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AS Number 394177

Known BGP communities for AS394177

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  Community Description
  394177:101:1 Originated by AS394177
  394177:101:4 Learned from transit (100 localpref)
  394177:101:3 Learned from IX routeserver (120 localpref)
  394177:101:2 Learned from direct peer (130 localpref)
  394177:101:5 Learned from customer (140 localpref)
  394177:102:1 Learned in Dallas
  394177:102:2 Learned in Atlanta
  394177:102:3 Learned in Chicago
  394177:505:174 Override default behavior of applying 174:991 on export to AS174
  394177:50:nnn Do not export to AS$0
  394177:5x:nnn Prepend $0 times to AS$1
  394177:2:nnn Set localpref to $0
  394177:666:0 Blackhole (also triggers upstream blackhole communities)
  394177:32:1 Readvertise to, but not export in Dallas
  394177:32:2 Readvertise to, but not export in Atlanta
  394177:32:3 Readvertise to, but not export in Chicago
  394177:77:0 Do not readvertise outside metro (dangerous)

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