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AS Number 212934

BGP communities are a method to group a set of prefixes and apply some attributes, such as local preference, or route filtering, to all the members of that group. This grouping is done through assigning a "community" value to an IP prefix.

For example, a network administrator can create a community with the value 65000:100 and assign it to all the prefixes that belong to a specific customer. The routers in the network can then be configured to give a higher local preference to all prefixes that have that community value, ensuring that traffic for that customer will always be preferred over other customers.

A common use of BGP communities is to control the distribution of routes between different ASNs. For example, a network operator may use communities to ensure that only certain prefixes are exported to specific customers or peers.

This page lists known meanings of BGP communities for AS212934

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  Community Description
  64515:100 Infrastructure Prefix
  64515:150 Learned from Downstream
  212934:0:174 Learned from Cogent
  212934:0:835 Learned from GoCodeIT
  212934:1:1 Learned from OGIX
  212934:2:1 Learned from Peer
  212934:3:1 Learned from Downstream

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