Ursin Filli

AS Number 202427

BGP communities are a method to group a set of prefixes and apply some attributes, such as local preference, or route filtering, to all the members of that group. This grouping is done through assigning a "community" value to an IP prefix.

For example, a network administrator can create a community with the value 65000:100 and assign it to all the prefixes that belong to a specific customer. The routers in the network can then be configured to give a higher local preference to all prefixes that have that community value, ensuring that traffic for that customer will always be preferred over other customers.

A common use of BGP communities is to control the distribution of routes between different ASNs. For example, a network operator may use communities to ensure that only certain prefixes are exported to specific customers or peers.

This page lists known meanings of BGP communities for AS202427

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  Community Description
  202427:101:1 Originated by AS202427
  202427:101:2 Learned from transit provider
  202427:101:3 Learned from IX
  202427:101:4 Learned from peer
  202427:101:5 Learned from customer
  202427:102:124 Learned in (Country) Canada
  202427:102:276 Learned in (Country) Germany
  202427:102:380 Learned in (Country) Italy
  202427:102:528 Learned in (Country) Netherlands
  202427:102:578 Learned in (Country) Norway
  202427:102:756 Learned in (Country) Switzerland
  202427:102:840 Learned in (Country) United States of America
  202427:103:1 Learned at (Location) Core01 Nuremberg, DE
  202427:103:2 Learned at (Location) Edge01 Frankfurt, DE
  202427:103:3 Learned at (Location) Edge01 Zurich, CH
  202427:103:4 Learned at (Location) Edge02 Zurich, CH
  202427:103:5 Learned at (Location) Edge01 Milan, IT
  202427:103:6 Learned at (Location) Edge01 Dusseldorf, DE
  202427:103:7 Learned at (Location) Edge01 Amsterdam, NL
  202427:103:8 Learned at (Location) Edge01 Oslo, NO
  202427:103:9 Learned at (Location) Edge01 Vancouver, CA
  202427:103:10 Learned at (Location) Edge01 Toronto, CA
  202427:103:11 Learned at (Location) Edge01 Fremont, US
  202427:104:835 Learned from (Transit) AS6939 - GoCodeIT Inc
  202427:104:6939 Learned from (Transit) AS6939 - Hurricane Electric LLC
  202427:104:34927 Learned from (Transit) AS34927 - iFog GmbH
  202427:104:35619 Learned from (Transit) AS35619 - Kevin Buehl
  202427:104:34872 Learned from (Transit) AS34872 - Servperso Systems
  202427:104:41051 Learned from (Transit) AS41051 - Freetransit Project (Openfactory GmbH)
  202427:104:44570 Learned from (Transit) AS44570 - Route48.org Tunnel Broker
  202427:104:58057 Learned from (Transit) AS58057 - Securebit AG
  202427:104:62513 Learned from (Transit) AS62513 - GoCodeIT Inc
  202427:104:212271 Learned from (Transit) AS212271 - Cinzia Tocci trading as C1V
  202427:104:212895 Learned from (Transit) AS212895 - Johannes Ernst
  202427:104:24381 Learned from (Routeserver) AS24381 - BGP.Exchange
  202427:104:34307 Learned from (Routeserver) AS34307 - NL-ix
  202427:104:35708 Learned from (Routeserver) AS35708 - 4b42 Internet Exchange Point
  202427:104:47422 Learned from (Routeserver) AS47422 - SBIX ZRH
  202427:104:47498 Learned from (Routeserver) AS47498 - FogIXP
  202427:104:49245 Learned from (Routeserver) AS49245 - SIIX
  202427:104:49459 Learned from (Routeserver) AS49459 - IXP FI HEL, IXP LI VAD, IXP NL DRO, IXP UK LON, IXP US FRE
  202427:104:56393 Learned from (Routeserver) AS56393 - Frys-IX
  202427:104:56738 Learned from (Routeserver) AS56738 - SBG-IX
  202427:104:57369 Learned from (Routeserver) AS212100 - FREMIX / ONIX
  202427:104:65513 Learned from (Routeserver) AS65513 - UNM-Exch Canada-West
  202427:104:202409 Learned from (Routeserver) AS202409 - LOCIX Frankfurt, LOCIX Dusseldorf
  202427:104:212100 Learned from (Routeserver) AS212100 - CHIX-CH
  202427:104:112 Learned from (Peer) AS112 - AS112 Project
  202427:104:13335 Learned from (Peer) AS13335 - Cloudflare, Inc.
  202427:104:15169 Learned from (Peer) AS15169 - Google LLC
  202427:104:32934 Learned from (Peer) AS32934 - Meta Platforms, Inc.
  202427:104:41732 Learned from (Peer) AS41732 - HostingFuze Network
  202427:104:51019 Learned from (Peer) AS51019 - Kjartan Hrafnkelsson
  202427:104:203069 Learned from (Peer) AS203069 - Thomas Riley Brown
  202427:104:211380 Learned from (Peer) AS211380 - Simulhost Limited
  202427:104:714 Learned from (Peer) AS714 - Apple Inc.
  202427:104:nnn Learned from (Peer) AS$0
  202427:105:64 Learned at (IX) NL-ix
  202427:105:2084 Learned at (IX) LOCIX Frankfurt
  202427:105:2365 Learned at (IX) CHIX-CH
  202427:105:2447 Learned at (IX) 4b42 Internet Exchange Point
  202427:105:2452 Learned at (IX) UNM-Exch Canada-West
  202427:105:2571 Learned at (IX)SBIX ZRH
  202427:105:2700 Learned at (IX) IXP FI HEL
  202427:105:2704 Learned at (IX) IXP UK LON
  202427:105:2705 Learned at (IX) IXP NL DRO
  202427:105:2728 Learned at (IX) IXP LI VAD
  202427:105:2730 Learned at (IX) LOCIX Dusseldorf
  202427:105:2746 Learned at (IX) IXP US FRE
  202427:105:3512 Learned at (IX) Frys-IX
  202427:105:3528 Learned at (IX) SIIX
  202427:105:3756 Learned at (IX) FogIXP
  202427:105:3829 Learned at (IX) BGP.Exchange - Frankfurt
  202427:105:3830 Learned at (IX) BGP.Exchange - Zurich
  202427:105:3836 Learned at (IX) BGP.Exchange - Toronto
  202427:105:3844 Learned at (IX) BGP.Exchange - Dusseldorf
  202427:105:4058 Learned at (IX) SBG-IX
  202427:105:4059 Learned at (IX) ONIX