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List of members (21 routers over 21 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
AU AS24381 BGP.Exchange 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::1 10 gbps
CN AS139888 Tang Zhuo 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::100 1000 mbps
CN AS197866 Jinqiang Zhang 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::101 1000 mbps
CH AS59891 FSIT AG 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::102 1000 mbps
BR AS198057 Flooyd Telecom LTDA 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::103 1000 mbps
CA AS212034 Zezhu Yu 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::104 1000 mbps
DE AS215828 Tizian Maxime Weigt 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::105 1000 mbps
IT AS215536 Patrizio Palumbo 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::108 1000 mbps
US AS400671 stypr LLC 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::109 1000 mbps
SE AS215855 Tomas Jonsson 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::10a 800 mbps
FR AS198558 Anthony Billon 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::10b 1000 mbps
US AS54334 Swiftnode LLC 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::10c 1000 mbps
LB AS207445 Vincent Maroun 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::10d n/a
UA AS215887 Serhiy Bobrov 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::10e 1000 mbps
US AS46980 Nitemare Networking 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::10f 1000 mbps
US AS202464 Elysia Root L.C. 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::110 1000 mbps
VE AS216265 Moises David Dominguez Rivas 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::111 1000 mbps
HU AS215168 Akos Miklos 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::112 1000 mbps
BE AS215956 Dennis de Houx trading as All In One 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::113 100 mbps
DE AS215051 Damian Chlebda 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::114 1000 mbps
DE AS215250 Tobias Fiebig 2a0e:8f01:1000:40::116 1000 mbps