHAM MAULANA 2400:9c80:0:173::203:686 1000 mbps
EG AS207740 Youssef Hamed 2400:9c80:0:173::207:740 1000 mbps
ID AS213293 Arif Setiawan 2400:9c80:0:173::213:293 1000 mbps
ID AS58820 PT APIK Media Inovasi 2400:9c80:0:173::588:20 10 gbps
ID AS131745 PT Cybertechtonic Pratama 1000 mbps
ID AS138077 PT Abhinawa Sumberdaya Asia 2400:9c80:0:173::1380:77 10 gbps
ID AS136105 CV. ANINDISA KOMPUTINDO PRATAMA 2400:9c80:0:173::136:105 1000 mbps
ID AS149925 PT Sakti Wijaya Network 2400:9c80:0:173::149:925 10 gbps
ID AS141626 PT Sandya Sistem Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:173::1416:26 1000 mbps
ID AS149663 PT Palemnet Multimedia Data Perkasa 2400:9c80:0:173::149:663 10 gbps
ID AS149365 PT Java Kreasindo Bersama 2400:9c80:0:173::149:365 10 gbps
ID AS151544 CV Pandawa Network 2400:9c80:0:173::151:544 500 mbps
ID AS64029 PT Rama Wima Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:173::640:29 1000 mbps
ID AS151006 PT Nesta Indo Media 2400:9c80:0:173::151:600 1000 mbps
ID AS140452 PT Jaya Media Expres 2400:9c80:0:173::140:452 1000 mbps
ID AS45725 PT Kings Network Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:173::457:25 1000 mbps
ID AS139978 PT Jaringan Rtrwnet Nusantara 10 gbps
ID AS138823 PT. Trimitra Usaha Sejahtera 2400:9c80:0:173::1388:23 1000 mbps
ID AS17884 PT Uninet Media Sakti 2400:9c80:0:173::1788:4 1000 mbps
ID AS139958 PT Fakta Jabbar Industri 1000 mbps
ID AS140443 PT Herza Digital Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:173::1404:43 1000 mbps
ID AS38771 PT Cyberplus Media Pratama 1000 mbps
ID AS140476 PT Ardi Jaya Solusindo 1000 mbps
ID AS63494 PT Inovasi Jaringan Nusantara 1000 mbps
ID AS55688 PT BEON Intermedia 2400:9c80:0:173::5568:8 1000 mbps
ID AS38778 PT Dutakom Wibawa Putra 1000 mbps
ID AS4787 PT Cyberindo Aditama 2400:9c80:0:173::4787:4 100 gbps
ID AS139418 PT Gasatek Bintang Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:173::1394:18 10 gbps
ID AS58485 PT Wifian Solution 2400:9c80:0:173::5848:5 10 gbps
ID AS141093 PT Media Data Lintas Nusantara Bersatu... 10 gbps
ID AS138810 PT Global Media Pratama Solusindo 2400:9c80:0:173::1388:10 1000 mbps
ID AS141147 PT Arkananta Global Media 1000 mbps
ID AS140475 PT Citra Celebas Multimedia 10 gbps
ID AS140442 PT Nusantara Teknologi Semesta 2400:9c80:0:173::1404:42 1000 mbps
ID AS137315 Politeknik Negeri Banyuwangi 2400:9c80:0:173:0:1333:39:15 1000 mbps
ID AS139946 PT. Teknologi Bumi Nusantara 10 gbps
ID AS139989 CV Atha Media Prima 1000 mbps
ID AS141587 PT Pembayaran Digital Nusantara 1000 mbps
ID AS59278 PT Jaringan VNT Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:173::5927:8 10 gbps
ID AS58404 PT Qwords Company International 2400:9c80:0:173::5840:4 1000 mbps
ID AS141145 PT Giga Digital Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:173::1411:45 10 gbps
ID AS141137 PT Media Cepat Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:173::1411:37 20 gbps
ID AS138131 CV Natanetwork Solution 1000 mbps
ID AS139449 PT Lintas Data Multimedia 2400:9c80:0:173::1394:49 1000 mbps
ID AS131775 PT Jupiter Jala Arta 2400:9c80:0:173::1317:75 1000 mbps
ID AS139421 PT Dharma Sarana Solusindo 2400:9c80:0:173::1394:21 1000 mbps
ID AS141889 PT Solusi Media Telekomunikasi 1000 mbps
ID AS45701 PT Internet Madju Abad Milenindo 2400:9c80:0:173::4570:1 10 gbps
ID AS135636 PT RackH Lintas Asia 2400:9c80:0:173::1356:36 10 gbps
ID AS133339 CXC Route Servers 2400:9c80:0:173:0:1333:39:2 1000 mbps
ID AS141618 PT Asia Central Telematika 10 gbps
ID AS149930 PT Replay Inti Media 2400:9c80:0:173::149:930 1000 mbps
ID AS141928 PT Balian Media Online Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:173::1419:28 1000 mbps
ID AS141673 PT Mamura Inter Media 2400:9c80:0:173::1416:73 1000 mbps
ID AS138109 PT Rasi Bintang Perkasa 2400:9c80:0:173::1381:9 2 gbps
ID AS141082 PT Trika Global Media 1000 mbps
ID AS140407 PT Kawan Informatika Teknologi Abadi 2400:9c80:0:173::1404:7 1000 mbps
ID AS142354 PT Superspace Teknologi Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:173::1423:54 1000 mbps
ID AS141123 PT Puskomedia Indonesia Kreatif 2400:9c80:0:173::141:123 10 gbps
ID AS141978 PT Akses Bersama Sedaya 10 gbps
ID AS147102 PT Smart Tehnologi Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:173::1471:2 1000 mbps
ID AS9794 PT. Core Mediatech (D-NET) 2400:9c80:0:173::9794 1000 mbps
US AS21859 Zenlayer Inc 2400:9c80:0:173::2185:9 10 gbps
ID AS142401 PT Inter Koneksi Media 2400:9c80:0:173::142:401 1000 mbps
ID AS147079 PT Diaza Lintas Asia 2400:9c80:0:173::1470:79 10 gbps
ID AS133337 PT Menara Sinar Semesta 1000 mbps
ID AS141983 PT Rajeg Media Telekomunikasi 1000 mbps
ID AS142381 PT Media Access Telematika 1000 mbps
ID AS140413 PT. GAYUH MEDIA INFORMATIKA 2400:9c80:0:173::1404:13 1000 mbps
ID AS9340 PT Indointernet Tbk 2400:9c80:0:173::9340 10 gbps
ID AS141601 Koperasi Maju Bareng Bersama 1000 mbps
ID AS38515 GRAHAMEDIA INFORMASI, PT. 2400:9c80:0:173::3851:5 1000 mbps
ID AS142374 PT Solusi Integra Datakom 1000 mbps
ID AS138881 PT Indonesia Trans Network 2400:9c80:0:173::1388:81 1000 mbps
ID AS133811 PT Inti Bangun Sejahtera Tbk 2400:9c80:0:173::1338:11 1000 mbps
ID AS138871 PT Trans Indonesia Superkoridor 2 gbps
ID AS147118 PT Ameera Mega Buana 2400:9c80:0:173::1471:18 1000 mbps
ID AS141664 PT Jaringan Inti Exadata 2400:9c80:0:173::141:664 1000 mbps
ID AS141049 PT Profesional Internet Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:173::1410:49 1000 mbps
ID AS136065 PT Solusi Trimegah Persada 1000 mbps
ID AS141934 PT Sanders Bersaudara Media 10 gbps
ID AS149359 PT Persada Data Multimedia 1000 mbps
ID AS50104 PT Pedjoeang Digital Networks 2400:9c80:0:173::210:537 1000 mbps
ID AS138814 PT Telemedia Prima Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:173::138:814 10 gbps
ID AS147100 PT Buyas Media Teknologi Nusantara 1000 mbps
ID AS140012 PT Dewata Solusi Tehnologi 10 gbps
ID AS140007 PT. DANKOM MITRA ABADI 2400:9c80:0:173::1400:7 1000 mbps
ID AS38896 PT. Centra Global Investama 2400:9c80:0:173::388:96 1000 mbps
ID AS136052 PT Cloud Hosting Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:173::1360:52 10 gbps
ID AS138887 PT Adizka Lintas Data 2400:9c80:0:173::138:887 10 gbps
ID AS24534 PT Trans Hybrid Communication 2400:9c80:0:173::245:34 1000 mbps
ID AS149684 PT Kreatif Pasific 2400:9c80:0:173::149:684 100 gbps
ID AS138854 PT Inter Medialink Solusi 2400:9c80:0:173::138:854 1000 mbps
ID AS58486 PT. Intelex Technet Global 2400:9c80:0:173::584:86 10 gbps
ID AS58821 PT Lintas Jaringan Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:173::588:21 1000 mbps
ID AS149714 PT Lare Osing Ndo 2400:9c80:0:173::149:714 1000 mbps
ID AS149730 PT Media Polewali Vision 1000 mbps
ID AS139995 PT Akashia Thuba Jaya 2400:9c80:0:173::139:995 10 gbps
ID AS142366 PT Relabs Net Daya Cipta 2400:9c80:0:173::142:366 1000 mbps
ID AS141064 PT Network Lintas Fiberindo 2400:9c80:0:173::1410:64 1000 mbps
ID AS147137 PT Helium Sinergi Telekomunikasi 2400:9c80:0:173::147:137 10 gbps
ID AS139382 PT Multi Teknologi Telematika 10 gbps
ID AS149938 PT Atha Internet Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:173::149:938 1000 mbps
ID AS136840 PT. Graha Lintas Nusantara 1000 mbps
ID AS59158 PT Blambangan Cahaya Timur 10 gbps
ID AS58552 PT Multidata Rancana Prima 2400:9c80:0:173::585:52 1000 mbps
ID AS141898 PT Milenial Inti Telekomunikasi 2400:9c80:0:173::141:898 1000 mbps
ID AS149953 PT Pedjoeang Digital Networks 2400:9c80:0:173::149:953 1000 mbps
ID AS63501 PT Mega Mentari Mandiri 10 gbps
SG AS24482 SG.GS 2400:9c80:0:173::2448:2 1000 mbps
US AS112 AS112 Project 2400:9c80:0:173::112 1000 mbps
ID AS139972 PT Putra Lebak Banten 2400:9c80:0:173::1399:72 1000 mbps
ID AS141078 PT Amanna Media Link 2400:9c80:0:173::141:78 1000 mbps
ID AS142394 PT Cahaya Solusindo Internusa 2400:9c80:0:173::1423:94 10 gbps
ID AS138884 PT Centronet Data Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:173::1388:84 1000 mbps
ID AS147133 PT Jafati Mitra Solusindo 2400:9c80:0:173::1471:33 10 gbps
ID AS142400 PT Inovasi Digital Telekomunikasi 1000 mbps
ID AS138087 PT Java Medianet Tekhnologi 2400:9c80:0:173::1380:87 1000 mbps
ID AS203868 Rifqi Arief Pamungkas 2400:9c80:0:173::203:868 100 mbps
ID AS23948 PT Global Inti Corporatama 2400:9c80:0:173::239:48 10 gbps
ID AS149920 PT Metro Ring Bersama 2400:9c80:0:173::149:920 1000 mbps
NL AS20940 Akamai International B.V. 2400:9c80:0:173::209:40 100 gbps
ID AS150249 PT Atharva Telematika Persada 2400:9c80:0:173::150:249 1000 mbps
ID AS147106 PT Global Erasiber Teknologi 2400:9c80:0:173::147:106 1000 mbps
ID AS149909 PT Panjalu Sarana Data Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:173::149:909 1000 mbps
ID AS138873 PT Green Net Indonesia 2 gbps
ID AS141985 PT Argon Internet Amariqindo 2400:9c80:0:173::141:985 1000 mbps
ID AS149963 PT Layanan Internet Sakti 10 gbps
ID AS149319 PT Trisna Mega Abadi 2400:9c80:0:173::149:319 1000 mbps
ID AS147120 PT Myarsyila Indonesia Interkoneksi 2400:9c80:0:173::147:120 1000 mbps
ID AS141896 PT Delta Surya Solusitama 2400:9c80:0:173::141:896 1000 mbps
ID AS134630 PT Palapa Global Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:173::134:630 10 gbps
ID AS141939 PT Chayo Anugrah Teknologi 2400:9c80:0:173::141:939 1000 mbps
ID AS139428 PT Lexxa Data Indonusa 2400:9c80:0:173::139:428 1000 mbps
ID AS147131 PT Global Sarana Elektronika 2400:9c80:0:173::147:131 1000 mbps
ID AS149340 PT Digital Hasanah Indonesia 2400:9c80:0:173::149:340 1000 mbps
ID AS147117 PT Blackfaos Data Nusantara 2400:9c80:0:173::147:117 10 gbps
ID AS149675 PT Garuda Lintas Cakrawala 2400:9c80:0:173::149:675 1000 mbps
ID AS150487 PT Nusantara Akses Telekomunikasi 2400:9c80:0:173::150:487 1000 mbps
ID AS150279 PT Lintas Network Solusi 2400:9c80:0:173::150:279 1000 mbps
ID AS147101 PT Lintas Teknologi Solusindo 2400:9c80:0:173::147:101 1000 mbps
ID AS132669 PT Globalnet Multi Data 2400:9c80:0:173::132:669 1000 mbps
ID AS139405 PT Media Cipta Trimetika 2400:9c80:0:31::139:405 1000 mbps
ID AS55688 PT BEON Intermedia 1000 mbps
ID AS213086 Putu Paundrayana Waringin 2400:9c80:0:173::2130:86 1000 mbps