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AS Number 12637

Known BGP communities for AS12637

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  Community Description
  12637:65010 received from a peer
  12637:65011 received from a Telecom Italia PNI (Milano, Rome)
  12637:65012 received at MIX-IT (Milano)
  12637:65013 received at MINAP (Milano)
  12637:65014 received at VSIX (Padova)
  12637:65016 received at NAMEX (Rome)
  12637:65017 received at AMS-IX (Amsterdam)
  12637:65020 received from a transit
  12637:64010 do not announce to any peer
  12637:6401x do not announce to peer or IX x
  12637:6411x prepend 1 times to peer or IX x
  12637:6421x prepend 2 times to peer or IX x
  12637:64020 do not announce to any transit
  12637:6402x do not announce to transit x
  12637:6412x prepend 1 times to transit x
  12637:6422x prepend 2 times to transit x
  12637:65199 blackhole only inside the Seeweb network
  12637:65190 blackhole on all transits
  12637:6519x blackhole on transit x

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