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Compiled on: 2024-02-21-1146 UTC

Data Freshness

When debugging issues, data freshness is critical, not all data sets can be gathered instantly, so here is a list of how long it takes us to fetch information from various sources

Source Last Updated
BGP sessions online 1626 out of 1635
BGP paths visible 1.43 B
Edits awaiting moderation 19
Website screenshots Best Effort: 7 Days
RIPE/ARIN/APNIC ASN and prefix whois 96 hours
All other whois Best Effort: 2 Months (Often Faster)
Automatic Network Tagging 2 Hours ago
IPv4 ping scans Every 30 days
Internet Exchange testing Every 24 hours
PeeringDB import 0 Hours ago
IPv6 RDNS scans Every 30 days
IPv4 RDNS scans 14 days after the SOA serial changes
IPv4 Anycast detection scan 16 Hours ago
IPv6 Anycast detection scan 11 Hours ago