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AS Number 208563

Known BGP communities for AS208563

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  Community Description
  208563:64500:1312 All cats are beautiful
  208563:6455x:nnn Route is announced through AS$1 with $0 prepends
  208563:65540:1 Invalid ASN
  208563:65540:2 Not in Global Unicast
  208563:65540:3 Denylisted
  208563:65540:4 Bogon
  208563:65540:5 RPKI Invalid
  208563:65540:6 Prefix Length is not valid
  208563:65540:666 Prefix is sinkholed
  208563:65545:505 Route is announced through an IX route server
  208563:65545:606 Route is temporarily announced through a virtual IX
  208563:65545:888 Route is announced through a direct peer
  208563:65550:1 RPKI Valid
  208563:65550:2 RPKI Unknown
  208563:65550:4 RPKI Invalid
  208563:65550:100 IRR Valid
  208563:65550:200 IRR Unknown
  208563:65550:300 IRR invalid
  208563:31142:nnn Route is learned from KleyReX RS with local_pref $0
  208563:47498:nnn Route is learned from FogIXP RS with local_pref $0
  208563:202409:nnn Route is learned from LocIX FRA RS with local_pref $0
  208563:nnn:nnn Route is learned from AS$0 with local_pref $1

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