Database AFRINIC
Full Name AS-NOOR

Total Size
34 ASNs


- Member ASN Count/Whois Name
AS20928 The Noor Group
AS36870 ITWorx
AS31619 City Stars
AS15804 AS of The Way Out Internet Solutions
AS30995 Commercial International Bank (Egypt) AS
AS8524 AUCEGYPT Autonomous System
AS33778 Mantrac Group
AS37252 GB Auto
AS37270 AT-Financial Holding
AS37437 CI Capital Holding
AS33785 City Net Telecom
AS20484 Yalla Online Autonomous System
AS45246 ITS , Application Service Provider,
AS37191 Raya Holding
AS31065 Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
AS30993 Egypt Centers
AS37031 MISR Information Services and Trading
AS15084 Concentrix CVG Corporation
AS328308 L'Azurde Company For Jewelry
AS328405 Link Datacenter For Data Circulation
AS19460 Sutherland Global Services, Inc.
AS37339 Network International Payment Services
AS328654 Fixed Solutions
AS328645 The Egyptian Stock Exchange
AS59451 Al-Bank Al-Arabi PLC. CO.
AS60592 Gransy s.r.o.
AS328430 Fawry for Banking and Electronic Payment Technology S...
AS329114 Halan for technology and services
AS328105 The International Educational Systems and its branch ...
AS36964 AS36964
AS37226 AS37226
AS37198 AS37198