Ursin Filli

AS Number 202427

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  Community Description
  202427:101:1 Originated by AS202427
  202427:101:2 Learned from Transit provider
  202427:101:3 Learned from IX Routeserver
  202427:101:4 Learned from Peer
  202427:101:5 Learned from Downstream
  202427:102:3 Learned in North America
  202427:102:124 Learned in Canada
  202427:102:150 Learned in Europe
  202427:102:276 Learned in Germany
  202427:102:380 Learned in Italy
  202427:102:528 Learned in Netherlands
  202427:102:724 Learned in Spain
  202427:102:756 Learned in Switzerland
  202427:102:840 Learned in United States of America
  202427:103:1 Learned at RMA01 CH
  202427:103:2 Learned at FRA01 DE
  202427:103:3 Learned at AMS01 NL
  202427:103:4 Learned at TOR01 CA
  202427:103:5 Learned at MKC01 US
  202427:103:6 Learned at BCN01 ES
  202427:103:7 Learned at OTT01 CA
  202427:103:8 Learned at FNC01 US
  202427:103:14 Learned at ZRH02 CH
  202427:103:15 Learned at POM01 IT
  202427:104:60 Learned at SwissIX
  202427:104:64 Learned at NL-ix
  202427:104:249 Learned at KCIX
  202427:104:2084 Learned at LOCIX Frankfurt
  202427:104:2365 Learned at CHIX-CH
  202427:104:2585 Learned at STLIX
  202427:104:2730 Learned at LOCIX Dusseldorf
  202427:104:2835 Learned at HOUIX
  202427:104:3512 Learned at Frys-IX
  202427:104:3528 Learned at SIIX
  202427:104:3685 Learned at FREMIX
  202427:104:3756 Learned at FogIXP
  202427:104:3829 Learned at BGP.Exchange - Frankfurt
  202427:104:3830 Learned at BGP.Exchange - Zurich
  202427:104:3844 Learned at BGP.Exchange - Dusseldorf
  202427:104:3990 Learned at INTERIX
  202427:104:4059 Learned at ONIX
  202427:105:100 RPKI Valid
  202427:105:101 RPKI Missing
  202427:105:101 RPKI Invalid
  202427:106:nnn Learned from AS$0
  202427:107:1 Originated at RMA01 CH
  202427:107:2 Originated at FRA01 DE
  202427:107:3 Originated at AMS01 NL
  202427:107:4 Originated at TOR01 CA
  202427:107:5 Originated at MKC01 US
  202427:107:6 Originated at BCN01 ES
  202427:107:7 Originated at OTT01 CA
  202427:107:8 Originated at FNC01 US
  202427:107:14 Originated at ZRH02 CH
  202427:107:15 Originated at POM01 IT
  202427:110:nnn Do not announce to AS$0
  202427:111:3 Do not announce in North America
  202427:111:124 Do not announce in Canada
  202427:111:150 Do not announce in Europe
  202427:111:276 Do not announce in Germany
  202427:111:380 Do not announce in Italy
  202427:111:528 Do not announce in Netherlands
  202427:111:724 Do not announce in Spain
  202427:111:756 Do not announce in Switzerland
  202427:111:840 Do not announce in United States of America
  202427:112:60 Do not announce at SwissIX
  202427:112:64 Do not announce at NL-ix
  202427:112:249 Do not announce at KCIX
  202427:112:2084 Do not announce at LOCIX Frankfurt
  202427:112:2365 Do not announce at CHIX-CH
  202427:112:2585 Do not announce at STLIX
  202427:112:2730 Do not announce at LOCIX Dusseldorf
  202427:112:2835 Do not announce at HOUIX
  202427:112:3512 Do not announce at Frys-IX
  202427:112:3528 Do not announce at SIIX
  202427:112:3685 Do not announce at FREMIX
  202427:112:3756 Do not announce at FogIXP
  202427:112:3829 Do not announce at BGP.Exchange - Frankfurt
  202427:112:3830 Do not announce at BGP.Exchange - Zurich
  202427:112:3844 Do not announce at BGP.Exchange - Dusseldorf
  202427:112:3990 Do not announce at INTERIX
  202427:112:4059 Do not announce at ONIX
  202427:120:x Prepand $0x
  202427:12x:nnn Prepand $0x to AS$1
  202427:13x:3 Prepand $0x in North America
  202427:13x:124 Prepand $0x in Canada
  202427:13x:150 Prepand $0x in Europe
  202427:13x:276 Prepand $0x in Germany
  202427:13x:380 Prepand $0x in Italy
  202427:13x:528 Prepand $0x in Netherlands
  202427:13x:724 Prepand $0x in Spain
  202427:13x:756 Prepand $0x in Switzerland
  202427:13x:840 Prepand $0x in United States of America
  202427:14x:60 Prepand $0x at SwissIX
  202427:14x:64 Prepand $0x at NL-ix
  202427:14x:249 Prepand $0x at KCIX
  202427:14x:2084 Prepand $0x at LOCIX Frankfurt
  202427:14x:2365 Prepand $0x at CHIX-CH
  202427:14x:2585 Prepand $0x at STLIX
  202427:14x:2730 Prepand $0x at LOCIX Dusseldorf
  202427:14x:2835 Prepand $0x at HOUIX
  202427:14x:3512 Prepand $0x at Frys-IX
  202427:14x:3528 Prepand $0x at SIIX
  202427:14x:3685 Prepand $0x at FREMIX
  202427:14x:3756 Prepand $0x at FogIXP
  202427:14x:3829 Prepand $0x at BGP.Exchange - Frankfurt
  202427:14x:3830 Prepand $0x at BGP.Exchange - Zurich
  202427:14x:3844 Prepand $0x at BGP.Exchange - Dusseldorf
  202427:14x:3990 Prepand $0x at INTERIX
  202427:14x:4059 Prepand $0x at ONIX
  202427:109:1 exp at RMA01 CH
  202427:109:2 exp at FRA01 DE
  202427:109:3 exp at AMS01 NL
  202427:109:4 exp at TOR01 CA
  202427:109:5 exp at MKC01 US
  202427:109:6 exp at BCN01 ES
  202427:109:7 exp at OTT01 CA
  202427:109:8 exp at FNC01 US
  202427:109:14 exp at ZRH02 CH
  202427:109:15 exp at POM01 IT
  202427:106:13335 Learned from AS13335
  202427:106:15169 Learned from AS15169
  202427:106:200132 Learned from AS200132
  202427:106:202409 Learned from AS202409
  202427:106:203069 Learned from AS203069
  202427:106:212100 Learned from AS212100
  202427:106:212635 Learned from AS212635
  202427:106:215642 Learned from AS21738
  202427:106:21738 Learned from AS21738
  202427:106:25091 Learned from AS25091
  202427:106:34872 Learned from AS34872
  202427:106:34927 Learned from AS34927
  202427:106:35920 Learned from AS35920
  202427:106:40542 Learned from AS40542
  202427:106:46389 Learned from AS46389
  202427:106:47272 Learned from AS47272
  202427:106:48581 Learned from AS48581
  202427:106:49245 Learned from AS49245
  202427:106:51019 Learned from AS51019
  202427:106:56393 Learned from AS56393
  202427:106:56584 Learned from AS56584
  202427:106:57369 Learned from AS57369
  202427:106:58299 Learned from AS58299
  202427:106:63949 Learned from AS63949
  202427:106:6939 Learned from AS6939
  202427:106:8283 Learned from AS8283
  202427:106:20940 Learned from AS20940
  202427:106:212855 Learned from AS212855
  202427:106:24940 Learned from AS24940
  202427:106:32934 Learned from AS32934
  202427:106:34307 Learned from AS34307
  202427:106:35297 Learned from AS35297
  202427:106:39614 Learned from AS39614
  202427:106:41051 Learned from AS41051
  202427:106:47498 Learned from AS47498
  202427:106:4775 Learned from AS4775
  202427:106:48200 Learned from AS48200
  202427:106:58511 Learned from AS58511
  202427:104:13 old
  202427:104:14 old
  202427:104:15 old
  202427:104:2 old
  202427:104:3 old
  202427:104:4 old
  202427:104:5 old
  202427:104:6 old
  202427:104:8 old
  202427:105:2084 old
  202427:105:3512 old
  202427:105:3685 old
  202427:105:3756 old
  202427:105:3990 old
  202427:105:4059 old
  202427:105:64 old
  202427:107:13 old
  202427:109:13 old
  202427:110:6939 old
  202427:121:1 old
  202427:122:528 old
  202427:153:276 old
  202427:162:5 old

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