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List of members (48 routers over 48 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
AU AS24381 BGP.Exchange 2407:c280:ee:24::1 100 gbps
GB AS203458 UNLIMITED IS LIMITED 2407:c280:ee:24::10f 1000 mbps
LV AS200676 Svens Jansons 2407:c280:ee:24::114 10 gbps
AU AS24322 HostLink 2407:c280:ee:24::2:4322 10 gbps
CH AS202427 Ursin Filli 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::100 1000 mbps
FR AS203062 Alexandre Roux 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::101 1000 mbps
NL AS199183 Arjen Olaf Essink 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::103 1000 mbps
CN AS142553 Airs Project Private Network Main 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::104 1000 mbps
DE AS210633 DevStorage UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) tr... 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::105 100 mbps
FR AS202827 Christopher Mundschau 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::10b 1000 mbps
FR AS200625 Matthieu Van Eeckhout 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::115 1000 mbps
CN AS38173 Qinlong Networks 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::11d 1000 mbps
ID AS200160 Putu Paundrayana Waringin 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::11f 1000 mbps
US AS393577 Tritan Development 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::120 1000 mbps
CN AS200536 Bo Xu 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::121 1000 mbps
PL AS199763 Piotr Chrzanowski 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::125 100 mbps
ID AS213086 Putu Paundrayana Waringin 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::127 1000 mbps
RO AS202151 Andrei-Alexandru Bleortu 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::12d 1000 mbps
US AS26021 Unicycle, LLC 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::130 1000 mbps
DE AS207079 Adrian Hiller 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::131 1000 mbps
PH AS200879 John Carlo Olideles 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::132 500 mbps
US AS199518 Gregory Shapiro 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::133 1000 mbps
IT AS211358 Patrizio Palumbo 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::138 10 gbps
DE AS202929 Olaf Lienau 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::13b 1000 mbps
HK AS7721 Qin Cloud Networks 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::13c 1000 mbps
GB AS200754 SHADOWRHYTHM LIMITED 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::13f 100 mbps
TR AS216393 Selim Yazicioglu 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::143 1000 mbps
DK AS201911 Anders T. Ballegaard 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::146 1000 mbps
AU AS149500 Shane Renshaw 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::147 n/a
FR AS57797 SysLevel SAS 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::148 1000 mbps
RU AS200993 Yanislav Basiuk 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::149 250 mbps
GB AS198219 Charlie Camilleri 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::14c n/a
CN AS210426 Liang Zhu 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::151 1000 mbps
DE AS213386 Jonathan Broering 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::154 1000 mbps
PH AS150000 Data-Beam Business Solution 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::155 1000 mbps
NL AS212635 Jurrian van Iersel 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::157 1000 mbps
BE AS216320 Kiriel Slembrouck 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::15f 1000 mbps
JP AS151420 Rapid-Fire-y 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::161 1000 mbps
JP AS212817 Yasuaki Iida trading as 'Rapid-Fire-y'... 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::162 1000 mbps
TW AS18428 Mercycat Network 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::163 1000 mbps
CN AS198304 Pinjia Zhao 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::164 1000 mbps
DE AS200372 Lars Ewald 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::167 1000 mbps
US AS200690 Junxiao Shi 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::169 n/a
MV AS216469 Ismail Fayaz trading as PIONEN 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::16a 1000 mbps
DE AS197434 Alexander Nau 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::172 1000 mbps
AT AS205965 Jason Ruhittel 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::175 1000 mbps
DE AS199471 Marcel Straub 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::176 1000 mbps
DE AS207252 Felix Gassan 2a0e:8f01:1000:24::17e 1000 mbps