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Juniper Networks Juniper Networks 8%
Cisco Systems, Inc Cisco Systems, Inc 8%
Extreme Networks, Inc. Extreme Networks, Inc. 4%
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List of members (47 routers over 44 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
CH AS513 CERN 2001:7f8:1c:24a::201:1 10 gbps
FR AS2027 MilkyWan 2001:7f8:1c:24a:7eb::1 10 gbps
NL AS12654 RIPE NCC - RIS 2001:7f8:1c:24a::316e:1 100 mbps
US AS8075 Microsoft Corporation 2001:7f8:1c:24a:f25c::49 10 gbps
FR AS213317 SIEA 2001:7f8:1c:24a:341:4500:0:1 10 gbps
NL AS21320 GEANT Vereniging 2001:7f8:1c:24a::51e5:1 10 gbps
CH AS559 SWITCH 2001:7f8:1c:24a::22f:1 100 gbps
DK AS2603 NORDUnet 2001:7f8:1c:24a:a2b::1 10 gbps
CH AS33845 Swiss Federation represented by FOITT 2001:7f8:1c:24a::8435:1 100 mbps
CH AS15576 NTS workspace AG 2001:7f8:1c:24a:3cd8::1 10 gbps
NL AS25152 RIPE NCC - K-root 2001:7f8:1c:24a:6240::1 1000 mbps
CH AS3303 Swisscom (Schweiz) AG 2001:7f8:1c:24a::ce7:1 10 gbps
FR AS30781 Free Pro SAS 2001:7f8:1c:24a::783d:1 10 gbps
CH AS29222 Infomaniak Network SA 2001:7f8:1c:24a::7226:1 20 gbps
CH AS6730 Sunrise GmbH 2001:7f8:1c:24a::1a4a:1 10 gbps
CH AS20932 Services Industriels de Geneve 2001:7f8:1c:24a::51c4:1 1000 mbps
US AS6939 Hurricane Electric LLC 2001:7f8:1c:24a::1b1b:1 20 gbps
FR AS43142 ADELI SAS 2001:7f8:1c:24a::a886:1 10 gbps
FR AS24904 K-NET SARL 2001:7f8:1c:24a::6148:1 10 gbps
GB AS44980 Paul Cairney 1000 mbps
FR AS43100 France IX Services SASU 2001:7f8:1c:24a:a85c::1 10 gbps
CH AS12350 VTX Services SA 2001:7f8:1c:24a::303e:1 1000 mbps
CH AS60129 CSTI SA 2001:7f8:1c:24a:eae1::1 10 gbps
EU AS6830 Liberty Global B.V. 2001:7f8:1c:24a::1aae:1 10 gbps
GB AS8220 COLT 2001:7f8:1c:24a::201c:1 10 gbps
FR AS198330 XEFI LYON SAS 10 gbps
CH AS47176 GAS&COM AG 2001:7f8:1c:24a:b848::1 10 gbps
US AS42 WoodyNet, Inc. 2001:7f8:1c:24a:2a::1 10 gbps
US AS3856 Packet Clearing House, Inc. 2001:7f8:1c:24a:f10::1 1000 mbps
CH AS13030 Init7 (Switzerland) Ltd. 2001:7f8:1c:24a::32e6:1 10 gbps
CH AS6776 TheNet - Internet Services AG 1000 mbps
CH AS15547 netplus.ch SA 2001:7f8:1c:24a::3cbb:1 10 gbps
CH AS29424 Briod SA 2001:7f8:1c:24a:72f0::1 10 gbps
US AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc. 2001:7f8:1c:24a:3417::1 20 gbps
CH AS61098 Akenes SA 2001:7f8:1c:24a:eeaa::1 10 gbps
CH AS12333 Cheops Technology Switzerland SA 2001:7f8:1c:24a::302d:1 1000 mbps
SE AS8674 Netnod AB 2001:7f8:1c:24a::21e2:1 1000 mbps
SE AS8674 Netnod AB 2001:7f8:1c:24a::21e2:2 1000 mbps
CH AS15796 Salt Mobile SA 2001:7f8:1c:24a:3db4::1 10 gbps
GB AS44444 Forcepoint Cloud Ltd 2001:7f8:1c:24a:ad9c::1 1000 mbps
NL AS15830 Equinix, Inc. 2001:7f8:1c:24a::3dd6:1 20 gbps
NL AS15830 Equinix, Inc. 2001:7f8:1c:24a::3dd6:2 20 gbps
CH AS25091 IP-Max SA 2001:7f8:1c:24a::6203:1 10 gbps
GB AS4455 IX Reach Ltd 2001:7f8:1c:24a:1167::1 1000 mbps
CH AS34781 Citycable 2001:7f8:1c:24a::87dd:1 1000 mbps
SG AS24115 Equinix IX 2001:7f8:1c:24a::5e33:1 10 gbps
SG AS24115 Equinix IX 2001:7f8:1c:24a::5e33:2 10 gbps