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AS Number 212068

Known BGP communities for AS212068

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  Community Description
  212068:0:0 Do not export
  212068:0:nnn Do not export to AS$0
  212068:1:nnn Do export to AS$0
  212068:101:nnn Prepend 1 times to AS$0
  212068:102:nnn Prepend 2 times to AS$0
  212068:103:nnn Prepend 3 times to AS$0
  212068:2000:0 Own route
  212068:2000:1 Customer route
  212068:2000:2 Peer route
  212068:2000:3 Transit provider route
  212068:2100:nnn Learned in country $0 (ISO 3166-1 Numeric)
  212068:2101:nnn Learned in facility https://peeringdb.com/fac/$0
  212068:2102:nnn Learned on IXP https://www.peeringdb.com/ix/$0

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