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List of members (15 routers over 15 ASNs):

  ASN Description IPv4 IPv6 Speed
US AS11344 YouTube, LLC 10 gbps
IN AS135133 PI DATA CENTERS PRIVATE LIMITED 2001:de8:c000::102 10 gbps
IN AS136364 Myguru Online India Pvt Ltd 2001:de8:c000::104 10 gbps
IN AS133287 Andhra Pradesh State FiberNet Limited 2001:de8:c000::106 10 gbps
IN AS10225 Nettlinx Limited 2001:de8:c000::108 1000 mbps
US AS207722 YUGANDHAR VEERAMACHANENI 2001:de8:c000::110 1000 mbps
IN AS142470 SREEDEVI COMMUNICATIONS PRIVATE LIMITE... 2001:de8:c000::112 1000 mbps
US AS968 Packetframe 2001:de8:c000::113 1000 mbps
IN AS137671 ITE&C DEPARTMENT, GOVERNMENT OF A.P. 2001:de8:c000::115 10 gbps
IN AS141491 Blueweb Broadband Services Pvt.ltd 2001:de8:c000::116 10 gbps
IN AS133726 BLUEWEB NETWORK SOLUTIONS PVT.LTD. 2001:de8:c000::117 10 gbps
IN AS135765 WEBMAX NETWORK SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMIT... 2001:de8:c000::118 10 gbps
US AS63293 Meta (CDN Network) 2001:de8:c000::130 20 gbps
IN AS141864 Sai Sri Technologies (OPC) Private Lim... 2001:de8:c000::138 10 gbps
IN AS137851 Amaravati Internet Exchange 2001:de8:c000::253 1000 mbps