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Lao Telecom Communication, LTC

AS Number 9873
Website https://www.laotel.com/

Registered on
7 Feb 2000 (24 years old)
Network status
Active, Allocated under APNIC
Network type
Prefixes Originated
119 IPv4, 11 IPv6


  • AS1299 - Arelion (fka. Telia Carrier)
  • AS6939 - Hurricane Electric LLC
  • AS58453 - China Mobile International
  • AS45430 - SBN-IIG/AWN-IIG transit provider
  • AS9931 - The Communication Authoity of Thailand, CAT
  • AS4837 - China Unicom Backbone
  • AS24337 - Skytelecom , Transit provider and ISP in Vientiene.

Locations of Operation

  • Lao People's Democratic Republic