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List of members (101 routers over 100 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
ID AS24532 PT Inet Global Indo 10 gbps
ID AS58487 CV Rumahweb Indonesia 1000 mbps
ID AS45298 PT Interlink Technology 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:19 10 gbps
ID AS131755 PT Axarva Media Teknologi 10 gbps
ID AS24201 PT Andalas Media Informatika 1000 mbps
ID AS38496 PT Cyber Network Indonesia 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:2 10 gbps
ID AS131717 PT Citra Jelajah Informatika 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:6 1000 mbps
ID AS24195 PT Dhecyber Flow Indonesia 1000 mbps
ID AS131758 PT Bali Ning 1000 mbps
ID AS137352 PT Cloudata Indonesia 1000 mbps
ID AS38511 PT Remala Abadi Tbk 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:3 10 gbps
ID AS45287 PT Varnion Technology Semesta 1000 mbps
ID AS58477 CV Argon Data Communication 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:42 10 gbps
ID AS38320 PT Maxindo Mitra Solusi 1000 mbps
ID AS135636 PT RackH Lintas Asia 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:25 10 gbps
ID AS4800 PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta 40 gbps
ID AS140443 PT Herza Digital Indonesia 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:37 10 gbps
ID AS24521 PT Data Utama Dinamika 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:9 10 gbps
ID AS147133 PT Jafati Mitra Solusindo 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:49 10 gbps
US AS8075 Microsoft Corporation 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:13 20 gbps
ID AS147100 PT Buyas Media Teknologi Nusantara 1000 mbps
ID AS55670 PT Universal Broadband 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:38 1000 mbps
ID AS45718 PT Juragan Online Solusi 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:44 10 gbps
ID AS149409 PT Core Digital Network 1000 mbps
ID AS24522 PT Global Port Binekatara n/a
ID AS140384 PT Bitniaga Cipta Gemilang 10 gbps
ID AS45707 PT Prime Link Communication 1000 mbps
ID AS18059 PT Dwi Tunggal Putra 1000 mbps
ID AS135451 PT Media Alvina Sejati 1000 mbps
ID AS141626 PT Sandya Sistem Indonesia 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:34 1000 mbps
ID AS142335 GARNET 1000 mbps
ID AS140454 PT Pop Net Indonesia 1000 mbps
ID AS141082 PT Trika Global Media 1000 mbps
ID AS45706 Tele Globe Global, PT 1000 mbps
ID AS38505 PT Graha Multimedia Nusantara 1000 mbps
ID AS17451 Biznet Networks 10 gbps
ID AS56239 PT Graha Anugrah Sejahtera 1000 mbps
ID AS132637 PT Bina Informatika Solusindo 1000 mbps
ID AS149720 PT Adi Solusindo Teknologi 1000 mbps
ID AS24204 PT Satnetcom Balikpapan 1000 mbps
ID AS63867 PT Tirta Karya Buana 1000 mbps
US AS8075 Microsoft Corporation 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:14 20 gbps
ID AS141947 PT Loveika Host Nusantara 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:54 2 gbps
ID AS149675 PT Garuda Lintas Cakrawala 1000 mbps
ID AS23948 PT Global Inti Corporatama 1000 mbps
ID AS45325 PT PC24 Telekomunikasi Indonesia 1000 mbps
ID AS151000 PT Awan Data Indonesia 1000 mbps
ID AS17538 PT. Circlecom Nusantara Indonesia 10 gbps
ID AS134643 PT Jaya Kartha Solusindo 1000 mbps
ID AS9340 PT Indointernet Tbk 10 gbps
ID AS58392 PT Sewiwi Indonesia 1000 mbps
ID AS38896 PT. Centra Global Investama 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:36 10 gbps
ID AS131711 PT Global Teknologi Teraindo 1000 mbps
ID AS131775 PT Jupiter Jala Arta 1000 mbps
ID AS139378 PT NEX Solusi Teknologi 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:18 1000 mbps
ID AS140444 Universitas Binawan 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:46 1000 mbps
ID AS131773 PT Wisuandha Network Globalindo 1000 mbps
ID AS133354 PT Anugerah Karunia Perkasa Abadi 1000 mbps
ID AS138089 PT Global Media Data Prima 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:21 10 gbps
ID AS133819 PT Citra Infomedia 1000 mbps
ID AS131111 PT Mora Telematika Indonesia Tbk 10 gbps
ID AS135477 PT. Java Digital Nusantara 1000 mbps
ID AS45722 PT Widya Intersat Nusantara 1000 mbps
ID AS141067 PT Trisula Media Data 1000 mbps
ID AS138080 PT Global Media Inti Semesta 1000 mbps
ID AS45146 PT Raja Sepadan Abadi 1000 mbps
ID AS17884 PT Uninet Media Sakti 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:8 10 gbps
ID AS45713 PT Dewata Telematika 1000 mbps
ID AS59288 PT Net Sentra Cyberindo 10 gbps
ID AS17885 PT XL Axiata Tbk 10 gbps
ID AS45315 PT Polarisnet 1000 mbps
ID AS135468 BNET 1000 mbps
ID AS138823 PT Trimitra Usaha Sejahtera 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:31 1000 mbps
ID AS149963 PT Layanan Internet Sakti 10 gbps
ID AS138106 PT Lintas Telematika Nusantara 1000 mbps
ID AS45312 PT Media Lintas Data 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:45 1000 mbps
ID AS24213 PT Arsen Kusuma Indonesia 1000 mbps
ID AS56233 PT Asia Teknologi Solusi 1000 mbps
ID AS138838 PT NET Super Cepat 1000 mbps
ID AS136868 PT Terasys Virtual 1000 mbps
ID AS136131 PT Tiga Satu Cyber Network 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:26 1000 mbps
ID AS45289 PT Indotrans Data 1000 mbps
ID AS46061 PT Adi Inti Mandiri 1000 mbps
ID AS63878 PT Victory Network Indonesia 2 gbps
ID AS38515 PT Grahamedia Informasi 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:15 1000 mbps
ID AS139428 PT Lexxa Data Indonusa 1000 mbps
ID AS18103 PT Prestasi Piranti Informasi 1000 mbps
ID AS38165 PT Ambhara Duta Shanti 1000 mbps
ID AS23693 PT. Telekomunikasi Selular 40 gbps
ID AS133817 PT Inti Data Telematika 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:27 1000 mbps
ID AS38150 PT Time Excelindo 1000 mbps
ID AS139951 PT Alfatih Indo Teknologi 1000 mbps
ID AS138824 PT Gemilang Jaya Elektrindo 1000 mbps
ID AS140429 PT Media Distribusi Prima 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:32 1000 mbps
ID AS18351 PT Media Akses Global Indo 10 gbps
ID AS150240 PT Gusti Global Group 1000 mbps
ID AS140470 PT Andalan Dinamika Informatika 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:48 1000 mbps
ID AS141087 PT Karya Panca Telekomunikasi 2001:df0:f080:cdc:cdc:cdc:cdc:53 1000 mbps
ID AS141076 PT. Arthamas Cipta 1000 mbps
ID AS141137 PT Media Cepat Indonesia 40 gbps
ID AS64029 PT Rama Wima Nusantara 1000 mbps